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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 22, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThursday february 22, 1966 the stars and stripes d Pago 9 \ Germany had a Branch Washington family nothing Germany special a first Cousin of George Washington first american president lies buried in this Small bavarian Village not far from a churchyard cemetery which dates Back to the ninth Century is the Tomb of Jakob Freiherr von Washington an Dottice members of the now extinct German Branch of the Washington family Crest containing three White stars is carved on the crypt and establishes the connection Between the two von Washington was born in Hagg the Netherlands in 1778, and moved to Munich As a Young Man. He entered the service of King Ludwig i of Bavaria and Rose to the rank of major general. Later Ludwig appointed him stat treasurer. Washington married Caroline Friederike Wilhelmine Seg Gessor in 1833 and by her had one son. For a time the von Washington lived in the Seg Gessor family Castle which still stands overlooking the Village of not zing. The current owner of the Castle is an heiress who lives inthe . Every two years she returns to the Castle for a visit. The rest of time the Castle is closed and watched Over by caretakers. The cemetery however is open to visitors. I,hi.b�illl�l�� i initial move evaluated reformer sets up 24th inf div shift Augsburg Cial How do Germany Peyou move More than 10,000 men of the 24th in div their dependents hold bag Gage household goods and their automobiles to another continent in the most convenient Way pos just in t any set answer according to maj. Law rence c. Swearingen assistant chief of staff for task Force re forger the group responsible for sible there the big is a unique move he explained because of the con current travel of dependents the pre position of equipment Here i Germany and the emphasis on personal services and conveniences by the chief of staff and commanding the redeployment of the 4th army div tankers receive gunnery awards by Doug Nesbit Erlanger Germany Spe Cial fourth army div Battal Ion tank gunnery awards for fy1967 were presented to the 4th in 35th Armor during a Cere Mony at the Tenne Lohe ranges near Here. Trophies for High battalion company platoon and individual tank were presented by maj. . C. D. S c h e r r e a 4th army div cd. The 4th in 35th Armor had been deadlocked with the 2nd in 37th Armor Over the number of tanks qualifying but won on to Tal adjusted Competition points104,245 to 103,330to become the division tank gunnery Champion. Third in the battalion standing was the 1st in 35th Armor with 97,155 Competition Points. The battalion s co it. Col. Peter g. Crasser had the highest individual tank score. Crasser who was awarded Wristwatch and his Crew who received engraved cigarette Light ers earned 2,265 Points to Lead the list of several Hundred 4tharmd tanks. The score was Only 35 Points below the unconfirmed Sarteur record set by a Crew from co a 3rd in 35th Armor in 1965. Company laurels went to co c,4th in 35th Armor commanded by 1st it. George n. Sandell which edged out co a 2nd in 37th Armor and co a 3rd in 35th armor1. All three units qualified 94.1 per cent of their tanks. Platoon recognition again went to co c because the 1st platoon had 100 per cent other platoons had 100 per cent qualification but co c s 1stplatoon, with 10,555 Points was the determination of the win ners of the division tank gunner Competition was based on a scor ing system which emphasize maintenance in addition to gun Nery scores. At the battalion level of Competition a battalion lost 1,000 Points for every thankless than 51 that did not run both the Day and night Range 42course. There Are 54 tanks As signed to a , battalions received a 500-Point Bonus for every Crew that qualified More than 43. The 2nd so 4th Cay was made equal to a battalion for Competition purposes by multiply ing the total cumulative Squadron scores by two and assessing a1,000-Poirit penalty for each tank fewer than 25 that failed to com plete the course and giving a 500-Point Bonus for every Crew More than 21 that qualified. At the company Competition level tank companies were Given a 1,000-Point penalty for each tank fewer than 15 that did t run the Complete course and a500-Point Bonus for every Crew More than 13 that platoon Competition a 500 thursday american forces network Newn every hour 0610 min local Holiday 1005 the Man who 0655 Road condition at Eltham por 1108 modern sound world at 0700 1130 musical Holiday Mut Loal Holiday 1305 Art Lin Wetter America pop 1315 adventure Tinmu Good my Lod 0n Mcneill h05 George Wash-0905 Tempo in ton slept her 1505 Date with Chris 2005 1605 1606 to Nashville 1705 request show 2105 1745 sports journal 2205 1800 world at 1800 2310 1825 local news 2315 1835 Jim Pewter 0005 1905 Young sound 0035 biography in sound George Washington music in the air tonight show 8 portrait John Doremus Herman Griffi Thall that jazz 1330 sports skiing1640 news German to news 1&30 regional programs 1431 cartoons1500 big Valley T 2nl" bo1701 education shorts 2000 news 2015 discreet lighting movie 2130 East West Magazine 221s news 1740 news1750 off duty Magazine 1820 adventure inthe wild West 1855 one burglar comes Seldom alone play second program 1d27 news 2000 the Golden shot show color 2120 journalists ask 2230 news ram8teinwiesbadenrhein-main to 1730 profile 1900 red Skelton 2105 smothers 1801 Andy Griffith 2001 your income it 2 a ,1830 evening report tax and you 2230 White Feather special movie win Check sports Section and other pages for announcements of special broadcasts Point Bonus was Given to Ever platoon that qualified All five tank honors were earned by the 13 tank Crews from the4th army div that joined the Vii corps commander s 2,150 club which