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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 20, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stats and still Pis a. T t a. It Kennedy toes the one Ilia irvf4em Kennedy it jew Allyn juntmm�4or la Kula vice l re a Lent Lyndon Johnaon Averill her Roma i Anib Mador Amir a c h � r 1 r Boult a former envoy to Tim land Lelal Tjw latent to uie of in the world by John pm. Trio Towk Washington map president Kennedy started switching Knierin for else policy to new rack during h1� finite month in office. Trying to line up a United it net with the revolutionary tide sweep ing Africa a a and latin Anie Icin. Me it finding it a difficult and dancer of Tak. Mrk Newa let Art in Iofi a rom or from a trope Mich or i to. " the Umof a Parr tier a Tui r Itlen this which mrk not my had writ re s and h n d us to be the Pool Blittle of co operation in the development of outer spore projects. Mett Njg to lbs i rather than Dconte publicly on difference he kept och n the Pomi Lilliy of � meeting a Frap in the Spring with soviet Premier in klan s. Khrushchev. The new and mor Friendly at mop a re no cultivated by did not however pre vent or Kennedy from taking u firm a tend week o n the Congo. Or. Kennedy bluntly warned the Novlet Jender in n pub tie Stute int it Hiti Neww Motif err Rice to hands off. And he Plett a the full sip port of the a Tiona i and for the in to Centak Init mention in the Congo. Secretary of defense Stoberl a but Werk in ouf princ i id y or. Kennedy and Ituk with Wrt Ormas fun ten Minuter in incl re own Btrne Jun further work on run but on brim a Prim mini Fitrer har old m0rmtlun Camen Here in april it Jar i it Jmc part if Toni Jan. 20. Or Kennedy Hal two major up Kwh his cum ton and St of of the Union it Der Iiri and held for Nijor new a win dominated by for Click they 4 Malta the new Pri a Dent h concern he and he we for Malmi in the work out Len North of boy to � what Thirn w admin us ration Nushi with to key in rom Ngod from the Ond the off or Brm of n with the problem of per lir Vujih grrr Kii Pir Eui Blyn a l Rouk it i Riih for on the whelp 111119 ,. .s.j. Tolm Login find envy i wet v cell a Tii from and Chr Congo. Thu most Sim i t be Muir is Nitle i ii the " a off turn Wijt Winslon and Moscow Antn with Tho ecu Csc of two us. Airmen had in Kumlin since last july Wynn soviet flu or punks Khot Down ctr Sci in ksnn4y nod for Lorn Manl Nurr holi Trafeli von but web Ducu Macd warm in which Uia Tiern Iann Rotow Tonko ohm of us Fard Mikl Proano of Umu a Asp Kenn Dyr and of coif Kenni i hire r a f t Over Arctic i. Or. Kennedy sent him word to Khrushchev that la unit a St Teri would not rum ij2 plan Flag had or soviet territory. Volle the a Hon ton Mac by a Neuvar my a and Len Lonik with the �trug1i to prevent co m a unlit to and la con go major a hand Lac a i Effort were devoted to trying to Ahapiw up the pro tiranut Nec wary to five the United state. In Coop not lbs within Jill irn new Knitl to Tver in ii ten America Africa and he Treft coun Trie of a8l, l under i conc Vlf d i bin an req Ilbrink Morr than Oil is t Rrt Ulm n t he untied St to to or Thi Iii i in help at revolt move mint it in Tom to itself worldwide with of prop who int living Strid Flordi Bdl i o if anti Unzem Foj in air with n of Erritt Lvon f mom Nimrod lit. At the Munib Home or. Ken nary he we re still runic list for office Lii in Effort to no him the Amoric to Iho a to n Domestic ski Nylon to Alvex evry i to of regard Ink with n Nam this a Mann hns not yet Vild off in them a of air ency he h to hoped to