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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe7 stars and strip of $ Colleg basketball it Otto my hot map it n Kami Tai Sita 71, Meta italia h Imit Jii Tuata it Narida 41. Twp -1. A tit a 4t Eftia cow cum Al ratty to Wash Latatia Nonava Mata ii dram Menf lit Wiltey 74 Ftp wit bal to a u. M a he. A m. Tom Satin Hora 04rwm 4 a aaa a Utoft 0r Han i pc Caits Etimet m wet can Laa 17, North Ca Ralleta ii Turtte it pm myth mtg a Yii Aman n pm film i Iwlew of 9v Meta Aarau a Blair 73. A 71 caftan woj. Hmm Taj of a to Sta u. In Pawpaw m Artia. Arima Blitt Cada u my Tiu to Ayala it it tatar oat tata Rar Dapi ii Kalai Zajm Airt a 41 Kim 74, a Totowa m was Meta. Oel Tatt n. a n of Tarall if. To. Of 0 pm. My m. Tolm t print 17n. Him � a Titto 7i Kwh a relm Ttaha 17, brutal Dalian ii n. Jallala of 71 Row Fautt Iii 3j. T 6l Uniti 94. Howard Fau w Toteh it. Siwl 67 aah a Nart Hward u f rr1 incl Tvett 73, new than Michigan 66 Ulaita Tah a eau twi mat sir Tri t 13. Raw Maxlea a Haar 4 a 9mwvmnmn 9t a i v7 quart a Wmk but to Tufa i Kooky Maattala haul m warm Malm it a Rapu 74 rha4 Imam fax Walm n hta a Fla Taanoa ii a j. But Jujj amt my ab4bvwmvw a of i i of will v7, a Paw m i. Vara St 12 m. Tool m Mia 7t, m or Taota a Wanura to it Rufita tart w. Eth haian Vatt a cat Mma 47ctrnm a. Browa it Taatia he Lam 71 a Carila a waa Atar is a Tom fan ii Maryland 71 Dot Tat Nara amt 7 ill do car win if Pifari. Pm pm of Civ m a a n Al Brut apart 71 Haw Pkt m. Oak data 47 Wagtail Daftar Iff a Pitt � of. Rutlin a Var Srann m to of Iii onto 71 York try ii pm ii to 14, Fml Smith t mrm Mhz new a to ii Tom 71, Tamm non Init h a m. A twit Ftp w 77, pm i tic a 71 71, Cholm Itawi 71 a lit. Vm1 h a Tom Tom fan sit of melt a 71. Kit Nefcy Wil a i 77 Hokl twi k. Wudl it atm 71.fnu i or Mya u Tutt Tatry m. Hair finl ii Bate m m. Tom Mil 77 71, Simm m am my m. 4ju it by hints 70 Clit him Al , by tuft f7 pm hmm a if Fanf end Ciralli a. curl to a 80 kudu wok Chy to the. H. By to yell to Ouw 14, a re talk util a it let 71, to i m 71. A Titan it u. 7i air Titiwa 67 am Ritwe no Drumh 71, Fraik Uii 4 Mai title 17qim� in. Momm m Tom Tiv in met Init 41 Tut Antn Liim a ii 4, pm or 7 17, 0trty Kan m 71. He Miklon 47u it. Crw i us a it Hir $1, a in a Tan 41 to 71, pm atty nil ill m 0vn us win. Catir 4 to a mind m. A Titan ital 91 we list 7f, what with 71 a mfg a i he plan � 74 Italy is Lam oth a 41 ua1� 74, a Ostia tb1 h it Tiu 7ft Wii my 47 Vihara walk Lnita a Central a Honit a 17 cel a cwt Tyml �4. Biotin state it 70, Indiana Citty a it 17, to finer 6t 71, Marian 74 102. Oakland City 101 Rel Tao a tamp a Martin Branch k a Mew a Annm 71 Ait liar ii Balat Airt Abbay ii it pm Kilaita Talt h Ftp in fax Hafk Patel i 0ok Mthm i or Tanta �7, Attla Holta 77rajmat fwd a tmp9mm to ii a Pitin 64 wort la Iii. Oal Ahapia City 14 Libb 71. Kittan. 7 mammi mat j0. Layala of it South a Matt atom 71, a anal 71 what Var gotta Hyra i 72 i 7, trip Tam vaunt 71 to Hunt n. Car thai full Sib to i halt u 13. Fiat Taro 72 nor re Enilda Troni Moraw 7s alb my Phirly is pail Conn 4im in chadian m do uth Branch 17, at. Jatin h Jit. Smarr i Tylnn s3. Conr ordly Minn 14 liar 77, of Nukui add pub 74 Ptter Tomt ii. Norther 6.0. 4 Van Utah a a Lux Falli 75 Hay dolt Jam town 1 fila Wall tap a Bawin twalure 65 Artl Iod 19, co Darville to ii. A lit la of 48 71. On re in 4 m. Unload 71 of Tum 7. Onto Northern 17 can Tough 7want with 00. Pm guard is in or tech 60 74, Pat . 