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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePoge 4 the stars and stripes ten Tuduy feb Nicory 27, 1968 savings Binge May save Public from tax hike by Sterling f. Gree Washington a by tonal league saving Money at the highest moderate in 15 years Consumers Are exerting a major anti inflation Ary Force that might save them from a tax disagree on whether americans Are on a savings kick because of vague fears of War inflation or higher taxes or whether there Are More commonplace High administration advis ers agree that if Consumers this year should surprisingly Stop saving More than 7 cents out of every income Dollar and put away say Only 6 cents instead the surge of spending would add $10 billion to National out put. That would strongly reinforce president Johnson s Appeal for a 10 per cent tax surcharge to curb inflation. Bankers expect the savings rate to stay High. Consumer uncertainty fear of War an very definitely the fear of worse inflation Are causing this phenomenon said a savings Bank spokesman in new York. The administration also expects no sudden shifts. It built its economic program and it budget on the expectation that the 1967 rate of savings would continue. Consumers saved 7.1 per cent of disposable personal income for the whole year 1967, and 7.5 per cent in the last Quarter. About 5.5 per cent is nor , administration advisers Don t consult psychologists for the explanation. One government source noted of insured Sav Ings associations. I think the Peak of the Sav Ings Binge has been passed but our associations look for another very big year perhaps $7 to $8 billion of net inflow into Sav Ings and loan consumer apprehension is among the factors cited by the savings Banks association of new York state which reported a phenomenal 10.5 per cent risen deposits last year and another near record spurt in the Pas month. About half the $3.4 Bil lion increase represented inter est dividends which were left in the Bank the other half was net new savings. High interest rates on savings Bank deposits 5 per cent in most new York areas compared with the 4 per cent ceiling on savings deposits uncommercial Banks also Drew Money into the savings institutions or. Robert Henry information director of the association said. But he added in an interview Consumers Are worried Theydon t know which Way things Are going to go. Many thin prices will go a lot higher and contrary to the classical eco nomic reasoning that people tend to spend quickly when the expect higher prices coming they actually save their feel they be got to get ready for worse Henry suggested also that High mortgage interest rates also May have contributed. Supplies . Marines run to pick up food at the same time were staging raids against dropped by parachutes at Khe Sanh. . Planes communists encircling the area. Up photo in Oberammergau that a Slack year for Auto sales like 1967, is always a big year for might provide an other reason this official suggested. It paid out $4 billion in health benefits much of which in former years would have come out of the savings of the elderly. Instead the nest eggs continued to there was a Sharp in crease in the number of women who took jobs in 1966 did much of these extra family earnings go into savings in 1967? did other families find they had extra Money because their children the big crop of babies born in1946got out of College and be Gan supporting themselves if these Are among the reasons for the savings Boom we would t expect any great drop in the savings rate for the next few years the govern ment expert said. A savings and loan spokes Man gives greater credit to con Sumer psychology. That Indus try enjoyed a $10.5 billion net in flow of savings last year three times that of 1966and expects another big year in 1968."the consumer is fearful he hears words like inflation an escalation and he s Squir reling things away suggested an Drew e. Mandala Washington editor of the journal of the no passion play passions Cool Down by Peter Kuhr staff writer Oberammergau Germany is the passions pitting re formers against traditionalists have cooled Down somewhat As this Alpine Village slowly get Down to business in preparation of the 1970 passion few weeks from now rehear Sals will begin for the traditional Warmup play to be staged this summer at the Hamlet s Kleine theater. The plague of 1633," by Leo Weismantel has been selected. The play is meant to contribute funds and to test local Talent for the 1970 , the local Battle Over the controversial passion play has lost some of its viciousness. The tradition minded faction of the populace has grudgingly consented to judicious revisions of the 300-year-old play particularly of those sections branded As anti semitic by critics at Home and abroad including jewish organizations in the United staes. The reformers who had Hope for a completely modernized ver Sion by 1970, agree that too much time has been lost to Start experimenting delicate task of editing the old text Baa been Given to father Schaller of the neighbouring Benedictine monastery of Schaller said recently he had deleted from the scrip such terms As generation of vipers and other derogatory expressions pertaining to the jews. The priest also planned to change the prologue substantially As it has become outdated with the ecumenical Council s revocation of the condemnation of the jews. Widespread criticism of the pious play of the suffering and death of the lord set in after the 1960 staging and among those calling for a major Over haul of the religious spectacle were mayor Raimund Lang and Hans Schwaighofer who bad twice portrayed Judas and Wasto he the 1970 director. Both Lang and Schwaighofer were backed by the Catholic Church and by historians an theatrical experts. Searching for suitable material for a revised text the reformers discovered a script written in1750 by an Ettal priest Ferdi nand Rosner which attribute Christ s death not to the collective guilt of the jews but to human experts praised the pure baroque style of the Rosner text and thought it would lend itself to a modernization. Schwaighofer wanted the much criticized crucifixion scene to be played after Nightfall and planned to substitute allegorical fire works for the resurrection scene. Carl Orff the noted com Poser offered to write the music for the new play. The project at first seemed Roget off to a Good Start but then mayor Lang demanded an actual stage test which would have Cost $50,000.the Village Council led by Vico mayor Arthur Hasler Balke Dand decided Oberammergau might As Well stick to the old script with Only Token alterations. The disgusted Schwaighofer resigned in 1965, and Lang after 32 years in office re fused to run again in the 1966election to show his Solidarity. Ernst Zwing a film theater proprietor became his Succes Sor and the director s Job went to Anton Preisinger a hotel owner who portrayed Jesus in1950 and i960. Preisinger counts himself among the traditionalists. All of which Means that the thousands of visitors who la flock to Bavaria s most famous Vil Lage two years from now will see essentially the same passion play As did previous generations. European edition col James w. Campbell Usa -. Editor in Chile Btl of -8i.michael or a of. Deputy editor-in-chiefetl5 2 production manager Henry 8. Epstein a. Circulation Man Afler �"j?of5e to Uff few of and for a armed Force Publ hed by , . European command and printed daily at Darmstadt Germany. Mih tary Addre Aai the stare mid stripes Apo of tic International mall 7rittaa cljsrjpa�p2lf�ch 1w4� i oar Metat Germany. Tell Gale Holm c &�"l7 w a ii pm Darmstadt air strip prefix f37tt 741, telex 0419-332. Be York Offlee my Wuhl Naton fat new York. Kew. Tell Are code 1 Fjo-6771.eeond elate poet an paid at new York . The appearance of Lepley Edver tue menu in Thea newspaper concerning commercial publication deep not Gene cute a endowment by too department of defeat or any or 1u component. The i Jef Statel we Rev we peo to know it actor Fermi my 0uor

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