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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 23, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseI he huh a he on tans in it Sac to Tot. Thi stars and stripes Apo 175, und Ura i Kim of by Tad and loft a no it urn Calvn. Rull tid bldg Jana j nit Niter army can t Stop unauthorized Dei trix a it " of Waht to fired out if an a Pijut Sanii bring Bis d. Live on the Economy. Can the army refuse to let Hubli because he did bring them Over also can they extend his tour because his dependents. v name i editor s note Usa eur he replies As follows the Mill tary services cannot prevent an authorized dependents from inv Eling overseas at their own expense and residing in the Vicinity of the member s duty station. However. Department of defense policy requires that commanders discourage this practice. Commanders Are permit an individual ? separately Para of when the sponsor dependents the Oversea be adjusted to the tour j for those wit months or will months after the Pendents whichever Para 4g. A 614-30. Another Channel stabilization dam takes shape in California. Paid years in Reserve count i am an sp4 e4 with Over six years of service three Joi six were spent in the Active naval air Reserve. My question my wife and daughter eligible government travel Back to sp4 Ronald b. Editor s note Usa eur he replies As follows ment expense transportation is authorized for dependents of serving in Grade e4 with Over four years of service be any i authorized in computation of Basic pay and higher who can i the prescribed accompanied overseas tour 36 months. Cheaper flood control pro pay evaluation qualifications by associated press a new Type of dam cheap relatively Small and easy to build is diminish ing the threat of Spring floods in the Southern California Foothills. For years mountains ringing the los Angeles Basin have been raining mud debris and destruction on foothill towns causing millions of dollars Worth of dam age each year. But a new development in dam building begun four years ago by the los Angeles county flood control District is halting the annual flow of debris and re charging the county s vital water table. The dams built in Assembly line fashion with prefabricated Concrete slabs recalled Channel stabilization they be attracted worldwide attention because they Cost Only about $20.000 apiece less than the yearly Cost of hauling out debris and take Only three weeks to build. The dams Are 12 to 30 feet High. 18 to 100 feet across and 6 to in feet thick. The Concrete slabs each weighing 325 pounds Are criss crossed into place in foothill canyons and then Canyon Rock is poured Between the slabs. By filling the various canyons with the criss crossing slabs and Rock the flood control District is Able to reduce debris flow by As much As 27 per cent the District already has 39 dams. Five More will be ready by Spring. The District Hopes to have 112 in a few years. The dams with the criss crossing slabs look like a series of ladder rungs when viewed from an air plane. Eventually they la be spaced from 500 to 1,000 it apart in each Canyon Bottom among the Foothills. Without the dams the Canyon Bottom would Cut deeper and deeper into the Earth s surface. In critical areas this would mean the undermining of Mountain sides. Eventually the sides would Cave in and loosen tons of Earth to be swept int residential areas by heavy Rains. I d like information regarding preparation of enlisted men s evaluation forms which Are used in conjunction with pro pay. My question is this May a first sergeant make evaluation of an enlisted Man. Prepare the form and present to company com Mander for signature name withheld by request editor s note Usa eur he replies As follows yes provided he is the immediate supervisor of the individual being rated. Other restrictions that apply Are persons making evaluations must be in pay Grade e6 or above be at least one pay Grade higher than the individual being rated and possess a higher skill level digit or different primary mos. Noncommissioned officers will not be rated by specialists. The endorsement must be made by a commissioned officer or a warrant officer who is preferably the Rater s immediate supervisor a 611-205. In order to receive pm $30 per month is it tha pm Are performing in their primary mos Sec Clarence s editor s note he replies As follows Tion of personnel to Fly ency pay is the of the unit commander. I proficiency ratings awarded regardless of position. However once ing has been awarded the Ien must be assigned to theorized position Asar 611-208. X How Many extent How Many times is a fitted to extend Bette enlistments name withheld de Tor s Notor us he replies As follows provided the Extension exceed 11 months Para. Goren on Bridge 4 both deals. Sides vulnerable. East north4 a 10 2 v a k j 744 q j 109 West 4 j 865 4 3 952 8 1093 East 4 k q v q 1083 442 4k a k 8 5 2south 497 6 a k 7 6 5 3 the bidding East South 1 4kpass a a West North pass 2 v pass 3 4 pass 5 4 pass pass 143 4 3 it 64pass opening Lead ten of 4v the vast body of Bridge players dings unwaveringly to the belief 14 that All that matters in slam bid Ding is the Possession of aces. That the key to a slam is More often the Possession of a void suit or a Singleton does not seem to occur to them. In Many cases natural bidding inferences will Point clearly to the Possession of a Singleton in one hand or an other. At times however a certain amount of ingenuity will be required to get the idea across the table. North and South cooperated very neatly in today s hand played in a recent tournament East opened with one club and South made the natural Overall of one Diamond. It was evident to North that his Side surely had a game and that a slam was not at All improbable. He. Therefore prepared to give a Complete description of his hand. His first step was to make a bid that was forcing to game. This he did by making a jump in a new suit South dutifully rebid his Dia monds and North then decide to bid three Spades. This is apparently a mind scrip Tion of the hand but its purpose will soon become apparent there is no real danger in such a bid. Since the partnership is obligated to continue till game is reached and in partner should support Spades diamonds can be returned to with Complete safety. South bid three no Trump and North jumped to five diamonds. The casual player would be Happy to Check out at this Point but South unhesitatingly bid six. His partner s bidding has made it Clear that he had at most a single club. When one player shows three suits As North did in this Case and includes a jump in his sequence of Calls it is reasonable to assume that he has a Singleton or void in the fourth suit Coon tub 1961. The Chi so Tribune the stars and stripes thrills and Bills recently i saw a film Short about the Distant Early Dew line. The film portrayed the life and hardships Oft who operate this vital link in our nation s defense setup. I was chilled literally by the film. I was much impressed in enormous pay checks received by these men. Whom could i further information sp5 Thomas w. Editor s note Usa eur he replies As follows the us service commission. Washington 25, . Promotion depends on mos politic this unit has 12 cos in excess of its to a authorization. Sets -"e5 through e7. Mostly e5. The to a also allocates that we have one sgt e5 in the Posi Tion which i am now holding sp4 e4. There is in my mos. All excesses Are another Fields. Personnel states that i cannot be promoted to the Grade due to the fact that theft whole has More sgt authorized. My question 1st do. Wait until the entire Bat Down to its authorized d can be promoted 1 name withheld editor s note Usa eur he replies As follows Nosa Rily. All available vacancies for temporary appointment of personnel have been pooled at Headquarters sequently cumulative Over strength by Grade in a unit does vent appointments however you must occupy a the higher Grade is authorized. In this connection to the unit who hold the proper Grade and mos ror i or higher skill level of the mos must be considered position thursday february

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