61 w. Be Kholl m Bratt 6j, Hobart 47 Fri county the k. Al Hrabula on Ltd 41 of ii wat Uyan 4, 0niral a Tab 17 mull Filp Lva Atin a w. Pm Landor Bukh to if Hli Halli Tattu Ltd Lulana Cal Lii 19 1 f taut ii Baylor b6 of Witt Slat 13, new a co stat � it Utt Tulayan a Tatnai Lut Luran ii i tray tata w. Floila a tap Bulah boat 77, Colorado Stati u. 70 \ Pap Pardip 74, a Elf Calll 51 Stanford a California m wat Humlan Stal 70. Ornton is cat poly ban Lulu of tool 9i, Lont iat h Santa Clara 71, fit. Mary i Calif is Iowa Awal or t Aat half Way Poi it of Dunedin Fla. A an unheralded club pro from Iowa with the typical american name of Joe Brown shot into first place Satur Day i the 25.000 pea senior Golf championship with a 36-Hole score of 136,White the name pros were hav ing troubles in front of Large crowds Brown treated a Small Fol lowing to a five under Par 3s-3267. With his opening 69 he was eight under Par Halfway through the 72-Hole Battle for the teacher trophy and a $2,000 first , i. Dutch Harrison of san Francisco holed two eagles but kicked away a Chance to move into first place with three bogeys. His round of 35-3267 added to an opening 71 put him at 138 in Awell bunched Field going into Sun Day s third round. Controls Irons Brown Long off the tee As is his custom also had Hla Iron shots under control to the Point where he did t need Long putts. My Best club was the Driver he said i was hitting Long and straight. And i be been working on my putting. It is better than it Ever Brown modestly figures the name players have a better Chanceton win the tournament. Ill have to play my greatest Golf to win and the other leaders would have to be mediocre he said. Rarely Tours a pro at the pcs Molnes Golfand country club for 25 years Brown is Well known in his Home area but has rarely tried his Luck on the pro did play a few tournaments several years ago he said. His heat finish was fifth place in the Bing Crosby tournament in 1949,favored Jimmy Demaret of Houston struggled for pars on several holes and wound up with 343670 for 337,"i played Lousy Demaret said. I missed too his game Santa Barbara Branth 79, Baa Finando Vallay state � so tilt in Montana Stati Colin u Papirio us or a 70. Pua to bated 69 Urli a Clark b3. Whitman 10 Lamoyn 13. Kn1uchy Stab 75 a rth Ait trn okla is Oma 57 a it Central Oala 73, Contra Oala Stadall Lantt a i0kl�. 73, pan Bandu so Nurt Hentorn 0kla. 68, pal Lipi s9 sou1haitrn okla 5. Oklahoma Flap lit Wabash ind a. North citral Iii of Tai Aai ii. Sul rth m Howard Payn 81, 8uthwtt Tinat boat 8 Ftnat a am 7, 7txai Chr Lillan s3 hard a Bini Mant a Tuat a Nairn is Olyn punt b9. Chlea Ftnat 17 Alamada but to. Ban fun Alico Slat 81 Cal wit term 09, we Toni Koiki in Loyola lot Anat Lwi 70. Ban Jon Bratt h Collif of Idaho 70, Pattle u. 52 Bowie invitational 46 for Alt a s9. . Tehart by double a Tom. Consolation bowl 78, Gill Urett 7t College hockey ,01 in 7, Brown 0 Harvard a princ to i by Mary i Minn s. St. John t Minn 4 Hanilton am Rit 0 Law Haat Pihur to Mai a Liui tit 4 prone not i. Marr Maek Mit a Wurm Tor paly i Fenn 17, lilo Northern i Lal 13. Con nit t leu t army b. Button Coll to 2 we Eftimi 3, Bowdon i Clarkton rpm i Val a Dart bulb i Lytic it hoc Luy club 7, Syra Cuit 4 Canadian National 7. Warroad Law ctr 4 was Lees Sharp than of Friday when rain wiped out the round. But