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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 26, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseI. Flu Billy sunday thousands hit the sawdust Trail to his altar. Continued from Page 11 say about the mentality of anybody who gets a thrill out of gawking at a motion less figure 13 stories plus 54 feet in the air above him thousands of other Wise solid citizens did just that and hundreds of newspapers from coast to coast spread his Fame. Kelly died broke in 1952 after scores of men one or two women and some children had tried to emulate his feat Sand failed. He 1920s once called the age of wonderful nonsense also could be la bleed the age of the Marathon. How the Marathon so called to commemorate the feat of a greek Soldier who in490 . Ran some 26 Miles to report a hellenic Victory could be twisted to include Flag pole sitting dancing Rock ing not rolling talking or piano playing is one of press Gentry s mysteries. However having tired of waiting for Flag pole Sitters to fall off their perches the Public turned to other pursuits. One was the dubious pleasure of watching a troupe of sore footed runners under command of a promoter named c. C. Pyle struggle across the country i what the scoffing press termed a bunion came the dance for four years beginning in 1928, dance floors from Atlantic City to san fran Cisco were crowded with couples try ing to Wear each other out and win some Fame and a few dollars in dancing was not however continuous. Nor was it dancing. The contestants were allowed 15 minutes out of each hour for rest and two hour sin the Early morning to take naps or Bathe their swollen limbs. The Only requirement when they were on the floor was to keep in motion and remain upright. Some slept As they passed out and were eliminated. Some fought with their partners an were thrown out for hair pulling. Nearly All of them retired into oblivion when the craze died away. One contestant however graduate from the rugged Field to win a High place on the american stage. She i june havoc sister of the famous strip per Gypsy Rose Lee and at the age of 17 she had staggered through a rec Ord 3,600 hours on a dance floor in West Palm Beach Fla. Her prize$40. Contests contests contests Robertg. Baskell of Bridgeport conn., barn urn s old town dropped into a restau rant and ate 124 Little neck clams in 20 minutes Topping the existing record of73 in half an hour. Then according to Sann he ate a whole lobster and went Home. Charles Drayo brought Fame and a championship to his Birthplace Leroy,n.y., by eating 40 eggs in five minutes. Remember the Hula hoop a Westcoast concern doing business under the engaging name of the wham of com Pany brought the instrument from Australia where it May have been in vented by an agile Kangaroo. The plastic ring rolled its Way into the hearts of maids and matrons old men and adolescents until it is estimated in 1958, some 30 million of them were whirling around american torsos. The fad ended As quickly As it had begun. America s attention during the first half of the 20th Century was not entirely held by mundane people millions in fact turned to higher things. New religions or old religions refurbished and made Appeal ing through spectacular press agent were planted grew and flowered throughout the country. A gentleman calling himself ottoman contests contests contests Robert 6. K ask Ell. Dropped into a restaurant and ate 124 Little neck clams in 20 minutes Topping the record in half an hour Zar Aducat hanish appeared in an East Ern City and proclaimed himself the re incarnation of Zoroaster. While few peo ple had Ever heard of Zoroaster Thev accepted the Man As something of Prophet and Many wealthy old ladies opened their reticule to help him establish a Temple. The Symbol of his re Ligion was a Bronze Stork and his mos attractive assistant was a Young girl who Clad in a diaphanous Nightie played the Temple Organ. Before Long ottoman Etc. Had established six temples in conservative new England and was on his Way to Mak ing millions. His image of holiness de parted however when he was convicted of mail fraud publishing pornographic literature and sent to jail under his right name Kelly. The Saga of Otto Man Zar Aducat hanish is not Bytheway recorded in Sann s anthology of american fads or delusions. " n a higher level of Christia ethics however was the Rise of effective evangelism in the hands of Billy Sun Day a great baseball player and a thundering preacher Billy s record i this his full nations against the Devil brought him in Boston 63,000 con verts in Philadelphia 41,000 in Balti More 25,000 in Syracuse 21,000 and finally at a $65,000 Tabernacle in upper Roadway 65,000 men and women hit the sawdust Trail to his altar. Passing up such minor fads As Swal lowing Gold fish an indoor sport started by Harvard students and seeing How Many bodies could be jammed into a Telephone Booth or Sedan Atten Tion returns again to the religious Field with the fascinating Story of father divine. He was a Harlem Prophet who proclaiming that he was god and no god whichever you like established a number of Rich heavens on the Eastern Seaboard. Father divine s an gels were a devoted flock who worked faithfully As servants in the Homes of the Rich on weekdays and turned Over their earnings on sunday to their spirit Ual Leader. The authorities tried but never sue needed in convicting father divine of any infringement of the Law. And it Mustbe admitted