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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - January 3, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse7/76 weirdest duo in show Biz i much so. In fact a third album is being Cut. All the numbers on the three album were written by Hank or. It is significant that Hank or. Give himself first Billing on the albums. He is a cock sure kid of 18 who is starring in his first movie a Sam Katzman quickie a time to Williams or. Sees nothing eerie in sing ing Harmony with his late father. It s sort of a funny feeling Junior said in a Hollywood interview. But i m glad to be Able to do it. All my records Are Cut in Nashville. Would t think of recording anywhere else. They got Thebes musicians there in the world for my kind of , tall Blond and Broad Shoul dered Hopes to establish himself As firmly with Folk and country fans As did his you become a country music tar you re made for life. You can Cut any kind of record and people will by it. Singers like Hank Snow. Webb Pierce Hank Thompson Johnny Cash and Faron Young have been going Strong for make a Hank Williams Junior that is. By Vernon Scott up staff writer one of the eerie St sounds in All of show business can be found on couple of albums featuring the duets of Hank Williams or. And Hank or. Williams sr., one of country music Sall time greats died when Hank jr., was Only four years old. But due to electronic gimmickry the original tape recordings of Hank or. Have been lifted from the orchestral Back grounds and rerecorded with Hank or. Singing Harmony with a father he Only barely recalls and with new orchestra albums have found considerable Success with the country music cult. So tastes May change with popular music according to Junior and modern electrified groups come and go country music which he describes As True Folk music will March into eternity. This is Hank or s second trip to hol Lywood. The first was to dub George Hamilton s singing voice in your cheating heart the film biography of Hank Williams or. Four years be heard my father s voice so much on records that i can sing just like him if i want said Hank. I be been performing myself singing in every state in the Union except Alaska since i was eight years old. My father was a legend when he died. And it s strange More of his albums we resold in 1962, 10 years after his death than were sold Back in 1952."Hank is a song writer As Well As a Singer himself. Four of the numbers Fortis Mem movie were the result of his own a movie is Fine he said i can hardly wait to get Back dear Ann Landers i m steady Reader who was adopted at birth. For the 50th time i Veblen asked by a Friend if i Ever wonder who my real parents Are. How can i get it through their unthinking head that i am living with my real parents is there some set Rule that says parents must go through the motions of childbirth where does love come in Imean no disrespect to my natural Mother often than god for putting me into the Home of the wonderful people who raised me. It was a Lucky Don t think i be said this very Well Ann i be Bee wanting to say it for a Long time and i feel like a million dollars now that i be snid it. Thanks for the strangers live Here dour no stranger what wonderful letter it sounds As if someone hits done a Beautiful Job of milking you feel wanted and loved. Cheers forthe whole family. Dear Ann Landers recently you published a letter from a woman who was bemoaning the fact thai she was Over endowed when the Salesgirl saw her Page 14 coming they used to sigh Good grief Here comes old a cup you answered by telling he about a Survey made in your office which revealed that 10out of 11 girls said they would rather have too much than Doolittle. Surveys Don t help the Wom an whose Bra straps Cut into her shoulders like knives be cause they Are carrying such a Load. Surveys Don t help the unfortunate girl who can t Wear sweaters or scoop neck dresses or Clingy fabrics and is called by nicknames you could t print in your column. Why did t you Tell the Wom an who wrote that the super blessed females can now be helped by surgery the opera Tion is not dangerous. The sur Geon merely removes the excess fatty tissue and the Wom an emerges with Normal Meas Many problems Are in soluble. When one comes along that can be solved i should think you d be Happy to Pas the word. Been there dear . You Are surgery you describe has helped Many women. I a suture of the procedure and 1 should have suggested it. My apologies to All whose cups run Neth Over. Dear Ann Landers the let Ter from the teen age boy who signed himself pressure cooker was especially interesting to our son Bob was 14 he came to me and said he did know what to do about his Ter Rible Bob expressed himself much in the same Way As the boy who wrote. He described his uncontrollable feelings of anger and confessed that he had once kicked the dog because someone had Bee Nasty to him at school. I bought a big rubber bar Rel at the hardware store and told Bob that whenever he go mad to go to the basement and kick the worked wonders Ann. Kicking the barrel became family affair. When my Hus band and i had a disagreement we would go Down to the base ment together and kick