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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseTuesday february 27, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 3 by Lewis Gulic Washington a the Viet Union is apparently North Vietnam s largest sup flier of weapons and economic id today and its assistance May climb further if the Pace of the War Steps up. According to preliminary Pentagon estimates Aid to Hanoi from her communist allies probably increased to about Al billion in 1967 up consider ably from some $730 million the year s shipments valued at about $700 million accounted Aid to h 67 for the biggest share in North Vietnam s Supply line in 1967 and for much of the total in crease Over the previous year. Red China sent in an estimated $250 million Worth roughly $75 million More than in 1966.communist East european states contributed perhaps $50million. Unlike China s Economy Hob bled by cultural revolution upheavals the russian Economy can divert much More to Viet Nam if the Kremlin leaders choose. Current soviet deliveries amount to perhaps one fifth of1 per cent of Russia s Gross National product. The soviets have indicated they will step up Viet Nam shipments if Hanoi s need increase. . Spending in Vietnam Las year has been put at about $25 billion. Information received Here indicates that soviet arms deliveries to North Vietnam came twosome $500 million in 1967 com pared with $350 million the Yea before with the emphasis on air defense items. These include surface to air Sam missiles antiaircraft artillery radars fighter planes and quantities of ammunition have been aimed at . thousand Sams maybe $30 million Worth were reported fired at american Craft Dur ing 1967 along with other Ord Nance. The Sams were fired from perhaps 30 launchers moved around several Hundred prepared launching Sites i North Vietnam. Some $200 million in soviet economic Aid in 1967, up $50 Mil lion from 1966, is reported to have included Petroleum trucks tractors rail equipment Bridge structures barges machinery food and fertilizer. The soviets Are believed Mohave Only around 2,000 military personnel in North Vietnam i noncombat advisory technical and training roles. An estimated40,000 or so red chinese Are in the country doing Road and rail repair work and the like. China spent perhaps $150 Mil lion on arms and $100 million on economic Aid to North Viet Nam last year a Rise of around $75 million from her 1966 total. Marines want Khe Sanh Battle to Start hardest part is waiting sign of Victory two South vietnamese soldiers climb Tower to raise the Flag above the Citadel in Hue As a Symbol of vie tory Over reds who held out in the fortress for 25 Days. A photo by Lewis m. Simons Khe Sanh Vietnam a for More than two hours the 33 marines waited crowded together in the Damp and dark of the Bunker alongside the air were Short timers marines whose tour of duty in Vietnam was nearly up. They were going Home. But getting out of Khe Sanh i almost As hard As staying. North vietnamese gunners fire rocket Sand artillery at every plane or helicopter that tries to Fly in Trout. As they waited a giant ch53helicopter came into View and put Down at a nearby Aid station three wounded marines on stretchers were to be evacuated. Rockets begin in seconds mortars and Rock ets whizzed overhead and thudded into the runway a few feet from the Green chopper. The Pilot jammed the stick Forward and the helicopter sped away leaving the Stretcher bearer cursing and frustrated. Finally a Marine who had Ven tured out of the Bunker shouted Here comes a c123." the Large transport plane swept Low Over the steel runway and touche Down at nearly full Speed. With an ear splitting screech the plan roared to a halt. The Pilot turned the plan around and taxied quickly to the unloading zone. the pallets of cargo out the rear ramp. One Load was stuck and they lost a full minute getting it out. Dashed for plane the waiting marines dashed for the rear of the plane but the transport began taxiing away an the ramp was closing. Hey a Marine shouted. Hey goddammit Don t close it yet. One Young trooper caught hold of the rising ramp and Clung on As if for life Load master pressed t h e Button the ramp dropped an the marines clambered aboard the slowly moving plane. The Pilot moved the Craft to the head of the runway raced the engine Sand sped a Short distance before lifting off. The propeller drive plane is boosted by two Jet engines for until the plane was fully airborne did the marines raise their Heads and uncool their bodies from crouched positions on the steel floors of the aircraft. One youngster let his helmet Tumble off and sat unashamedly crying tears running Down his Grimy face. Thank god he muttered Jesus Christ still waiting but for some 