develop in a Bluit in More. Hit ii seven written no major Loki ilm Ion while hid Peri is fill pm to of to ten Ihrk let of the lion kudos comm Tom vat Rigi d � id Joi a Fiat the no Ned the Kennedy urm a Liv i Kriim it Joti Lpyd d hits Fitman shout Hin Ullh a fair of informality in i Lilia so to tic by of Dwight hut with nil Iii Inonu Allty or Kennedy Demonn Lenl cd in his Elritt bin poll kit two that h � in and it in the use of both i to Subtle and the ohm Power of the presidency when Llo unc sink a sum Lay Burn a to fat win Willii a cow t in a Florin to Brook Tirol ii h the Kop Blum soul i in to Rul flu eos Ishlon that Luis Pokoon Holod Loti Oral Typo in the a nit the president pulled out Somo Hon news Pond tronc a spent for of i he committee1 Una softly avoiding the Spoar Nancu of trying to dictate to the Houvk or Kennedy Shl t is in intern cd cd Luiten to inv Ort d Thyl Nyburn Mono Neil behind the scones the Whit Jio Riuo dui want was Nim Odt never done Dirina the Eirien Honor and the Dosser or the or Iid into the fight to the Hayburn pro. Thuu was it no Vota Vic tory. Moreover it w6� com Plin hed with relatively Huttl Fla " " hot in Only on King boo boo of the after Back ground briefing by a or Tatry of off cow Roberts Mcnamara a Wam a reported the up Nerron had found there u no Olwill jehp1 be town the United states and Russia. This turned to confirm the con tent Ion of or. Risen How a. Morm Over. H tended to work it Goina the kind o urgency in in Edy said Irv in election Contti Palgon was needed in id Fen of fact that Man Nora bad be a Muon or. Kennedy maid no or Hud in completed and no body knew if the a wit it Mui Tito Tnp or Noti. I a. In Obi Stop of the Union me unite or Kennedy told and the people the Amert Atin it Onomy u in trouble the Ani Fortico Munji inter in the Yeti Home of them sold he or talk in the country into n depreiuuath1 we Luln n any of try. It lion he ordered secret try of culture Orvlle a Kreeman to m for Dent food Hurlbutt d to from mow Ovir Pilot plan heist stamp it a. A ref of labor Arthur to ht1p-�ttl# o f Dock worked train or. Kennedy conc i Hower. Order foe to tintary dependents explained that found oth a Brond the Tribu tetik to the Oral Kom mrs Kennedy missile tin d Polar production and dymm Elf Ord err Thor vef million in ordered in with or Kennedy Farrd n of i to a cd Tor Alii Rit asked for Iteld of. He proposed of Eion payment to their Benefit recommended in the1 my Tiu from ,o6 to $1 5 in a move to or to Iota. Or sent Congi Grum including n pro than trom $500 to free no Odin Amark to Home from abroad. Alt in All it was a by whether u would he it imagined to be. Iuro Ptah Lottion aim col la Toomat of 1mi1m a i col k my j Caulfield Arnold Putnin Jack hot. Homi a cell ,.,., it i d. Flank. Navta air Roitt Uia .,.,.,. Usan. 10 tplt�,1 Washington Jouliet Paris Tholand a 1c vim a Chanci Moo to to 4ai of Maky ohm Jatoi to �7 of. Tut Toast 0jmw Mao bid. Ice 11 Mir w33 11 Jyh Arm a forces circulation so viev Europe tall 10ndoh, us 01 Wihr Dlf Lary of Ingmand at a 4j, Rath a i. A to 3963, of Otto 143. Of Amiin Oik Many 74w31, i mis h. to 39-Titi Chute. To 774, Metz f Ash k Liot 94.00 a 147 Imit Oliby a 4m no. Neim to i4403 Muhich. 1nho, in n4iti w 8m3i a Elmadih in woe to 1" Casai Ianca Madrid Sci the Ivr Uptan ill let u pull Ihfe , amur la at put if the Inetri Tillim pvt atm Uja a Cwm Tecklt Sci 34, Jar the Tao Ami 1trlph afo a. , Tott the atm b. 44t own 4rt Itiat n.v., 14, la . Awn4 Newt in to wept tilt turf Ina tits it 10, hj4, lit pet Tullu to n.y., h y

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