the barrel. There were times when that barrel did the Job of two marriage Counselor our Little boy is married now and when we asked him what he wanted for a House gift guess what he asked for the barrel. Solve problem dear solved the barrel is Well Worth imitating. Thank you 1uu7. I Ubl Aherb Hull Syndicate the stars and stripes . Cars cheers Boos station to 8. Sgt David Johnson for his forthright com ments about the readability of american cars. Anyone who really enjoys driving knows that the soft Cream puff ride in which the Detroit monsters specialize is not Only detrimental to the handling characteristics of these huge buggies also delivers precious Little feel of the Road driving an american car is like taking a Shower with a rain coat on. Not to mention the safety factors. Take a 400 . Car the give it the brakes of a 100 . Car which can cruise at the 60 . Speed limit very nicely add a very soft Riding suspension system that practically folds up every time the ton of Chrome covered dazzle dazzle design makes the slightest change in direction and you have an american car. European cars Are Complete in design in the sense that the ratios of Power to weight suspension to weight and stopping ability of the brakes Are All cars however Are wastefully Over powered because big engines sell cars Are woefully under braked because Strong brakes Aren t really necessary with the Low Speed limit notice any contradiction there and have incredibly soft suspension sys tems because automotive and makers have successfully equated the soft ride which is easier to manufacture with luxury who Chin t. I have been driving sports cars for five years., including 2%years on Europe s no Speed limit expressways and All my experiences add up to the same conclusion which s. Sgt. Johnson has drawn. Air Force Captain Darmstadt Germany i doubt frankly if your expert in the piece on Page 8 dec. 21 ". Cars dangerous of sgt. Says quite knows what he is talking years of sports car driving do not an expert make As proved by his comments about being Able to drive at 90 More safely in his european car than at 60 in an american one. Grand prix Driver Richie Ginther once told this writer any body who would drive better than 70 on any Highway is some kind of nut you Don t know what the other Driver will do an anything Over 70 puts you at his Ginther said this in his european sports car same make As your experts although abit older while tooling along at 65 on the Cologne autobahn. Re the comment about woefully inefficient american engines he d Best talk to some Auto engineers. They la Tell him that in theory a Small engine revving High is the most efficient in practice Tain t so. They la compare engine life Between Little sewing machines stitching fast and big hunks of Iron churning along slowly and come up with life expectancy figures that la Shock your his comment about 65 . Speed limits on super High ways As being ridiculous suggest the sergeant talk to a few Highway planners. Hell quickly find out that Highway safety and control Are a direct function of Speed limits that permitting car with great differences of Speed to use the same roads is extremely hazardous i.e., a 120 . Sports car closing on a 70 .bug is just begging for a smash. I m afraid your expert will find that the most dangerous things on German roads today Are not american cars rather Drivers who think their hot cars can get them out of any that just in t so. Of Captain Wiesbaden Germany Goren on Bridge neither vulnerable. South deals. North4j10432 of 4aj82 West 4a8t vj952 ok106 41094 east46 oq87432 4kq63 South 4kq9s vk1074 oaj9475 the bidding South West North East 14 pass 84 pus44 pus pass pass opening Lead Ace of 4 failure to plan his campaigning full detail proved costly to South the Declarer at four Spades. Altho North has Only 10points in High cards nevertheless his jump raise to three Spades is fully warranted for the Singleton Diamond is wort three additional Points and the Jack of Spades is Worth a on Point promotion. West made the very effective opening Lead of the Ace and another Spade to Cut Down his opponent s ruffing cashed the Ace of Dia monds and ruffed a closed hand was reentered with the King of hearts to Trump out the remaining Diamond. The Ace of hearts was cashed followed by a Small heart. West was i with the Jack and a third round of Trumps cleared the Dummy of Spades and left South with a heart loser in his hand. Sincere also had to surrender a club the outcome was a one trick defeat on the Deal. Despite the original Trump Lead South could have achieved All the ruffs he required by merely taking Steps to see to it that West was kept out of the play subsequently. If East is in the de sense is unable to continue the attack on Declarer s Trump holding. At trick three it is suggested that South Lead a club from his hand and play the Jack from Dummy. East is in and whatever he returns Declarer regains the initiative and can now Trump two clubs in disown hand thereby establish ing the Dummy except for one heart trick that can be con ceded at the All Declarer loses one Spade one heart and on club. Copyright 1938. The Chicago Tribune wednesday january 3, 1968

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