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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 25, 1962, Darmstadt, HessePremier siriday Cross word Puzzle poets so 10 a. 66 91 49 04 so t7 107 7 93 9v Fol 94 7 31 64 St 42 of ice Khz 32. 95 37 a 66 28 5z 79 36 43 74 Ion toy k 3 33 39 87 60 Ai 62. Horizontal 1african country 6island of the Cyd Ades 11rocky peaks 16course 17to Harden 38the Snook 20dispose 21senate employees 22slanting let ters Type 24 feminine name 25wooden shoes 27bring into musical pitch 29external comb form 30a Negrito 31ripped 32a food fish 33dutch liquid measure 34to lease 3cdregs 37unit of Fine Ness in silk 39russian River 40disputation 42actor Robert 43worshiper 45chinese dynasty 46bats a Ball lightly 47dross 48outcome 51ill-fated Lover 52 pensions paid periodically 56 Gruel of Maize meal 57 goddesses of the seasons 58 a scots peer 59 anger go close 61 pigeons 62 South Ameri can country 63 firm land 64 the Sun 89witty sayings 90folds Over 91obtain 92bohemian River 94a wrinkle 95elk 97township of Attica 98neophytes 100bellows 102guarantees 104-to nullify65-ruined or lost 105_an urgent person impulse 106british 66coat with tin author Lead Alloy 107abode of the 67insurgent dead 68scents 108couches 70eats principal 109american meal 71a Short inter Mission 72caresses gently 73italian poet 74nuisance 75the Skipjack 78moderates 79a Follower of Plato 83masculine name 84elevates 86 o Flaherty 87puerto 88alcoholic beverage vertical 1article of 19a group of jewelry eight 2english 20genus of anatomist ground 3japanese Coin beetles 4-Woodenpins 23-underwater 5-handling detect my 6send into exile 7growing out 8earlike projections 9native Metal 10-six-line stanzas 11cower in fear 12a fixed routine 13arabian garment device 26door Fastener 28the least whole number 32slow music 35noisy disturbance 30dispatched 37recipient of a gift 36city in Wisconsin 39city in Alaska 41measure of distance. Raincoat16depression at 42french Volcano s answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Us a ssh e0h average time of solution c2 King features Syndicate 44to trick 46plant pest 47vapid 48a Civet 49moral attitudes 50spirits 51wanders 52leg Bones 53she wept for her children 54becomes arid 55vends 57sharpens, As a razor 58cardinal number 61physician 62minor coins mln.63zone of action 65small insect 5 66prongs 5 67remainder 69heroic in s scale = 70tropical 5 fruits 5 71a Quantity of paper 3 73arrant s cowards 74synthetic 5 substances 75start 76prayer 5 77biblical City 78written = history of a = person s life r abbr = 79new Zea 5 land = Mollusk 80african = country = 81dealers in ice 5 82dove z enclosures 85entertains 86falls into disuse 90immature insect form 93capital of Latvia 94network 95homeless child 96set of nested boxes 97presses for payment 99bounder 101national god of Tahiti 103french Coin avg Heb reminding me to and there was set and then tha deafening today the air smells. And my eyes Are Nus kqj7 l a 2 4k 3south 52 a 9 3 akqj10987 North the bidding East so filth West 1 4 4� pass 5 4� pass pass pass opening Lead Queen of if Declarer found himself c o n rented by a seemingly hopeless situation today but with the Aid of some sleight of hand he Man aged to bring Home his game contract. East opened with one heart inasmuch As his Spade suit did not contain the required four Points. South stretched a Little for his vulnerable four club Overall and North carried on to game with the Hope that his values would fit Well West opened the Queen of hearts and Declarer knew that it was a Singleton from East s opening bid. It was App therefore that the contract doomed to defeat since on winning with the Ace have no Choice but to return to suit which would result in and the Ace of Trumps St score. There was of Cox so very Remote Chance that Singleton heart would be panted by a Singleton clubs but rather than rely a that Declarer decided ii resort to mesmerism. Wet the slightest Trace of de Tion he played Low from and East permitted his Queen to hold. West made an fort to reach partner with a mond but Declarer won cashed the Ace and icing1 Spades discarding his heart. He was Able to Ruff diamonds in Dummy and to l Only to the Ace of Trumps the it is your desire Point the Finger of scorn at you May contend that sout scheme was rather blatant from Declarer s failure to the Queen of hearts East have traced the red he shall not dispute the polnv.1 you might find it amusing at time to Rig a this hand for of your More astute net and see How he reacts to if Csc 19s2, the trl bunt Page 16 the stars and stripes sunday february 25,

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