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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 17, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseSet of. Kenn Dyis y a War of Tot ital the f Fri to Ca my i Whiteh won territory from the Rio & the pack ii of the United states Maxim opt hmm us annexation of text for i which threw off mexican Rule in 1886, by he re listed when the us sent troops into a Region Between the Kusec Sriver and the Bio Ort de Navy the u.$, air Force of Rita midst tit 0 saturday feb nary 17, 1962 10 Irti i Wimsey Are upon to ,4lt of a fat a s i i in the ilex Loire War we brought up by a student at Jakarta in Donesia dung Kennedy visit the student mentioned the War in connection with the dutch undo Nesi if dispute Over West Stew Dunnea. Said Kennedy i would say that As far As the War with Mexico Al though there might be some from Texas who disagree i would any we were unjustified. I Don t think that thl is a very Bright Page i american history.,." commented nov. Price Daniel to Lav tit approved handmade by texan the Alamo and tie Kethro Imp m the Liberty which w. In 1839 year inde Penstone and the Salt sequent annexation agreement and defense thereof by the United Daniel noted that eight mexican died fighting on the american aide in the a. Walker a native Tex an and former major general who quit the army in a troop indoctrination said of Ken boat Long and David Donald a history professor at and a eur Fer Polz Winner in Mcm tuft Century american history lamented wat 25 Yean ago most to have agreed with Kennedy. But no now the diary of president James pc Pouti Donald added has been Dis covered an d there has been better Hurricane Force gales Batter Europe kill 8 from press dispatches gales which sometimes reached Hurricane Force roared Over West Ern Europe Friday leaving a Trail 6 death and persons died in Britain when roofs or chimneys crashed Clown on Thorn. Four of the Vic Tims were women in bed. At Kiel. Germany shipbuilders said the Gale winds May have caused the 17,000-ton whaling ves Sel Vladivostok to list heavily while some 800 workmen were a wave trim to Elji or Sld it Charle ordered drastic action crush � mounting wave an algerian cease ent appeared imminent affairs minister Louisi new pwned Back in Paris to Gull full agreement talks with algerian this . Feb. 25 As a for the end of Morei years of algerian blood Ninnel was reported in or Btty by mushroom is attacks in France col. U he boost troops n the governor of Luann sir hath Groy i id a for troops Toa general strike from into a lilt government said hat two companion of 200ay troop a would be flown to Georgetown 1 he capital for the sole Pur main to Ming Law and or pour opened fire on Brick Antl government Demort in the water of Georgc indy and on Man wan re shot the Olmi bloodshed up thl British Colony since it Brit in began on Mon tie opposition called a Trik in protest at the proposals of or. Cheddie tie leftist Gul nos the City Asun a tendered through the mashing store windows to disperse them Wotli i shells. Date news Futon a Filc Luln old Tho Stales i withhold uni of a dwt it million Foro in to further the four new Tov nunsent of i funds my us a Fey Tho Choat for the twin tent of of Ita Olbur pure fwd. . Has a Way in Rainy heyday huddling through that Homo in a Urbank iiilf., which Wmk half burled in mud i of it Way to becoming ipe Scenio ofom of the Fra hts reclamation pro i ctr Fili Iro tire Cava Blonti of poin ill. Wilfre mrs Adele Jor Dan dihn a la tout air Lam Lowry a a trip a Luff Bro or join to to help. To find Pitt Toiv the got rid of lie mud pit re 7. Los Angeles a it s rain ing in town and the City of the Angels looks like 455 Square and very wet Miles of stalled cars cursing motorists washed out Bridges sliding Homes and ruin con s. This town emerging from nearly10 years of drought prays for rain. And then when it comes it considered a natural disaster by everyone except a few Oldal Mersho mutter guess it s Good for the los Angeles is ringed