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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 28, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe Stais and Striks hop to bring Venus Ena Calif i i Ftp to a fast environment of Venus Down to Earth by filling an enormous tank Mithani draining of air. the California Institute of technology Jet propulsion Labora tory they Call the machine an in simulator. What i actually in a s4 Mil lion tank full of apace. So who needs tit scientists say they do. To repro Duce the lever environments to be encountered in Pace vehicles like thre Mariner which will Detent on a scientific Mission to the Vij Dolty of Venus later this year. Vacuum Chambers have been built before to reproduce conditions to space. But this one is Dlf Ferrit. For one thing is the largest Ever built in the United states. s cylindrical shaped like a silo and is 80 feet High and 27 feet in diameter. J has a steel Shell capable of withstanding More than 1,000 pounds of pressure per Square foot More important is the first to employ a lighting system that will come close to duplicating the rays of the Sun As they Are encountered in space. This lighting system could illuminate a 1,400-room hotel. The Jet propulsion Laboratory opera Ted for the National aeronautics and space administration called a news conference to explain Why All this is important. As the Mariner races toward Venus will run into increasingly intense solar rays. Venus in closer to the Sun than Earth and the rays o the Sun Are twice As intense near Venus As \ they arc near Pur own planet. Unless a space Craft Ler made of the right material and unless has the right color finish and right shape the heat collects can adversely affect operation of us Complex instruments electronic components. Should be conduct a Twell enough to spread evenly Over the Felt i surface of th�vehicle.1 ".li. a yet .-,.t e 81 s to h e environmental chamber s h o u i d Tell intent lists whether the Mariner. Will meet these requirements. They figure i better to find out before launch ing than after. You Haift Call a space Craft Baw for repairs Jiin Ordinary vacuum chamber heat radiated from a space Crift would have no Way of escaping and this would create a condition Una Toj that in space. T inside thenew-5 simulator a neat absorbent so Road maae of Black Ahern vim plates. Liquid tubes which shroud thl keepg320 degree and 98i by the pc i a away the artificial simulator is Genera a Recuty xenon the lamps Are actor and their Olgh i the chamber through Intens. The intensity Etthel edit the space Craft creased gradually be when the Mari woman killed 21 badly Hurt in bus crash Auburn. Calif. Cap a woman passenger was killed and 21 other persons injured seriously when u j greyhound hits skidded off us. Highway 40 freeway1 in a Sierra a snowstorm and rolled Down n 50 foot dead woman was crushed under the coach in route to Sanfrancisco from the Nevada Lodge the North end of joke was identified us Laverne Smith. 49. Of san in andro. The Highway patrol said her husband was with the Oakland fire depart ment. 3ft a inter Hurt the Driver and 20 passenger were brought to Highland Hospital Here. About 15 other passengers were treated Lor minor injuries but were not hospitalized. The bus landed on its Side Ona Road below Highway 40 about 30 Miles East of Auburn. Driver Alan Mauder. 30, of Oak land suffered serious head in juries. He Tew Highway patrolmen 1 have no idea what happened. Maybe someone ran into my bus or maybe 1 just ran Over Tho Bank 36 hours of twist Kos Idaho student Moscow a a University of Idaho student collapsed Here after dancing the twist almost steadily for More than 36 hours. Rich Cook 19. Freshman from Emmet. Idaho was on his foot for 36 hours and 3 minutes with just three minute Breaks each hour and a 30-Mlnute rest every five hours. He and Othir con lenders in a this Talon d n n r e d without partners after Ven of girls who started the contest dropped out. Favorite of the crowd was Little Carlos Devally 10, who claimed Kryci Fol a Mph bomber the dim Wing show How the a liar bit Valkyr bomber will look when ukr off for flit Almdale calif., later Tao year. Us huge Jato to the tall will Power the Zwy ton Craft. More than billion has been spent planning and construction of three b70w, amid argument that tic Avonia be spent on a Belles. Junior record after twisting for 37 hours. Top twisters in the con test received transistor radios and swedish Massage. Tax tractor crash kills 1 Calvert. My. Up f. Fenner 37. Of Harrison Burg a. Was killed when her car collided with a diesel tractor Tow ing an Earth mover about two Miles South of Here on route 272. 