5,000 other marines still waiting in the Sand bagged holes of Khe Sanh therein Little to be thankful for. They Are targets held prisoner in the ground by killer guns never knowing where or when the next round will fall never knowing if the next one is meant for re picking us off Day by Day one at a time complained balding staff sergeant a vet eran of three wars. This Ain the kind of Marine corps i dissatisfaction was echoed by other marines trained a Shock troops geared to the Quick Surprise attack and then moving on leaving the holding tasks to the Don t like it one bit said gypsies to seek Wii indemnities Paris a the gypsies ave established a government m exile that will demand pay ment of German world War h damages. The statement received therefrom i s majesty Vaida Voe Vodja who said he is president of be Gypsy world Community said Ine government would also try10 re establish a Gypsy National country in the land of their ancestors roman Stan which is now known As Somaliland a re Nuy Independent country made up of former italian and British tonies in East Africa. Foot no. 3 of the new government is to achieve Recagni in by the United nations. Fri reports arrest in $620,000 Holdup. _ to \ Ruurt tort unlawful flight to 3void Dro Miami Fla. A the Fri disclosed monday the arrest of Richard Harry Bedenkop 23, of Chicago and said he had in dispossession american express travellers checks taken during a$620,000 armed robbery in new York City last a Frohbose special agent in charge of the Miami office said Bedenkop was arrested in the Lighthouse Point Section of Pompano Beach robbery occurred on pier 62 in new York City on april 13,1967 the Fri did not say How much of the loot Bedenkop Hadin his Possession when arrested. Bedenkop also was wanted for unlawful avoid prosecution in the los Angeles area in connection with forgery and at tempted grand theft charges Frohbose said. Bedenkop was scheduled to appear monday before . Com missioner Richard j. Cory a fort Lauderdale. Gold strike reported los Angeles a a Gold strike is reported in the glitter ing Santa Monica mountains jus above Sunset Boulevard. But it May not be mined because theland s too valuable the owners say. Just right for wedding rehearsal Pittsburgh a Jim Osella s buddies had no problem finding the bridegroom s car when it came time to tack the just married sign on the was t a car at All. It was a Hearse a Gold , 20, played in a Rock n Roll group during his Bachelor Days at Robert Morris Junior College. The group used the Hearse for lugging around their amplifiers speakers and other instruments. Osella borrowed the hears saturday to transport his wife Justine and their Luggage to their new Home in Illinois. Jim has a Little foreign car said mrs. Osella. It does t have room for Cuba regime suspends distribution of milk Havana up Cuba has suspended distribution of canned milk to everyone in Havana but children up to 13 years of age the aged and infirm. The Meas ure was attributed to present drought , the milk ration distributed has consisted of six Small tins per person per month to families of less than five per sons. Family groups of More than five persons were give about a quart of milk per Day. Cpl. Oronzo Bruno 24. They ought to turn us Loose and bring the army in Here. This is no Job for his bunk Ermate Cpl. Skip Mel Ville 21, agreed but his opinion was tempered i think we ought to be on the offensive too he said. But this is the situation right now and we be got to sit Here we be got no a battalion commander an expert in amphibious assaults Laid the blame with the Marine corp leaders the generals have sold out. The army has stuck us her and we be taken it. We be got no business Here. The Marine should be Down in the Delta the riverine Force not stuck in these Lousy not beaten yet the marines have not been beaten Down by bitterness. They re marines said gun Nery sgt. Arnold a Pate 31. They want to fight. They a Gripe All right but they re ready to they must sit and wait for the enemy the marines say they Are looking Forward to a ground attack so we can show them How marines fight a the commander of the Marine sat Khe Sanh col. David e. Lownds 47, says his troops Are eagerly awaiting an assault. We want him to come to us Lownds said. We re ready for anybody s guess but when or where the unpredictable North vietnamese will attack is anybody s guess. On senior officer said he did t think the communists would try Amajor assault. I expect a slow methodical thoroughly Oriental kind of fight he said. Then he added somehow know we re going to come out of this and smelling like a Rose i can t for the life of me figure out circulation office phone numbers Germany Berlin Civ 738368bremerhaven, Civ 45341. 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