on three sides by mountains and on the fourth by Ocean. When it Rains hard As in Tho past week loosen ing tons of Earth and Hillside you wonder Why the whole town does t lip its moorings and full with u gurgle into the Pacific. And when it Rains a a target walks into a Sunset strip restaurant wearing sunglasses will Windshield wipers. Sheriff s helicopters Rescue 150mtirooned in Topanga Cunyon and officers remember to Fly in Goat Smilk for twin bub Lea allergic to Row s milk a $30,000 private bomb shelter is ruined by would Hap pen if a nuclear bomb Ever hit three youngsters Are driving on rain Slick Pasadena freeway their car spins into the Arroyo Spanish for dry ditch looked around snid a Rry Ainsworth and saw Theca coming Down the River after me fast so i kept swimming until it got stuck against the Bank again sheriff s officers arrest a teen Ager for trying to surf on the usually Bone dry los Angeles riven turned into a churning treacherous mass of water. ,. Actor Lawrence Lerney Wade shop i keep in mud Sho retrieves an overstuffed choir from & swamped Hollywood garage apartment ,.on parts of Shoup Avenue i suburban Chatsworth on the northernmost fringe of the City you can have Catfish for dinner. All you have to do is scoop up some of of Catfish washed Down from reservoirs and Strama. An Earlh slide on a Hill develop ment in enc no wrecked three Homer and three More it the Bot Tom of the Hiil were declared unsafe by the City City officials Aro tolling up n cont. On pay Ecol. S aboard. One Man was reported my s s i n g hours after the ship leaned to one Side. The Howalt shipyard which was outfitting the vessel As a whaling factory ship for the soviet Union so id 38 other workmen had been injured but Only eight require Hospital treatment. A giant Dike holding Back the sea from the northernmost of the Netherlands five files Ian islands broke under the Force of near Hurricane winds. A general alarm was sent outto the army of dutch Dike guards. But n spokesman for the local Council in the Island of Schier Mannl Kooser where the sea Dik broke said there is no immediate Clangerall Able bodied men of the Sandy Island s 600 inhabitant s were warned by an air raid Siren and ringing Church Bells that Holland s Century old fight against the sea wast on once More. The scottish meteorological of fice recorded the Speed of one gust Over the Isle of unit most cont. On Page to col. 5 weather Cloudy with Tully wind and tit Tomit raid. Uttel to Bundy. But with Del Niini wind. Hiudt Lamri Fri main he a a turban w. Low 12, inn of Liiri Etc did Frilay a a Tel Cura Ptan Ali tit �.m,r Burtin fran he t 4 . Ii 94 he 44 4 it 43 a 41 r 45 3z is 50 4 30 Myrld or u my flab of 39 Pirli r 48 Prnto k t 39 Kami its we Tui so m 4 . 43 4s is 4s Alp Wal Lite Sinim Glenn s orbit shot off until tuesday the from Cape Cana Kralj Ofia. Theof postponed flight of astronaut John h. Glenn jr., Oliree times round the world 1� How off until tuesday at the earliest because of continuing rough. I Fla in the Atlantic recovery erf is. This was the in la Josepo moment Glenn will not be replaced de spite the emotional tension involved in the Many postponements of his Earth orbit project a spokes Man for the National aeronautics and spate administration said in Washington the whole idea of tension i kind of a false Conception urn spoke inn said. The astronauts Are nil Veteran test pilots when of get to that Staic j you Are no longer a Rasli and Ernul Pliml Young Man but a phlegmatic East German dog defects Kleine see Gormeny a a Shepherd dog of an East Ger Man Border police patrol made a dash to the West i Here but was svit Back behind the Iron cur Tain West German to Thorlt ies re ported. In s Wake tie 11,000-ton whaling ship Vlad Vostok Lut heavily at a no Layard in Kiel Gor Matiy a or Gate winds battered the vessel. One Man was reported missing and 38 of the 800aboaid at the time Oil the mishap were injure with eight requiring Hospital treatments. "

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