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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 25, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseSunday the stars and stripes Page 3 be ivies provoking reds Tonkin skipper sure ships attacked Washington up Theab. Of the two . 0 in the 1964 Gulf of mum incident said Friday Rittz his ships definitely were stacked by the North Vietnam Wand denied the attacks were Tonkin incident led to the first . Bombing raids against North Vietnam and overwhelm ing congressional approval of a solution requested by pres ident Johnson in support of his War of the War particularly the Senate foreign relation committee have questioned the administration version of what happened that fateful night. Captain s interview capt. John j. Herrick 47, of Warren minn., who was aboard the destroyer Maddox and in charge of both it and the destroyer Turner Joy t told United press International in an interview that there could be no doubt his ships were attacked. Capt. Herrick denied a charge by sen. Wayne Morse the Mission of the . Ships was to stimulate North vietnamese radars or radios into activity. I Don t know How you would stimulate an electronic reaction he said. He said his ship carried Only passive radio equipment. It could Only addressed to adm. . Gran Sharp . Commander of Pacific forces in Honolulu. Twas sent by adm. Thomas Moorer then . Naval com Mander in the Pacific. Officials said the message was sent by Sharp to the joint chiefs of staff who did not approve it. They said it never became an order. Copies of the message were sent for informational purposes to both the Maddox and Turner Joy. Other Points made by the Captain there was never any doubt aboard the ships he said that sonar reports showed torpedo firings. The Only doubts he said were Over How Man torpedoes had been fired. It never occurred to me that he was acting As a Decoy or luring North vietnamese boats North and he denied he was. naval officer now stationed in the Norfolk area also denied that a secret Navy message made Public by mors had been addressed to his ships. The message cited by Morse said the . Vessels would proceed North to demonstrate determination possibly to draw North vietnamese torpedo boat northward away from South vietnamese naval operations and to keep the . Ships away from these South vietnamese Navy actions. Capt. Herrick and administration officials said the message Ulii of Al his Wwod vfvw.7cited by Morse actually was i Economy. Captured red says talks to follow attacks Saigon a a capture communist officer said the cur rent stepped up activities of the wearied Viet Cong and North vietnamese Are a prelude to negotiations. He also claimed that Jet bomb ers will be used against the . Marine base at Khe Sanh in what he said was an outline of Hanoi s master plan. . Officials who were give the details of the interrogation said Friday they seriously doubted that the prisoner a Cap Tain actually could know All he said he knew about Hanoi s intentions. They noted that the prisoner was of relatively Low rank and that All he knew about the offensive had been Learned at Brief Ings Given by local communist cadres in the Danang area. The Captain said the Viet con had been suffering heavy Man Power losses in fighting with the heavily armed american troops which not even North Vietnam Ese infiltration could make up soon. He said that if the general offensive failed the Viet Cong and North vietnamese troops were to pull Back and encircle provincial capitals thereby paralysing the Star shines beam in dynamite in Green silk a new picture with George Nader German Starlet Marlis Draeger not Only embodies the title role but also looks Good leather jacketed above the Glare of the motorcycle spotlights. Up photo bearing Down two swans Spruce up on the British nuclear sub dreadnought. If the sub should go into a Swan dive it would t be the vis tors Swan song. ,1 swim. Up photo adm. Miller would Back Spain s entry in Alliance Lisbon up rear s. Miller . Commander of nato s iberian Atlantic com Mand said he would Welcome Spain s membership in the Alliance. Miller was speaking at a Brief ing thursday on the first anniversary of the inauguration of his command known As Ibe command embraces a600,000-Square-mile area from the Northern Border of Portugal tothe Tropic of cancer extending some 500 Miles Westward into the Atlantic. Miller said $6.5 million has been allocated to build a Perma nent Headquarters for the com Mand near it. Sao Juliao Debarra on the coast Between Lis Bon and Estoril scheduled for completion in 1970. He said it was not yet Clear whether France would share in the Cost of building the Headquarters. A Miller s staff consists of 10 offi cers from the United state Britain Portugal and the nether lands and a French Liaison officer. Miller said the staff will be increased to 137 officers and men at the new Headquarters. Did his ships provoke attacks on themselves no the Captain said As matter of fact it started out As a sort of a sunday cruise. Of the first attack aug. 2,involving Only the Maddox Herrick said we got a report of a Rada Contact. I think three it boats and a Small Oiler is what i appeared to be. They proceeded South. We paid them very he said that an hour or two later the boats appeared to be on an intercept course a speeds of 40 to 50 knots. The Maddox sounded general quarters and got up More steam. They continued to close. We began to surmise that their intent was the Maddox radioed the aircraft Carrier Ticonderoga which dispatched . Herrick authorized the skipper of the Maddox to fire warning shot if the boats came within 10,000 Yards. They did and the warning Salvo was fired he continued in without hesitating at All and recommenced fire to the Captain said torpedoes were fired and we observed one passed close to said the boats turned under the destroyer s Stern and fire machine guns. The planes from the Ticonderoga were authorized to open fire and did. The incident ended with one boat apparently dead in the water and another of the boat apparently towing the third. Capt. Herrick said the aug. 4incident began late in the Day. The ships had been patrolling Long the coast and were heading out into the Center of he Tonkin Gulf he said. They intercepted a radio message indicating a planned attack. They picked up radar contacts which seemed to be some boats waiting to Spring a trap on us after Cloudy and overcast darkness was falling and it became a Cloudy overcast night. From Here on what capt. Herrick observed were through the eyes and ears of radar and we changed the course the boats repositioned or close Don us and we tracked them on in. There seemed to be som boats which tracked up to 40 knots and others farther away a slower speeds. " our two ships were approximately in column with the Maddox ahead and theurner Joy astern. The Lead boat kept closing. They got into Range about 6,000 Yards. They made a sort of Button Hook turn away from the Turner Joy. The Turner Joy was convinced she was under torpedo attack and commenced firing at the Bec Wae grand rapids Mich. Up mrs. Nancy Demorest 20, whose husband was killed in Vietnam combat will leave her Home sunday to take up where he left mrs. Demorest will go to , ala., to begin her career As a husband spec. 4 David Demorest 21, a radio operator with the 1st air Cav was killed by an enemy rocket on nov. At Dak to. Mrs. Demorest wants to follow him into the army and work in last time she was with her husband was during a Weekin Hawaii when he was on a rest and recuperation period after six months in Vietnam. A week later he was said that when they were in Hawaii her husband expressed disgust with draft protesters. He would watch them on Tele vision and get so mad she said. He would say they Don t eve know what we re fighting for. They should Send them Over there and they d change their minds in a army was my husband s life As Long As he was living mrs. Demorest said. He was very proud of the army. I things had been reversed and i was killed i am sure he Wouldhave continued his she said that was Why she enlisted

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