that he served Good Sun Day dinners in his heavens roast Chicken smoking hot Ham pie and just everything. Even Jane Russell took time out to try a spin with Hula hoop photos Courtesy of the Foid archives Henry Ford museum pacifist Hopes were High when the peace ship pulled out of new York but newspapers called it an impossible Effort " Henry Ford s peace ship Page 12 the stars and stripes confetti flew a father divine opened on of his heavens by the Hudson. Monday february 26, 1968 the first group of pacifists believed to have adopted the slogan make love not War lived in ancient Greece. Some 23 centuries ago the Worth women of Athens sick and tired of the Long War against Sparta from which their husbands and boyfriends Seldom came Home except for a Day or two of & a went on strike. Until the War ended the women declared family domiciles would be off limits to All members of the athenian armed forces. According to the greek playwright aristophanes who wrote a comedy based on the incident in 411 . Called the Lysistrata the strike was Suc wars have continued to plague humanity up to the present Day an most of them have been accompanied by internal resistance from pacifist groups. Take a look at our own history in 1776 a considerable segment of the colonial population opposed the revolution and As tories ranged themselves on the Side of King George i. In the civil War anti draft riots swept through new York City and troops had to be rushed in to subdue the wars i and ii brought voluble and sometimes violent protests from anti War elements of the population. And today led by a determined 72-year-old spinster named Peggy Smith a Prouo of britons is said to be on the Way to Cambodia with the intention of penetrating Between the Vietnam lines�5 pacifying both sides by distribution of sweetmeats arid balloons. J. Assing Over the current wave of protest marches picketing Campus demonstrations and draft card burnings one returns to the pre War Days of 1915 to find one of the most extraordinary attempts to Stop a War in american Hsy Henry Ford s peace political and social climate of America at that time was perhaps More favourable to a peace movement than might be expected although Germany is Ferency demonstrated by its declaration tha Neutral ships carrying con Sand would be Spur los verse not sunk without a Trace was fast wearing out America s patience. Even after the Shkik of the Lusitania with the loss Ofamen can lives William Jennings Bryan Woodrow Wilson s Secretary of state had resigned rather than Send a War like message to the German govern ment. Furthermore thousands of americans of German descent were naturally opposed to War against the Central pow ers while thousands More were against any entanglement with european poli tics at any Price. I did not raise my boy to be Soldier was a popular song. And Wood Row Wilson was re elected in 1916 wit the slogan he kept us out of on nov. 10, 1915, two characters appeared at Henry Ford s office in de troit and provided a sort of catalyst forthe manufacturer s sentiments for a negotiated peace in Europe. They were mme. Rosika Schwimmer a vibrant bouncy Little hungarian Well known on the continent for her militant Espousal of such causes As women s suffrage Trade unionism and Universal peace and disarmament. With her was an eager Young journalist named Louis p. Loch Ner Friend and admirer of Jane Addams Chicago social worker with whom he Henry Ford in Cabin aboard ship. The stars and stripes had attended an International women conference at the Hague called in the interest of proposal the calling of an official convention of Neutral nations some where outside the theater of War which would work out details for peace negotiations among the belligerents. And if Wilson refused to Send an official Dele gation to such a conference which was Likely then they would Send an unofficial group of High minded and respected citizens of the United states to such meeting. _ Ord accepted the plan enthusiastically announced that he was willing to finance the venture and proved his sincerity by chartering a Scandinavia steamship the Oscar ii to carry the delegates to Europe. At a session in the White House for explained to Wilson the purpose of the Mission and asked for official approval of it. Wilson replied that he did not feel he could take such a step. He was he said for the principle of continuous negotiation but i have chartered a ship said Ford disappointed and irritated by the presi Dent s stand. If you feel you can t act i nov. 24, at a press conference in the Biltmore hotel in new York for made an announcement that was to go Down in history we re going to try to get the boys out of the trenches by Christmas. I Vechart ered a ship and some of us Are going to the Good ship Oscar ii steamed out of new York Harbor on a bitter col dec 4 with the tumultuous cheers and jeers of 15,000 spectators ringing in the ears of the 166 passengers aboard. Although there were some distinguished figures in the company among them the eminent judge Ben Lindsey publisher s. S. Mcclure gov. Louis b. Hanna of North Dakota and Berton Bra Ley a popular poet Many others were missing Bryan Jane Addams Thomas Edison David Starr Jordan president of Stanford University. Lindsey told this writer years later in Denver that he had been Dragoone aboard on Thieve of sailing ridicule abuse and some faint Praise followed the Wake of the peace ship. The continued on Page h Page 13

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