1 killed 5 injured As Nitro cargo blasts on truck Midland Tex. A jellied exploded on a truck killing one Man. Injuring five and causing damage estimated s40.000. Killed was Wayland with 26, an employee of the c. A Brockell casing pulling co. Injured were four other employees and s. A Smith father of he dead Man. He suffered Burns attempting to Rescue the injured. The cause of the explosion was not Fixter another pm ploy std two trucks were Trot do to Nide e us other and 50 pounds of go per cent jellied in u Metal Box on Tho lied of on of the trucks exploded. The i Tut Highway patrol quoted g. W. Jackson one or the injured 2 men Rob. Theater men. To Tex nth Abb Urban dint tract and 4wo breaking the ice along gaily decorated canal Street. The Crewe of Ca Roulon and Rewe of Oreanos look in sections of i incl Street heart of the Down town business District on their Cir Cuits. The Crewe of Alia marched through suburban Algiers. King Oreanos brought with him Attila the Hun Ivan the terrible and Genghis Khan resplendent on floats depicting great conquerors of the Ken of Carrollton s court manned a 16-float Parade with the theme the immortal w o r k s of Victor Herbert dressed As characters out of the composer s Light operas. Alln s Parade took to the roman tic deep illustrating scenes from Jules Verne s "20.000 leagues. Under the floats were decor oct As the Nautilus submarine of Vorne s brooding Genius cup Tain Nemo caverns of the mermaids guardians of the Loat and kingdom of the Twenty three parades remained on the carnival schedule with the largest and most sumptuous yet to come. Murdri Cras or fish rust tues Day will be carnival s Climax. Eight processions will tour the City on the big Day. Conn Tallcut joins up police a Aret Firkins the Publ by United press likes to get a traffic ticket especially from a policeman disguised As just another Motorist. But a s u r v e y showed the rehash been overwhelming anguish from the areas where unmarked police cars Are being used to Nab offenders. Apparently americans Don be Lieve any rules of costume Auto motive or otherwise apply when u comes to controlling traffic accidents. Traffic experts have Long held that the sight of a police Cruiser keeps All but the simple minded from breaking the Speed Laws just As a policeman on the beat deters Strong Arm robbers. But there Hove never been enough cruisers to keep one in sight of every potential speeder. Consequently traffic Law enforce Tariff Cut plan backed by a of g Washington up the is. Chamber of Commerce has declared itself fully in favor of presi Dent Kennedy s planned Trade expansion act under which he la ask ing Congress for wide Tariff Cut Tang Powers to enable him to negotiate Trade agreements with the european common Market As the chamber s membership consists of approximately 3,000 local or regional Chambers of com Merce and Trade organization throughout the nation was to be expected that some directors1 should oppose the act " the president of the . Cham Ber of Commerce. Richard Wagner refused lit a news conference to disclose the extent if any of the opposition to the president s Trad program. Ment has developed into a me of you see me Type of game there s no scorekeeper but assumed the speeders Are ahead least on Points. Death disappears in Connecticut however Point spread has been in growl since Jan. 15. Unmarked cars have been Patt Oling the a ways. The action was Token Connecticut recorded17 in just u few Days. Police commissioner Leo j. Cathy called the unmarked car Ture an unprecedented meat but during its first six Days was not a single traffic Deathe state. The subject has stirred the Terest of the International As Tion chiefs of police. The citation has held that the Are committed to a policy of Fie patrol which normally be conducted by uniformed using highly identifiable a motive transportation but augmented when necessary by off not in uniform using aute equipment not easily identified police National safety Council endorses this stand 100 per i a Council spokesman in Chic said the enforcement of r a i Taw should not be regarded i sports contest with a set of prescribed for fair Sioux City publisher Dies Sioux City Iowa Wiy a Perkins,.85r publisher of the City journal died Bis Home North oth a after a illness.,he,.i�survived by Alice a. Sonj George assistant usher of the journal a Daught mrs. Roland line la Grange and five grandchildren

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