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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe Stah and St webs captures in Sli ool tar of i int div wound up Itter bar u division Clatt Rhca outfit events Law led Itaf stand booting marksmen Blu Tatam walked trophy _ honors that open i we sgt a Marks concluded int water with the trophies by meet Stevens i Fiat big match in 0� and automat if Standard a worm Van Foft it Topf if my Rewt to a to it m Vafed Simk met 14. To 4a hit to pm. Lit of ohm a it put 7m new rim. Mao lit hmm to in Rorr fat 0 a i at � lilt National Hatch Al Tat a Tufft tic tue my i Yffert Tui Tan Mil m Arater Talut to a. Twit Hawk. Jimh it rec. A vim Lif. Fri nth try it Lufi 4ft my Jaho Strtt so vfk0 fat fat 0. My. Itt my mrw Irmis a to. In i. 4tt Tut it my pm tr4�k m. His Artl rat my a i Kurt a 0tv of Fth 1m, him it n. I Tutt a Waif. I i int it a. 4tk Inin Hoo fled infant he feb Ohlf match a to tic a bul Fri 4t Tif at 6t7, us v and in w rim hot Maui Ftp Infa Tkv to Phi match in Blue. Mil .4k int Etui. Team a60ate i it of air i44 t in lit automatic to fat i my inf. To 1-th a Flat. I Mil inf. 447 slim a i Uhrt Kirch Mehltr i lib but. 4�. To. My Vai ibb a Lua qhmi4b.pi Watt in Rubyr Imp in 417 7.him it it it 411 3-flt Eltoh and oreo a tn1, Moi Toual a Var , ittle Tri m i Amdi visual mib Ranci 414 j Tkach owl. Inf. La kith t in 4�i . In or Ian Stutto Abt Germany f special on the to a halt monday 7tjvarniy Joeen if Ottnad. Tofta German government 1� Oloan the wait bound Lane until joint 30 while repairs Are being made. The closing we not affect East bound Basic Detour have been est Ablahed one far vehicles of lest than fix ton and one foe those of Nix ton and More. Vehicles leave it autobahn and take Highway 10 to Durlach in the Karls Ruhe area Truere they a John the auth � the Ivvle vehicles must leave the autobahn atf1 Stuttgart Nord taking Highway 10 to pack Luff up Highway 35 and. Proceeding i Brt Tot to rejoin the autobahn to Brusha r f heavy vehicles already at sch mind it proceed wet take Highway 2&fe toil met fun 33 to the Bitch Sal Auto Bibit ent Tiff 8th div unit with m6os Baum older Germany Spe Cial a the machine gunner oath 26th inf 8th inf ply Are currently undergoing a four phase program to null Larlue them with their new m60. The first phase Takei place inthe classroom and is devoted to the a ably dts Sembly an functioning of the weapon following this the gunner pre pare for and fire for record on to Lnch Range to the it exercise a fixed target in used and the machine gun la mounted on a tripod. Lout in the third phase the gunners Are required to perform under Nam plated combat cond tons. They Mutt evaluate pop up targets Esti mate the ranges Lay on the Hud and apply effective fire All in a limited period of time. The last pm Mac deals with the technique of Farot instruction in characteristics and clauses of fire Range determination Field zeroing and fire control. Neu Briecke players eject officers Nebr Recik. Germany f Spe Cial the Neu Bruecke Community players have announced the following officer for 1962 mrs k. Cundy president Mem Ross vice president and mrs j. Mansle Secretary. Rehearsals Are now in the final stages for production the players entitled "12 Marc angry is to on in March a Spang to shows set Ahlem Germany seeing sheriff of Cochise an thursday evening a March 8 9 l a t i n returning to Channel 22 s View ing schedule beginning March 11 at 10 10 pan la China Dan Duryea appears As a Devil May care investigator whose Many escapades get him in and out Offar Eastern adventure pm. Colonel thick stars Alan mow Bray As the pseudo colonel and Frank Jenks is his sceptical Side klan. Garvey in this new scribe beginning March 7 at 7 . In their episodes lie pair often Pas themselves off a notables in on or to save someone s Fame or Fortune but somehow manage to be re warded for their programs replace Check wide world of March of Scotland Yard my hero and traffic dependents by Rah by the Star , hot Tatu id military Noti Tii. Aimy hip Tond Stuhl Loi �11, my Flottm Tofor nth. Pm �. Inn i. A tort to Elk it Lynn in h. A How it. To. U a & w on of Plyler air for la in. A rib Allen pm 81. Flamos�4 Larry duh Mth film in Oil. Daub to Thtree 0�b-�ttt Jen. Al a. Man re Char. In. Ii. To ruin Mckenna air John Ruutel. Jul la Comdr Naf a to Mollie Rumill Jiin 31. Thibault Aich Bart Trifid. To Ftp both f Ali Ion Mic Btl in Btl in 31. Ama on pfc a wird Dan 5th Mil in. Toh arty a in. Of tilt Clellan feb. I. Mile � it it Vurbon 4uhl�rgn, term nil Oiler it poc a . Kiron Anita. Of a. I. A yells to Cik Ltd Biak to Mthm it try guru a in Ruudi my Thiol fib. I. Todd a it John 0., �4th arty a Daughl a Mary Kettly of a t. Davis s bit Hort a Ali Isth com Abbi a it Btl Brtan fab l. Chowder air chichi Harld. 