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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes wednesday february 28, goal use natural forces wind tunnels Are shaping the cities of tomorrow by Ralph Dighton los Angeles a to Morrow s cities Are being shaped in wind tunnels today. Cheaper and better heating and air conditioning and pos sible Freedom from smog Arete goals of a think big pro Gram of training and research under Way at the University of Southern California s depart ment of architecture. The shape of an entire City Isof More concern in the revolutionary approach than the de sign of individual structures. It Calls for moving millions of tons of Earth not to beautify the landscape but to utilize the natural forces of wind rain and Sun to make people More comfortable at less Cost before a single building is erected. Laboratory testing in win tunnels on water erosion tables and in sunlight simulating Cham Bers has progressed to the stage where a Case study of potential site for a new Community development some wherein the los Angeles area can be Gin next year. Sites under consideration have not been Dis coming new look in City architecture was described Inan interview by us architecture professor Ralph is not at All unusual with today s Large Earth moving equipment to shove millions of cubic Yards of dirt Here and there to create a site for a new Community Knowles said. Usually the idea is to create More level building Sites. There is a Good reason nowt believe that it will be economically feasible to reshape theland for other reasons for example to increase or reduce wind velocity or change its might also want to Situ ate buildings so they would get More or less Sunshine and to control the Runoff of explained that a gentle Breeze blowing Down a Broa Valley would become a Strong wind if it were squeezed by narrow Canyon. This principle he said could be utilized i shaping the Sites of future cities to make sure that natural prevailing winds blow away polluted the same Way Hilly areas now rejected by builders be cause they Are too Windy could be made acceptable by Widen ing the canyons he said. Us architects and student spend hours studying the Way wind in a Laboratory Tunnel shapes a pile of Sand. Such Aero dynamic shapes May be copied by future builders who would either bulldoze the site into Simi Lar contours or erect Large sys tems of structures with that external appearance on Flat land. This would smooth the flow Ofair around the structures and thus improve have built a chamber which simulates Earth Sun relationship through the season. For instance they have found that in los Angeles the Sun is 47 de Grees higher at noon in Jun Ethan in december. This sup its theories that eaves should be extended just far enough Tob lock out summer sunlight but let in the warming rays during Winter. The students also test Materi als in this chamber for reflectivity and absorption of Sun heat and Experiment with placing panels of materials at different angles to buildings and the Sun. Knowles believes site can be contoured to give the Best com Promise Between Sun and Shade to make buildings warmer or cooler As the climate said better natural ventilation of cities and their structures along with deliberate exposure or shading from Sun Light would in the Long run re Duce the Cost of heating and air conditioning and make property More readily Saleable. We May not be Able to do anything about the weather he said but we can certainly learn to build for the greatest climatological advantage. Behave the Means for the design which will not blow away Wash away be overheated or shaken to school Calls the new architectural program an exciting about face from tradition and said it is probably the Only one of its kind in the architectural schools of the Rocky fans find Hope in maybe by Elizabeth Wharton Washington up Newyork gov. Nelson Rockefeller delighted his Hardy band of sup porters this week by moving from a o n c a n d id a t a to maybe candidate and by Mak ing a Good showing in a private poll in new Hampshire site of the first presidential is in his third term As governor of the nation s Sec Ond most populous state. He made a Strong bid for the1960 Republican presiden tial nomination but lost to for Mer vice president Richard Nixon. In 1964, he lost again to sen. Barry Goldwater. Free youth or ruined naughty hippie papers an a special report by Jerry Buck the turned on generation Oyoung americans is finding a new voice in the burgeoning underground press. Underground newspapers romanticized self description that contradicts their easy Avail ability Are popping up All Over the country like so Many posies adding to Flower Power. There Are about 80 such newspapers. Within their pages America rebellious youth All but a few of the papers Are edited by people under 30has found it self free to Knock the establish ment and to print the unprintable. Four letter words abounds they toil to close what they see As a credibility and per haps profanity Gap in the mass Media. The underground newspaper provide sources of information to Correct sources of misinformation said Paul Krassner Edi Tor of the realist a Radical left satirical Magazine that predates the underground press. One