he remains one of the to contenders. His 137 tied him Tor second w Ith a year did Charlie Sheppard of Pittsfield mass., and 59-year-old Hal Sanderson of sum Mit , who reached the Halfway Point two Days ago John Barnum of Belmont Mich joined Harrison at 138. Sam Ber Nard of we Znetko ii among the older group which played Day also has 138.barnum pounded his drives As Yankees boost pay of Boyer Howard 2 left.,-. F ? continued from Page 19 bounced the signing of right hander Bennie Daniels their Best Pitcher last year. He had a 12-11record. Daniels led the team in Complete games and strikeouts12 and 110, respectively. He also tied Rookie Joe Mcclaln in innings pitched with 112.catchers hoi Narigon and Gerry Zimmerman brought their freshly signed contracts to the first training seas Ion of the Minne Sota twins and slugger Harmon kit Tebrew still unsigned advise twins president Calvin Griffith hell be in Camp feb. 24 to discuss salary terms. A 40 Cleveland indians have agreed to salary terms for 1962, general manager Gabe Paul announced. It was believed to be the first time in the club s his Oryall contracts were settled a full week before training Camp open ing. The last four players to agree to Terras did it saturday on the Telephone with Paul Pitcher Jim Perry and Don Rudolph out fielder Chuck Essegian and in fielder Mike de la Hoz. Perry 10-17 lost year was believed to have taken a slight Cut. He had the american league High of 18 victories in 1960. P. R. Batting Champ Only 22, de a Hoz just led the puerto rican league in batting during the Winter season with ,354. In 61 games with Cleveland last year he batted .260, Essegian hit 12 Home runs and lad 36 runs batted in in 173 trips to the plate after Cleveland Pur chased him from Kansas City last Muy. In 59 games Many As a Pinch hitter he batted .289. In other baseball signings Bob Purkey Veteran knuckle tall Pitcher came to terms the Cincinnati reds reported bring no the number under contract to 30 for the. Coming season. Purkey won 16 of his 28 decisions oat year and finished with a 3.73 earned run average. Outfielder Leon Wagner whose looming Bat accounted for 28 Tome runs last season came to terms with the los Angeles Angels. The club declined to reveal How much of an increase n pay Wagner received but it was indicated he was Satis Ned. Bombers add tackle Wiki pkg of Marl Hal bait term Charlo ban Paul a Tunyan. Van Akron Harr Vii of Twil. Borryn r. E. Barn Hnry Eldon i Erato Catropa Bud Mia Niit Dave Hon try. Harry Coop or. To but two Jim Kantz Bill it Louin. Jack Quait. Try Johston. Al maj aft non. Tom Mahan dim Sarazyn. Jack. Flynn. By i american league Eastern do Trio v it com land Cal a a i if Western w i Kantar City 14 san fran clip it Hawaii b saturday it Tulett new York 103. Hawaii u Orleata is cd an a put Talwin a Kaniat City fat National. Basketball Eastern division Oit a 47 arts �7 33 3 33 41western division w t lot at la a i ctn Connall it it Trout 31 81. Lu1 24 Chulata ii tatar Day t Rulu syr atut to. Cut left 12? Ott Rolt z3, conc Lnita 111 " St. Locums Polh Idelphia 111 lot Ana la 111. New York lit National hockey it syr oui new Vork min anal 33 in 23 Tranta Chlasta new York 20 not 19btiton ii saturday t Rumult Mont Raar 6. Chat i 3 Tranta a. New Yak 3 17 20 17 24 t 13 i m f american hockey. Division w a. T to 39 19 t tit n s w to Tai � i Civ Lan

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