3ut a 84. I a Stltt a Sorathia Charl a. Fife i ate Ion by Jim Jeratt eth Mil an it arty. � do Attr bind i Liu fib. I Demon Stuttgart. Penn Fly special seventh Arm a 34th inf div a demonstrated the capabilities of 1u Arsenal of ground and air surveil Lance equipment to visiting Mili tary dignitaries. Including it Gen Garrison h. Davidson 7th army co. Looking through a wide rang of " capes at Echter Dungen air Fieldi vial Tara via wet observation planet with photographic capability. Various radar systems and a drone also possess ing photographic capability they saw a photo Van a to bile photographic Laboratory equipped to process film from35 my to inches in size. These devices Range from visual to audio video by stomp for Detec Tion of enemy personnel or vehicles arid location of artillery mortar weapons and Shell the spectrum was the to la Mohawk a new combat surveil Lance plane used for observation and photography. A twin engine fixed Wing aircraft. It has on 80-300 mlle per hour Speed and cruises at 200 Miles per hour. It files atan Altitude of 1,500-5.000 feet when on photographic missions depend ing upon the scale of the photo graph radars seen rely upon both audio and video presentations to detect targets and some use Only audio signals. Some Are manually operated for tracking a target and Battery powered while others Are automatically operated and work off a . Determine the Speed and size of a moving enemy target several radars depend upon n phenomenon known in the parlance of the electronics technician As the Dop pier effect. Vide a presentations identify a target s direction of travel. One counter mortar or artillery radar locates enemy mortar or a artillery fires Impact detect moving Garaett Register Friendly . Locate either in emf weapons of Points of to pc est Ackt Projko tiles obtains Azm Ditth and rang endings of the pro Che tm4converts these pm Dongs to Grid coordinates. " / senior cos form Council Mannheim Germany special More than 66 senior non camels. Stoned officers representing the military units in the Are met at the top hat no club a re torte first Tom february us. The group get together us ingested by sgt May Henry m. Myers 51t ordnance group. Spec Latsi in the 50sth � signal up personnel a Tovje guide to Good listening in the dec loan my Ini from lists Fri Quatt Bhaw Miil and nth Mark tit 1100 monday american of Icib him hm710 ohm wave l m Ley Bay 11130 of ten Neal it Star 1sjo Don Jon torn a c Subjo Jilin i dt4ir� hmm he Oul Mit be it i a Huml my Jim Aniol to Canart two i iu1 c Rau it kid on Thi Sean i Bop mini loj i m in the air Ioco flirt Tom Tun Ota Attr attn Mil he win Pond Matott vary 2100 a to Jimj Cal a ii 3130 22m Nam of in uban by he 1300 Ouw Bun 01 � twi 900 How too car Moor Corint 830 Lenny 80 to 1700 Kiwi woj to qty la Shew ism new let let new i hid Piti Hurt to pret Hal l30 a Rel Btl in ,1700 Fri Dmn ii a i to studio b mull in 8wmbh hit new 1900 1u Vou Ait a fur it Irto in a Dio a Foo did Ltd on toot Ftp tall 700 a Taoa 1730 split int 1714 Imo 1139 Kiwi try a Thor ibo Partil Iho Hli tray per a Jour nut Danu Dahlum re Wiat Attr 130 ten ony to taut 100c Mut Mattraw Amo fro Fei Tbell Liht Tohla igbo 209ft flight much 2ih Pali u Nathl 3130 20th Chittum 2200 Kiwi. Iborti. Lood new 2010 Diana 8ort i Willil j a Chhin it to or trn by Tertul i son he thur 1830 h�0on will t Idu Man 2000 Talmit. Up k by tour it w Pinr Tutt uc6 igbo in onto chinch the Ltd itto pm Loon Rini i7� i Otic or i i7u per my a Tran is Newt sorta ii10 Petit Dunn 213ft sat 8licll 1240 flit of per 2340 twi. Wolhar tit it u30 to Anno snort

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