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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 27, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseBarm Tor Helena Normanton glasses proudly wears profession s crowning glory. Hard won badge of office by Norman Moss Nana staff writer Rathe Youngish trim looking Rose cheeked blonde in offed then smile Dud Aid i Don t can if it does make me lookalike George Washington. Pm proud to Wear it. So there it is the adornment the must Wear in common with every other lawyer of either sex. Who practices in a British court a stylized Ash White wig. British lawyers Are divided into bar Risters who plead a Case in a courtroom wid solicitors who work Only outside the courtroom. Following rules Laid Down in a different age a barrister must Wear Awig and gown in court. And the judge must Wear a Long wig Over his shoulders mud. On state occasions must Don elaborate Ermine Robes this ii one of those traditions hat nobody in England even tries to ration Alize lawyers just Wear it because t is traditional and the Law is a conservative profession. When lawyers wigs were at tacked some time ago As grotesque Orna ments fit Only for african chiefs it was from outside the profession. It barrister thinks about his wig at All. It is usually a a hard won badge of office. The Day that a newly qualified Ricter goes to buy his wig and gown often accompanied by proud parents4s red letter Day in Hii life. He can have one made specially or he can buy one to fit roughly but Well enough. In one of several fixes for about155. A Tring at the tack tightens it slightly to fit get one a size too is the advice of old hands wait Unta you win your first Case. Your head will swell to fit the place a new barrister goes to get his wig a almost certainly a 250-year-old London orm called Ede and Ravenscroft the Only lawyers wig makers in Britain. They Are a tight lipped firm with Little time for outsiders who want to know about their Craft and none at m for journalists. We Don t have to give away information snorted a director of the firm. But the family history is a proud one. Wigs As an item of fashionable Wear Formen and women came Over from France with King Charles the second in the 17th Century. The firm of Ede and Ravenscroft became famous with Fop soon after. When wigs became Standard gentlemen s Wear they were made mandatory in the courts us Law being anxious to prove itself gentleman s profession. Humphrey Ravenscroft brought Mas production into wig making in the last Century. Until then a wig was curled and set As often As a woman s hair today an powered every Day. Humphrey Ravenscroft patented a pre curled fixed wig in 1843, and when the government of the Day slapped an import tax on hair powder sending the dandies into a frenzy the Ravenscroft wig became Standard for courtroom Wear. That is the style today something like the wigs worn by America s founding fathers smooth on top with sausage curls along the sides and two Little tails in Back. Wigs used to be made of horse hair but today they Are Nylon. They Are quite Light to Wear but warm in hot weather and on hot summer Days a judge might announce in court that wigs May be removed if the Yare uncomfortable though some of the More stiff necked judges will never do that. There is a brisk Trade in secondhand wigs for reasons of sentiment As Weh As Economy. Sometimes wigs Are handed Down from father to son there Are Many Legal families in Britain. Also it is a mat Ter of Pride to have a wig that looks a jute aged and Battle worn instead of shining and Virgin ally new just As no High school football player wants to Wear an in Muddy a team sweater that looks As fit has never seen a rough play. And it is a superstition among barrister that it is bad Luck to have a wig or Robe cleaned. When women were first admitted to the bar As barristers in 1922, a Council of judges turned Down a suggestion that a special Cap be created for them and ruled the women must Wear the same wigs As men and that the wigs must cover All their hair. The woman barrister usually has to dip up her hair before slapping her wig on but her average time in the ladies robing room at a British Law court is. Still Only about five minutes. Many newly Independent British Commonwealth countries carry on British pageantry As Well As British Law. Unlike the american colonies when they broke free. The Many africans who study Law in London Are usually More proud than any englishman when they get their Ash White wig and a Young lawyer has just returned to Trinidad proudly taking a bedraggled wig that has been seen in British court rooms for a Hundred years. British