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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 29, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThursday february 29, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 3 . Ships on Korea patrol harassed by soviet vessels roaming swedes swedish movie director Ingmar Bergm Anand his actress wife lev Ullmann Are in Rome for the italian presentation of their latest film Wolf a photo Washington a soviet ships have harassed . Navy vessels about a dozen times inthe Waters off Korea since the North koreans seized the intelligence ship Pueblo. Both the . And soviet Union sent sizable naval forces into the sea of Japan in the Wake of the Pueblo incident. Most of the harassment have gone unreported officially sources said apparently to avoid aggravating american tensions Over the situation grow ing out of the seizure of the Pueblo and its Only one reported involved a collision described a minor Between the . De Stroyer Rowan and a soviet merchant ship the Kapitan i so Bokov on Jan. 31. The .claimed the Rowan had the unreported incidents were near misses sources this they meant that so Viet ships mostly destroyers and intelligence gathering Craft steamed into the midst of . Naval formations or sailed dangerously close to american countries have scaled Down their naval forces in the Waters off Korea recently. At one Point the soviets had some14 warships including two cruisers operating in the Sam general area where the . Fleet had been built up. Carrier transferred this soviet naval presence has now been reduced to about five or six destroyers and a few intelligence vessels. The rest reportedly have moved Back to Ward Vladivostok the main so Viet naval base in the far . Navy has meanwhile withdrawn the nuclear powered Carrier Enterprise from korean Waters and sent it into action inthe Gulf of Tonkin against North Vietnam. This was the enter prise s original Mission before it was diverted to the sea of Japan shortly after the Pueblo a captured. Two h i g . Aircraft carriers the Ranger and the Coral sea together with their support ing destroyers and Supply ves Sels remain in Waters near Korea. At its Peak the . Naval build up off Korea totalled More than 20 ships. The dual problem of Korea and Vietnam is straining the Navy s Carrier resources in the far East. There normally would be three carriers off North Viet Nam launching air strikes wit two other carriers either at Subic Bay in the Philippines for repairs and maintenance or in Hong Kong for Crew rest an recreation. Now the Navy maintains Allive carriers on the line three off North Vietnam and two of Korea. Thir Means less time off for necessary Upkeep and Crew rest. Hid Puriity item attack Hue officials not heroes by George Mcarthur Hue Vietnam a when communist forces virtually Over ran Hue four weeks ago the City s official Structure vanished like a punctured soap conduct of the City s officialdom was the despair of american advisers As Hue was slowly freed,."they Are leaderless and gut less one harried american exploded after a Day of fru Stra than 1,000 soldiers were on leave in the old Imperial Cit when it was overrun. Most of people in hurry find it s Handy having stripes delivered 7-Day service circulation office phone numbers Germany Berlin. Civ 738398 brim tic in Civ 40341, Mil 7884frankfurt, old 061a8-2m7, Mil Offenbach 755 Kauer Eulern Civ 87617, Mil vog Wleh to Mannheim Civ 871403. Mil Reinau 818 Munich Civ 145923, Mil 7358nuernberg, Civ 77687, Mil 6013 8tultirt, Civ 844225, Mil 7830 Civ 420779, Mil 28598civ s861bsitaly leghorn Mil Camp Darby 1480 pal Madrid. Civ 8228290, ext 3011united Kingdo London Civ Burup 32264, it 127 subscribe now government homing Only them wound up in the Centra refugee Camp at Hue University. Not for 21 Days did anyone by to organize them into an effective full colonel walked out of there an american official re ported. He had t done a Damn thing but hide for three doctor from neighbouring 3uang Nam province was vacationing in Hue when the communists struck. His own House never fell into communist hands and he was untouched. Yet wit thousands in the City needing medical care he never treated patient. It was t his Job he of the City Hospital s Reg ular doctors were caught trying to flee on a . Navy Landing boat bound for Danang an were forcefully returned to were not alone. The handful of american civilians in Hue had Many requests from vietnamese for transportation to safer areas. The wife of the ranking vietnamese govern ment officer in the 1st corps area imperiously demanded Tobe put on an american helicopter. She was politely turned Down. Looting of the City was mos obvious. Double steal not for 17 Days did the prov Ince chief it. Col. Pham Van Khoa Issue orders to shoot loot ers. By then everything had Al ready been stolen sometimes twice an american official said. Profiteers were also one stage the Price of Rice was up 200 per cent. A province official was caught diverting three american Aid Rice sacks Worth almost $1,000 at the time and shrugged it off As bureaucratic slip up. The Rice no longer passes through his hands but he was unpunished. Blast Kips refinery Rotterdam Holland Dpi an explosion ripped through Ashell Oil company refinery at nearby pernis Early wednesday the dutch and news Agency re ported. First reports said two persons were killed in the 4 30 . Blast. Had it not been for the Ameri can presence the situation would Hava sunk to chaos twas american Rice which kept More than 60,000 refugees from starvation and american medi Cal teams which administered the thousands of shots which warded off was More than three weeks before Khoa began to get the shaky government machinery moving at All. He had Bee missing for the first seven Days hiding in civilian clothes in Parton the City overrun by the com about 10 per cent of the civil servants had by then eve checked in at their offices. He ordered the Force Back to work the following Day on pain of Dis Missal and most then showed up. In Vietnam when the top of the Pyramid is knocked off the whole thing just stops a american adviser said. Big question the question was re raised in Hue and elsewhere Why Are their vietnamese the communists so Good and our Viet namese frequently so bad seasoned american official consider that Given the present circumstances-20 years of War and the Limp popularity of the Saigon government among other things to expect More of the population is useless. Such understanding however makes the tragedy of Hue no less this has settled Down a bit i am going to have to Sii Down and write a report said an am Timican official. I a going to have to make recommendations. After All this i Judson t know what i can say. We can t cure All this with Cem Enand cubes and curves Pam Craig goes through a warm up wit the ice in which she plans to be Frozen for 48 hours As a publicity stunt for a shopping Center in Eatontown. . A photo it it photos Boomerang Monza Italy up the italian Magazine editor who Drew a suspended sentence Mon Day for publishing Semi nude pictures of Brigitte Bardot was sentenced to an additional jail term tuesday on a separate obscenity charge. A Monza court convicted Attmoz Battistini editor of the Magazine men of publishing female nudes offensive of the commonsense of it sentenced him to six months in jail and fined him $880. If upheld by higher courts the sentence Means Battistini will also have to serve a suspended on editor sentence of five months and 10days handed Down monday by a Milan court for publishing the Bardot pictures in his o t h e r Magazine photographs showed the French actress and her German industrialist husband Gunther Sachs sunbathing almost nude

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