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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 28, 1961, Darmstadt, Hesse�gijfh3 Ujj Iffus _ ?. To. Stand Hondo the of j3s,m two your of Jap by Leo Petty attn to in no seem Low by comport be it cod up 0,punch, who Ward Iho n Ascah Macon to Ponc a Daytona Brach kit Marvin Panetto Panch drop i powerful Busk 1mo Pontiac at � a Tinord by a tit ipod f119.901 roil a hour to itar m uht att us wind Victory or flt Day in tin few Matt Dayton 800 Mil Toch for a for 05,000 tti0 say a old ranch own on in win the Lascar Elan Hwi Otenti to tort dropped tit with a � fat lure Ert from Thor and of Iho gruelling 300isp grind Day ton it International 8pedwny counts tend High turn invited ii Jedi find Panthe previous 600-Mtie rec Ord of 138.7 17 . Al toy Jim m in my in last your so where the tur Saren t banked a Ata ply the throng Riv out of in Tanu Beach corns to for the Check ered Victory haul of Joe win thorny another to Nelms Pilot from Norfolk or pout Goldsmith St. Chalp myth who wan third in Sod Tun wan third a Etc win with which a ftttftt1 Wail a. � owls capture honors in Vii corps tourney Germany up. It the and Obi it Tyson bal owl Wal part the 36th inf Fer 8wu, to capture top Hon in Utt Vii Corn invitational tournament of sunday not noon. In Pukini up Ihor fourth journey win and huh vie Lory in a Row the to i owls raced to 40-20 3tad with 0 41 or no Rining in fint half an then checked n rally by 3rd army Piv Noti in be Juc temp to intr Malono cards Ace at Rhein Block links of Runny film Athlon mint Uniti d Gullli afro llq47 by the midpoint of the mix and Hitaf and town cel a in with Reserve a in Mott of to Ltd owl it now a&-3 Scullon and iting for Tom yen thared i motoring honors with 3s Fri Ftp air Booths voted it tourney Moit flu i and ail of Linwood add a Jet to of owl Ruck up jul Max hand Clifford Fortl 13 and 10, Tiv by. Lor the Ranger it Nin Booth on a Ftp near to am wet t Artie try Skol ton and arh Akin Hac and Lambert w4h thu Tiia dts Tom of the 241 i div to mud Jerry Junot a of the 27ih arty Toften act i turn i of the Isth arty it do and of orc it re Fth Slit inf of cwt Bayo net. Who in from Lino no during Nome 00 a trn of foiling a on for Twa duty iwo loan it hand wily april to tryout ramp inc it f i torn tonal Ittel Coli offi Chik to i Wynn on ii huh for Trio Lulu of Kim in and he a Tiff. Irl flt i Umi Lik fit ont an to h Ruiu two a ref Irmi butt in can act so of Fox it h mum any h9i7., in the iwo and period Imroth with Uhi Toronto a to Lento sunday nigh Nelto Honjio. With the u4 Toronto s Kai Lovci and Placo Montrene walk out t two Point flu the Cal Nallen Botvin a York 8-1. Ref area it Elton me Arthur trying to keep or dlr called 30 penal Taft incur donw two major and Tuhet bit Brit i wet be Al k Mem Ridl Jet Wenry in to so Murton of Runny div it tune m Linof if Treml in i Ord inf Imp Latu incl 81111 4r it a in Ity with Tutti th4ui Itaf a Rylor am chill i Linden and sixth Jour a mwh9w bomb in a for Hunt is in to Fornor and by the Tetter to �pr1t the i to Tui jul tit Man in Tow Imam or the top Pei him with inf rial Norm in to True by Many flt a Timon Tho in Ockfen a tied wet t the 3rd div to foe lir it tit in Ilir a of both m fish fl-2 Woi do. M s f f h 2fi h Ute i it try a Firtik Katl so fit Ali into Story r wifi Northern Mirich a in. Memory Al let sgt Al kit of of Litany High k i to of no d to n to Lindi Dittli i Ulf Jan is it will Imp Pliml try o Lltt-5i7th Ord a Siti Boh to jul. A roil in in Kroon this Rou i i Pony Rte will he a Lott ii Fin i to a Qutul tin Jet Jav c i m in in Man Sliv Liti Newt tour he nuni dwt a the Sci son prom no fail in ton ant Detroit Rookie Young a Tho second or of of Nite Itin Allun san Tulcy n for Toronto with the Init Only fonts old but Detroit vip Stashuk tied u on a pow a pin Midway in that period i got h Buck for Toronto on a Power Piny before Thi period or How eve nil it when he Well Ali a to pow in to Litt Wulp can nip of 1417 of the Middle period Montreal 3, . 1 new York d Home on Kytt and on another Sunity night a Man Trout Cundal in it Hulti a to out rank the t to Mph Luk who put a that new Voik run Kerr he in u a to a hockey Tiku a in a crowd of ,5?b in Uit Don new the Neil him Polnit to Tiff kid in thou Lext part Lod Only to Juh e Tho a Fink trs or it but when thu Luord Ujj Fornol til 3 40 of Tho itch and session the re pitl Fri never a to in trouble Tor Muy ill in it rain Drower a Huck cd by curl Atuf 19 Irmok a and Willd Kunj at 11, rond Jur in in if Kiln def put let a. 8 Lak Jan on Tiu re Horki a Mok h wire. J iut 8 Komi of to Nam ton and a toil obis it Tai or fit 7b9 of the first period to pm his Camulli no in Hurd fund Joom Courti Geoffrion time i co. Tote it anti ii foot in Stottl bark fit is to of hip second period Wlms ii a a Pfeiffr look n Pink from c Imioto Al try and Titok do Ikirt from i lip thu him the i Rel dined Slid in � a u to 40 id Send Hil a 15 13 of tilt flail or roil Citkow got Brawt Start Brooklyn it it no re Tohl front i lit 111 ills major it Litfin it it j re Jet in in the National on Sopt. 17. Julia to jul it any it but with four Hlll a and two Elk ii of with Arvoy wed h Mph tic by ing n Khot from Tho Lahl that Don Mur thou Eret Nifton Hawk a the Puson and. Duff it clo Atud tit cumin Len with out a win her. Of Tring iop with two thu Tho Victory toned Thi a Lewka grip on third Pitco in the Natl Orul hockey Law a to eight Point doth of Imit x Boul i 27th and 38th-of thai to Ilion cent to four sent or Watn to punt Roft trn title in then Loi Iii Fott Lynu t Caguio to 10so, to to Insil Howett woo con a 1950, Tutu tin in Mitt of 13.4 Yimou on 13 re urns Iho punt Stohon lie also Tod to Yuri Jfe with 174 find Hill n High of 4h Yurt fun u in o tit scr. Dil no cowboys Fin with a 10.1 a Wernike. By Preston or it Rotor plate Burgh with 0.23 to tits Lull silts. New York �,2& Tho Cleveland or owns Hott he dmm Tiloi Ishup with n Vun of on 4u to turnip. Sun of attn Wuh not with 0,0. The unit turn on the 1 ten to Tho Rott can he cd in with th1 " kit Foria flt pro i look at the and. Of the Ftp away at Rowl Wei Onty i a Nihon for in l.,.,., out. By the 170th1 tour Ftp pet of the Flea incl Fttie. Win two Tup up Orv a Anil Gold Imlah some Obner Vera would let up the. Bur he and the is too Mathi Etta. _. 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