lawyers Are not allowed to give press interviews i their own name but the blonde Young lady who made the re Mark quoted at the beginning of this article gave the views of the fair sex on their wigs after emerging from b Fie Cecase Over land tenure. Of course we Don t mind wearing was a time when women weren t allowed to become barristers. Now we Are and we should have the signs of office no i Don t think it looks silly it probably no sillier than some of the hats i Wear outside. Anyway it s Only my work ing clothes. It s not As if we women bar Risters All Wear the same hat when we gout for the 14 vol Utar it palate Vreim a = Endrai i. Nature of open Mes i membership is set fort i i in Para i Jap which reads to gut l.\-". F.". " of j i a " " not be. Considered members of Thel pea mess unless they via Gree to for4lbjpnevw. The Piffl a niie1f i be Etoryi wlm the resignation til question. No mall try Stilto win i a a a feel to those ?wh�fi1 front .oif,-.refusetojoin an open in ii vim re i i i a Wea ii Lei f of May crests and or Green tabs Leada of ii life Ataii of May crests and of Green Tabbe Wpm on the Beld Jack Eli ifs. Must they be worn \ what insignia May be worn on a i Latte Richard it Mevlut or. Kote tabs find Lathi Colte on Ltd. La Ratajc be worn on the j loopy 0$? tace i fld the. Inri Tifa of Grade May Ott the Parica answers to Bridge quiz a 1 As South you hold 4q106 �1084 aq72 853 the bidding has proceeded North East South West ,1 passint 2,v"2 to pass /. " what action do you take a. A Mere return to two Spades would not do Justice tothe holding. Your hand although. Not very impressive in High car count contains values your part Ner surely can use. Therefore an enthusiastic Call is suggested namely 3 Spades. This does no advertise great strength inasmuch As your original one no. Trump response limited your hand. The jump therefore is made in order to differentiate Between a hand of this Type and one on which the Barest preference is being shown. Q. 2 opponents have a Par score of to and As South you hold 4qj75 f ag4 at3 a85, the bidding has proceeded East South 1. A. I " what do you bid a in View of the part score a trap pass is hot to be considered. Your fight against the opposition must Start at once and we recommend an Over ail of one no Trump rather than a double. It is True that normally our. Requirements for a no. Trump Over Cal Corre Spond with those for no Trump openings. In View of the Par score however we would Shade the requirement by one Point and though we hold Only 15 Points we consider one no Trump the Best strategy. Q. 3 As South you hold $kq962 109853 q2 4�5 the bidding has proceeded North East South. The next Choice is a two Knox Truing for hand has the required count which May prove slightly in fetid partner has some holding in four hearts to the Queen Wrehe May not choose to Stow i two no Trump response. South you hold q the bidding has proceeded South West North 3 4� Fass 4 what do you bid now hearts. Since a Bith ree hearts would have forcing it May be presumed _ partner s jump is based on a a Strong holding. Your hand Shefl produce several tricks and a Rover game is recommend Edil partner has Diamond and controls he can bid. Q. Gas South you hold 4943 j85 Klosa a the bidding has proceeded. North East 14 Date t what do you bid? eight Points balanced hand it behoves to take some Ltd action ,. The auction and this i just i the Only time you can exp be Able to do so with safety. Bone no Trump. Q 7as South Yott hold the bidding has proceeded South West North what do you bid a. With mediocre hands of this character. It is our policy to act at once and a bid of one Spade is our Choice. Ii you pass it will be extremely difficult to enter the auction on a later round q4partner opens with one club and you hold 4 a92 v kjs4 4 a1097 q6 what is your response a. There Are three plausible responses. The one favored by this department is a Diamond. This allows partner the Opportunity 16 bid hearts if he has four card quite As accept Able is a response of one heart. What do you bid now a. Even opposite a spouse. We would insist game with this hold ing therefore recommend a shift of. Two Spades. Bear in that a rebid of one Spade not be forcing upon responder qts As South you hold the bidding has proceeded South West north1 v pass "1 it pass. 3 # what do you bid now1? 1 hearts. This is Erable to a rebid of three Trump for although you have shown a balanced hand i the ability to play no Trum or have no t yet shown that have a retd Tible heart Silt a this is the appropriate time do so. Coper glm 18. The stars and stripes

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