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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseTuesday february 20, 1968 the stars and stripes . Favored to land Page 7 Cape Kennedy a ass. Experts see it american astronauts Are favored to beat the russians to the Moon with a Good possibility they la plan the stars and Stripe there next faced with this potential space defeat the soviets May try to reduce the sting by flying men around the Moon late this year and making an All out Effort to establish the first Large manned space station and to land the first men on another planet. They also May attempt within year or so to land a Large unmanned robot on the Moon an return it to Earth with the first samples of lunar soil thus beat ing . Astronauts to this prize. These conclusions Are base Don a Survey of recent soviet publications and discussions withjj.&. Officials who assess the russian space program. M these sources believe both nations will Bounce Back strongly from last year s Man in space tragedies and that 1968 and 1969 win produce spectacular launch Ings. The feeling is that the United tates is recovering More quickly from the Apollo i fire than Russia is from the reentry crash of the soyuz i spacecraft that killed cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. Three astronauts died in the a p o 11 o Blaze at Cape Ken Nedy. If the Apollo program continues to Progress As smoothly As it has in recent months a pair of astronauts could be on the Moon by the summer of 1969.american experts generally be Lieve the russians Don t have a Hance of making it before 1970, unless they embark on a High risk Mission aimed at winning the race at any Cost. Happy birthday the teamsters Union did t forget Jimmy Hoffa their imprisoned Boss when he celebrated his 55th birthday recently in Lewisburg a Federal prison. An air plane upper left tows the birthday greetings Jimmy Hoffa Streamer directly past the prison Tower. The message was sponsored by teamsters from Massachusetts. Up soviets or. Charles s. Sheldon a act ing chief of the Library of con Gress science policy research division and a specialist on rus Sian space matters said with every month of delaying the soviet program this enhances . Chances of Landing on the Moon first. If the Apollo program runs into no More major problems the Edge must go to this he cautioned however that soviet secrecy gives them lots of opportunities to catch us of balance and makes it difficult to predict their next even the russians seem to replaying Down the Moon race lately. Prof. Leonid Sedov a top so Viet space scientist said an american Landing is technically possible by 1969 or 1970" but that his country still had difficult problems to solve. Among them he said Are slowing Down amoo Craft safely for the fiery re turn through the Earth s Atmos phere technology already mastered by the United states. Other russian documents indicate control problems that plagued soyuz 1 have not Bee corrected. Expected to try again american officials said the russians soon will be Able to Send a soyuz Type spacecraft on a flight that would take it once around the Moon and return itto Earth. Sheldon said an attempt was made to Send an unmanned Craft on such a journey last fall. An other unmanned attempt is expected when the thaws come i March or april. Russia has Neyer launched manned flight in the Winter because of severe weather conditions in much of the country. For this reason cosmonauts have been practising for water landings in warmer climates. Campaign wit does t win votes but. Can humor keep 68 race less Lau by Harry Kelly Washington a can there be humor in a Campai Nyear when the issues of the Day Are War and rioting there Are glimmers that the primary routes from new Hampshire to California and even Down to the wire in no vember won t be entirely Bleak. Gov. George Romney daresay occasional laugh about the repercussions from his brain washing remark. Fellow re publican Richard m. Nixon candid himself about flunking his debate with the late John . Democratic sen. Eugene likes to Needle the Pentagon and president John son can Grin and Bear it Over Ine Confidence avoided but generally politicians avoid Campaign humor like scandal. They Point to the Latea Alai Stevenson As a politician who was too funny for his own Good. Stevenson who could to or would to restrain his wit lost Jwo tries for the presidency Wight d. Eisenhower usually Able to contain his beat him both times. Eisenhower once accused Ste Venson of being More interested m cracking jokes than in Dis cussing issues. To this Stevenson rejoined refuse to conform to the re pub Ucan Law of John p. Kennedy was another renowned for his wit but he also believed it was dangerous to be too funny. Still Kennedy liked to Tell this Story when he sen. Stuart Symington and sen. Lyndon b. John son were scrambling for the 1960 democratic presidential Nomina Tion. Several nights ago dreamed that the Good lord touched me on the shoulder an said Don t worry you la be the democratic presidential Nomi Nee in 1960. What s More you la be elected i told Stu Symington about my dream. Funny thing said Stu i had exactly the same dream about myself we both told our dreams to Lyndon Johnson and Johnson said that s funny. For the life of me i can t remember tapping either of you boys for the Job president Johnson does t have a reputation for kidding himself but in an off the record speech at the Gridiron club ban Quet he recalled what the father of our country did about his Confidence Gap George Washington deeply concerned about his credibility made the first news leak i american history. It was the Story about a boy and a Cherrytree mrs. Washington s Beauty in no Olean n. Y. Up Greg Hendryx 10, of Bradford pa., one of seven skiers hospitalized saturday following a chair lift Accident in nearby Allegany die sunday at children s Hospital in Buffalo. The boy sustained a fracture Skull in the Accident at Gross Tal ski resort in which at least30 persons were injured As the double chair lift malfunctioned and chairs sped Down the Cable out of control. Police said several rider jumped some 15-30 feet to the ground along the 3,200-foot held on and were thrown against a Concrete Block Wall Ofa building which housed lift machinery at the foot of the Hill. Six persons remained hospitalized sunday in fair to Good condition. The Hendryx boy was first admitted to St. Francis Hospital in Olean then Transfer red some 60 Miles to Buffalo in an attempt to save police said about 100 persons were Riding the lift atthe time of the Accident. Sev eral skiers were treated for minor injuries at the scene. Ten persons were taken Boolean general or St. Francis hospitals for treatment an seven were admitted. Hospital authorities said the injuries ranged from Back and head in juries to broken legs and Frost bite. It appeared the lift s drive As Sembly failed but the exact cause of the mishap was under investigation. The lift stopped when several empty chairs be came entangled in a Tower. A to open 10 centers to Aid sex servicemen Washington up the veterans administration has announced it will open its first assistance centers for veterans in 10 cities this centers which president Johnson called for in a special message to Congress Jan. 30, Are to provide one Stop ser vice in advising veterans of benefits available to them. The first centers will open inner York Chicago Boston los Angeles Philadelphia Detroit Cleveland san Francisco at Lanta and Washington centers will open next month in Baltimore Milwaukee Houston St. Louis Pittsburgh san Antonio new Orleans Indianapolis Phoenix and Newark. Fiction program. It ended witha line no Washington reporter would buy today i cannot Tell Alie " the Dick Nixon of yesteryear was a dead serious campaigner never betraying a glimpse of humor. Now he s willing to offer audiences a laugh at his expense. I m a Little embarrassed Tobe Here today he told a University crowd in new Hamp Shire. As you know i be always had trouble with intellectuals. They Call me a dropout from the electoral College flunked debating you Mccarthy uses humor As weapon. Catholic College to a group at a Catholic col lege Mccarthy Drew repeated laughter when he observed that the military seems to be picking up All that the Vatican councils trying to give up the idea of office is running strongly among the generals now. They have picked up the idea of holy wars which was More or less discounted at the Vatican Council. They re greatly concerned about always leave them laughing the comedians say. The politicians Don t believe it except for Adlai Stevenson never at a loss for a quip even in defeat. After losing his first presidential race Stevenson told an audience a funny thing happened to me on the Way to the Whitehouse

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