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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 1, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseAnd the sons and daughters thereof fhe american association of of joiners by Sid Whipple staff writer when three frenchmen in conversation discover they have cer Tain beliefs or theories in common the form a new political party and Call it something like the Radical conserva Tive democratic socialist Center faction. When three englishmen decide the have a common passion for Dart throw ing and Beer they establish their Ead quarters in a Public ouse and meet there regularly to Pursuit of happiness. Three germans similarly in search of common ground for association sit in nightly sessions around a Stamm Tschand play a card game called but when three americans determine that they hold a certain philosophy in common whether it pertains to social Reform or merely chasing butterflies they get together and organize the International association for the Preven Tion of encroachment upon the rights of people to live As they please. Within a year the three founders have been joined by 100,000 dues paying Mem Bers and have set up a new York head quarters with 14 secretaries a fully staffed publicity Section and a monthly Magazine. Out of a population of some 150million americans Over the age of 10 years it be estimated that at least 75million belong to clubs associations leagues fraternities societies and brotherhoods with interests ranging from birth control to burial insurance. .11 requires 15 pages of Fine print inthe world almanac to list Only 000 of these organizations and this does t in clude 70 National College fraternities 30 sororities 139 professional fraternities and 42 professional sororities dealing in matters from Art to zoology. In addition to All these Are thousands of local clubs Golf clubs Canoe clubs swimming clubs fishermen s clubs dance clubs equestrian clubs the list is endless and includes practically Ever activity of Man. The classification Man of course embraces women it is after All quite natural that person should want to Consort with his own kind folks who think As he does live As he does like the things he likes and despise the things he despises. Conversely a Man never likes to live an isolated existence just because his beliefs do not conform to the pattern of those around him. Person who believes the Earth is Flat for example bolsters his conviction by joining the Flat Earth association a London society by the Way which used to have its counterpart in the City of Zion where he will note considered a Crackpot. Aside from the purely social fun making or frivolous associations Tho vast number of nongovernmental societies devoted to general welfare improvement of social conditions and Pur Charity provide a heartening picture of America s collective humanitarianism pure Charity. Such for example Are the National society for the prevention of blindness the cerebral palsy association the child welfare league the american association of blood Banks the humane society of the . The National association for retarded children with a membership of 100,000 and the Redcross to which More than 28 million americans belong. And those Are Only afew of the groups whose purpose is purely benevolent. Pride of ancestry plays a Large Partin drawing together people with a Simi Lar family heritage. Daughters and sons of various elements in Early american history flourish in today roster of joiners. In addition to the general society of Mayflower descendants we have the daughters of the american colonists the american revolution the order of the Cincinnati the confederacy the de fenders of the Republic the War of 1812 and the Union veterans of the civil War. Then come the sons of the american revolution Confederate veterans lib erty the american legion and eve Poland. It is not strange that collectors of items ranging from Birds eggs to coins and Stamps should stub list their own associations. Thus we find listed the american collectors association Over seer of some 2,000 separate agencies the watch and clock collectors with6,500 members and a Headquarters in Columbia a. And the society of philatelic americans housed at Cincinnati Ohio. Not All organizations have such Seri Ous purposes As the betterment of Man kind through the association for Volun tary sterilization or the duo Decimal society of America which wants us to count by 12s instead of 10s. Many peo ple want Relief from the sober contemplation of life. We have therefore to he concatenated order of Hoo Hoo. Concatenated is a High flown synonym for lined or amalgamated but to find out what Hoo Hoo Means you Llave to ask the group of Milwaukee lumbermen who founded there is the Dexter Fellows tent of the circus saints and sinners Dexter Fellows having been the most noted circus press agent in America since. T. Barnum s Day. Newspapermen Are also flock together in the newspaper Guild a Union the american society of newspaper editors and the Ameri can newspaper publishers take Pride in being elected to the Gridiron club a club within the National press club which produces once a year an evening of Lampoon and sat redirected All in fun against the High and mighty of Public now under then As Bingo announcers say we come to the North Ern nut growers association. Southern nuts apparently Are not recognized by their Northern confreres. Monday january 1, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 11

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