signifies a score of 2,150 or extend my congratulations to our commanders leaders tank crewmen and maintenance and Supply personnel for a very successful tank gunnery program said Scherrer. Hanau Germany special students from Western Ken Tucky University will enter Tain at Vogelsberg District with the variety show gemini15 next month. The show is scheduled at the following service clubs Pioneer March 8, 6 30 , March 8, 9 . Buedingen March 9, 6 30p.m. Gellhausen March 9, 9 . Wil Flecken march10, 8 30 . Fulda March 11, 8 30 . Kassel Germany special educational toys valued at $50 have been donated by the four nations Council Here to retarded children at the Pestalozzi school in Eschwege approximately three mile from the East German Border. An additional $75 approved forthe project will be used to Pur Chase special educational an gymnastic equipment for the school. Victory div was still in the plan Ning stages a Small planning group was formed. When move became officially go the24 men moved into a third floor of fice in division Headquarters and set up task Force of the people came in cold said Swearingen but they got into the problem and Are really doing their element of the Divi Sion he added is concerned and doing its part. Small re forger Type groups Are springing up in the staff sections to handle their own problems arising fro the according to Swearingen considerations for the tar Oman and his family such As care for infants at the Airport food facilities and rest spots Are base Don the personal experiences of reformer personnel. We know the usual problem involved when a Man travels with his family and we can plan for them he said. Within the task Force there Are two task groups to handle specific phases of the move. The logistics task group under the leadership of it. Col. Charles , is responsible for the preparation and movement of equip ment to pre positioned Sites and the coordination of Pov an household goods. The second task group is the personal services and departure Airfield task group. It. h. Johnson the officer in charge has had prior experience in moving troops. I planned the movement of a Rifle company of the 187th airborne regimental combat team from Kyushu Japan to it. Bragg he move ran real smooth he said because we had no personnel turbulence and the de pendent personnel All went by surface transportation while the unit presented a new set of problems because of the shift ing of personnel within the Divi Sion and the constant arrival of new replacements. We were on All new ground in reformer Johnson explained and what we did t know we had to learn Ina desiring to make the move As Honor graduate chosen bad Kreuz Nach Germany is first it. John Hughes 5th in 81st arty was chose Honor graduate upon completion of the 8th inf div artillery Survey course at Baum older according to 8th inf div officials. Easy As possible Johnson s group Felt it would be most convenient for dependents if bus and plan rosters were arranged by hous ing area. Large acetate covered charts of caverns and housing areas line the group s working Section and the Progress of the different bus and air groups is plotted with a grease Pencil. The similarity to a combat situation in t accidental. We use a sort of reverse planning Johnson said from the Day of final shipment to the initial preparations just As in a combat we re preparing a Booklet based on the experience gained so far in reformer which willbe distributed to All personnel moving he Booklet contains step by step instructions and if individuals will consult it they should t have to ask a single Booklet will be passed on to any other units who make Are forger Type movement in the proof of task Force re forger s Success was the near perfect movement of the Advance party to it. Riley Jan. 23-24."we expected to have minor problems but no changes in the operation were required said Swearingen adding we were real satisfied with the Quick switch 1 1 in statistics s Kaeser slut a Ern Germany special a = errors in command Man is gement reports often 5 s cause battalion is clerks a Brief moments of confusion s = but spec. 4 Jerry Ernst a 440th signal in is clerk = = has one for the books. A Ernst gasped and leaped e s for the nearest Telephone is recently when a company e s clerk submitted a report a listing the number of Pri s = lately owned vehicle Fata a cities Pov " As seven. = = Ernst had no reports on so any accidents. E s the faltering voice on be the other end of the line e e had a Quick explanation. Each i read it too fast = = and thought the column title was Pov facilities = = the clerk explained and be we have seven assigned e e parking e 77iiimmimmiimmiiiiiiiimimhif pm club opens specially Annex Langen Germany is the Rhein main co club has opened a new Annex Here featuring italian and English specialities that include 9-min-Ute pizza and fish and chips. The new facility which was in the planning stage for 16 months serves not Only noncommissioned officers but All residents of the Lange Terrace housing area and personnel residing in nearby towns. It is located on the Frankfurt Heidelberg Auto Bahn Between Darmstadt and Rhein main air base. Taking the Langen Gross Gerau cutoff an following the signs to Langen Terrace personnel will find the new club Annex in a 40-foot renovated trailer in the housing area which is approximately seven Miles from the air base. At present it provides carry out service for such foods As fish and chips pizza hot dogs Ham burgers Fried and barbecued Chicken. Soft drinks and Beer Are also available. The facility is managed by Brad Kreidler an employee of the no club. In the photo above he is getting ready to put a 9-minute pizza into the oven. The new Annex is open from 5 to 11p.m., monday through Friday and from noon to 11 . On saturdays sundays and holidays

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