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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 25, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFag 4 the stars and stripes Etc Rory 25, pro its. Rally draws i39.wo West berliners Back anti left policies by Hubert j. Erb f Berlin a the feud be tween West Berlin authorities and the City s Radical leftist Stu Dent fringe took a new and dra Matic turn last former went to the people and asked for endorsement of their get Tough policies. The result was a roaring rally in John f. Kennedy Square before the City Hall that attracted 150,000 persons. This was More than 15 times As Manyas the leftists were Able to mus Ter for their demonstration March that closed a pro Viet Cong pro North vietnamese Congress last weekend. The City Hall rally was decidedly pro american but its primary purpose was to show the Young self styled revolution Aries who have been Demon Strating and badgering the City and its government for the Pas two years that they Are a very Small minority with Little popu Lar support. The rally was a Challenge tothe new left to Stop causing disruption in the City or face undefined consequences. The huge crowd gave its most rousing ovations when speakers including mayor Klaus Schuetz talked Tough concerning what were called the extremists who had brought terror and chaos to West Berlin s effect the authorities were trying to catch up with Public opinion that had been pushed near the exploding Point by Vietnam Congress and its a. Rade of massed communist tags. The City had tried to ban the Parade but a court overruled the ban. In the eyes of some observers that saved West Berlin from a bloody sunday since the organizers of the leftist Demon stration had said they would take to the streets with or with out City government urged the citizenry to stay away from the demonstration but knots of angry Young workmen showed up . There was fighting. Free swinging construction workers pro american a crowd of 150,000 jams John f. Kennedy Square in front of West Ber Lin s City Hall in a rally that was a demonstration of pro american and anti left opinion. A Jackie rumours May help Board in Cambridge mass., and parliament and was so capable will undoubtedly see mrs. Ken that Kennedy asked for his a Nedy on that respects admires is very fond of David an intimate told United press inter National. Whether she love Shim Only she can Tell and Only time will Tell. But he offer everything and if she were to marry anyone it would witty urbane handsome de spite a sharply exaggerated ointment to the British embassy. Later he was minister of state for foreign affairs an currently Heads a British team to the Anglo american Confer ence on economic and foreign policy problems in most of his attention now is entered on a new business venture Harlech television ltd., which has won a contract to program the Independent nose Rich energetic Harlech Welsh television network Start is the very Model of a modern ing in july. Harlech previously was president of the British Board of film aristocrat. He sails shoots rides and can also make Money and sit in the High councils of government. He had a Brilliant career Asa conservative member of As lady Harlech would have to spend much of her time in England a Frederick m. Winshi new York up marriage rumours bothersome As they maybe to mrs. John f. Kennedy have their usefulness in preparing the Public psychologically for the Day she will give up he tragedy hallowed name for an other perhaps a British of the former first lady say she wants to remarry but is afraid of being pushed into a match by those who Areo veranious for her happiness. They say she is too used to weighing her actions against the Kennedy family image and the future of her children to make such a decision for purely per Sonal reasons. Britain s lord Harlech the former sir David Ormsby Gore appears to have All the qualities to make mrs. Kennedy a suitable husband but at present she pre fers to deny serious marital intentions. Harlech the Diplomat to his fingertips has issued his own emphatic is no truth at All in the rumours said the former British ambassador to washing ton at his London Home. I Amnot seeing mrs. Kennedy in the near future. There is no question of an engagement or anything like insiders see it mrs. Kennedy 38, and har Lech 49, do not see each other soon they will have broken a pattern established in the Pas nine months since Harlech s wife was killed in a motor Accident. Mrs. Kennedy went to lad Harlech s funeral. Lord Harlech was her guest in Ireland Las summer accompanied her to Cambodia in november saw Heron several trips to new York during the Winter and joined Heras a House guest on a Georgia Plantation two weeks ago. Actually the peer plans to denials lord Harlech and mrs. Joen of Kennedy the april 26 meeting of during their visit to Cambodia last november continue to deny the John of Kennedy Institute that their Friendship is a prelude to marriage. A photo where her prestige is High Buther precedence As a Baroness would be on a relatively Lowring of the peerage. The inhibiting spotlight which follows Herin America would be More Mel Low in London and practically nonexistent on Harlech s Shrop Shire estate. Mrs. Kennedy s children Coul Complete their primary and secondary education in England and return to America for their Princess Lee Radziwill says she will follow that plan for her two children. Harlech s five child Ren Are either married or away at first met the late president when Joseph p. Ken Nedy was wartime ambassador to Britain. Lady Harlech the former Sylvia Lloyd Thomas was a close Friend of presiden Kennedy s late sister Kathleen who married lord Harlech first Cousin. Thus by marrying Harlech mrs. Kennedy would stay with in the Broad Circle of the Ken Nedy clan. Harlech is not a Catholic but his wife appears to be no religious bar to the match that could note easily overcome. Cleared demonstrators from building site. They burned Viet Cong flags. There was a spontaneous Parade through Down town streets by about 500 anti leftists. This was the first time this had happened in the two years of new left activity. City officials thereupon called the mass rally for wednesday. There can be no doubt that it was a popular Suc Cess although there has been some criticism of the organized Way it was run. In addition West Berlin newspaper commentators have deplored the chasing and heating of counter Demon stators by individuals or groups in the huge crowd. Police said 33 people had Tobe taken into custody for their own Protection. Twenty five including one policeman were reported injured. Those voicing concern say they Are worried that the rally and the rubbings administered to some of the leftists or to people with Long hair and beards taken to be students would serve to polarize the opposing fronts still More. Regardless of How the events of the past week Are viewed however one fact re Mains Clear when the people in communist surrounded Westerlin see a red Flag they see red. The Radical leadership of what has become a sizable new left student movement ignored this escalating their red Flag display from one in a Viet Cong Marc last october to hundreds last weekend. What that leadership s reaction will be to the mass rally of the citizenry will depend on what the new left does. The situation remains potentially explosive. European coition col. James a Campbell Usa,.editor in chief it. Col. F. 8, Michael jr., u8afdeputy editor in chief Elmer p. Frank. Production manage Henry s. Epstein. An unofficial newspaper of and for the u.8. Armed forces published by the Corn Manden chef . European command and printed Dally at Darmstadt Germany military address the Start and stripes Apo 09175. International Malli 7h?tj2jk

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