of the liveliest of the underground papers is the East Village other published in Newyork s Greenwich Village. Evo As it s familiarly known seems Hung up on sex drugs the Viet Nam War psychedelic Phenomena and mysticism. Tips on How to avoid the draft Are dished out like advice to the lovelorn. Said Krassner we re against censorship against War abort Tion Laws drug Laws against Al the irrational and dehumanizing aspects of our rep. Joe Pool d-tex., has called the newspapers a nation wide conspiracy to try to contaminate and ruin the youth of he prompted the House committee on in Ameri can activities to begin a Preli Minary investigation of the news papers. It is an understatement to say that the hippie papers Are Irre verent. Shortly after the death of fran Cis Cardinal Spellman Evo ran his picture on its front Page wit this caption congratulations Cardinal on your promotion. And merry Xmas wherever you favorite target for wit and Wrath is president Johnson. Inone Issue Evo showed him in a nazi uniform doing a Sieg Heil Salute. The Swastika armband had been replaced with a Dollar sign. Rebellious the turned on generation finds a safety valve in underground publications. There Are about 80 such . Rebel newspapers and new ones Are popping up. A photo it caught the uniqueness of How we feel about Johnson said Evo editor Allan Katzman. The newspapers frequently have names As far out As the material they print the other Oracle Barb avatar fifth estate and Helix. They Are mostly tabloids and some treat their front pages like covers decorating them with two color collages and psychedelic artwork. Katzman said Evo s cover is designed specifically to insult the Public. Evo s classified advertising i startling. Some advertisements Are overtly homosexual some aggressively heterosexual but few leave to the imagination what is being offered or sought. And this classified and turned up in a recent Washington free press lost four a bombs in the Vicinity of Greenland. If found Call 456-1414,"the number is that of the White House. He has consistently declared he is not a candidate for the nomination this year has re fused to allow his name to a. Pear on any primary ballots and has repeatedly stated his support for Michigan Romney. But his supporter s in the lib eral Wing of the party and reportedly among the other re publican governors have re fused to take his no for a answer and they have just been rewarded with some Small encouragements. The first was publication of privately conducted poll of re publican voters in new Hamp Shire which showed Nixon Lead ing As expected but also showed that Rockefeller would get More votes on a write in with no Effort than Romney will get with his name on the ballot and two months of campaigning. In answer to reporters questions Rockefeller said lie would accept a draft for the nomination at the Republican convention next August but he still did not think it would occur. Ever since last fall Rockefeller has done better against presi Dent Johnson than any other Republican possibility in National opinion polls although he has run Well behind Nixon and rom in polls among Republican voters. The two most respected National polls Gallup and Harris showed a curious discrepancy this week Gallup s sampling found that Nixon had pulled even with Johnson in a two Man race with each of them getting 42 per cent of the vote and the remain Der undecided. When third party Independent candidate George Wallace s name was added to the question he pulled approximately 10 per cent of the vote and this lowered the other percentages equally. Harris on the other hand found the president running ahead of Nixon 48 to 43 per Centin a two Man race. But with Wallace included Johnson margin increased to 47 to 38 per cent with Wallace drawing Only one per cent of the president s support while pulling five percent of Nixon s. In a Rockefeller Johnson race the Gallup poll showed Rockefeller leading 46 to 41 per cent in Atwo Man race and 40 to 37 per cent with Wallace included. The percentages were reversed in the Harris poll which showed the president leading Rockefeller 46 to 41 per cent in a two Man race and 44 to 37 per cent with Wal lace on the ballot. European edition col. James w. Campbell Usa editor in chief it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af i Deputy d. Frank production manager Henry 8. Epstein circulation manager an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed forces published by the commander in chief . European command and printed Dally at Darmstadt Germany. Military address the stare and stripes Apo 09175. International Paluthe stare and stripes Postrach 1034, is Darmstadt Germany. Tell Gale Shell to prefix 06166 2071 j m Darmstadt air strip prefix 2376 741. Telex 0419-332. Newyork office 641 Washington St new York 10014, text area code 212 620-5771. Second class Pottage paid at new York . The appearance of display advertise ments in this newspaper concerning commercial publications does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or any of it components. The United states la on open to Cieto in which the people s right to Jinow cherished and president Lyndon 8. Job a .

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