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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 16, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 2 the stars and stripes huf Friday february 16 1968 Washington a a Nasty puff p Little backstage Washington Wrangle went into antismoking posters soon to adorn the sides of . Mail trucks. By All accounts of reliable government sources the president was Secretary of agriculture was thoroughly postmaster general was harassed and nearly surgeon general was stub As the posters Are about to go up it s virtually impossible to Tell who won. The dispute Al ready has Cost the department joint action pledged Vance winds up talks in Korea Seoul a president John-1 Ever communist North korean i s one Cine in inv in Vricic Vanos Cinton 4.u� non of health education and welfare half of february the month it had reserved to use the Mai trucks to Tell americans "100,000 doctors have quit smoking cigarettes. Maybe they know something you Don a result of the skirmish the posters also will carry a newly printed sticker informing poster watchers that the 100,000 doctors Are an estimate based on sur Veys by National opinion re search Center and . Public health i thought i d been exposed to lobbies in this town before one harried administration official son s special envoy Cyrus Vance and South korean president Chung Hee Park pledged thurs Day their countries would hold immediate consultations when trash strike doubly dirty in Memphis Memphis Tenn. A shut your big fat this was one of the remark that have made the wrangling in this City s garbage strike Alm Ostas dirty As the 2,600 tons of rub Bish that pile up on the streets each Day. The principal battlers in the War of words Are mayor Henry Loeb and p. J. Ciampa Field director for the american federa Tion of state county and Muni Cipal employees. Loeb issued an ultimatum wednesday warning the 1,300 striking garbage collectors that they would be replaced if they did not return to mayor also announced sus pension of negotiations aimed a settling the strike which has let litter accumulate since monday sch 4-l�_ .i4_ a Ftp a a is in this City of 700,000. I have demonstrated my willingness to talk and discuss All problems he said. But along As you continue to break the Law and endanger the Public health and welfare there will be no further talk at any level Ciampa told Loeb you have not behaved like a Public servant but like a Public dictator through this whole thing and that s the mayor reiterated his View that the strike was Ille Gal and accused Ciampa of breaking the Law the Union offi Cial shouted angrily you re a liar when you say that. If i m breaking the Law take me to court. If i m not actions threaten the Security of South Korea. Winding up four Days of Tough bargaining Vance and the South korean president in a join communique condemned the increasingly aggressive and violent actions of the North Korea communists Over the past 14 month sin violation of the armistice leaving for Washington Vance called his Mission a Suc Cess and the talks Good and pledge to act the two pledged their respective nations to act immediately to determine what actions should be taken under their Mutual de sense treaty should acts of communist aggression continue. The two governments agree to hold annual meetings at de sense ministry level to discussant consult on common defense and Security problems. Vance arrived sunday on a Spe Cial Mission to smooth strained . South korean relations which were damaged following North korean thrusts Jan. 21and 23. The communists had infiltrated 31-Man commando team As signed to assassinate Park an two Days later seized the . Intelligence ship Pueblo off the korean coast along with its Crew of 83. South Korea claimed that the americans gave More import Ance to the ship seizure than the attempt on Park s life and demanded Quick action to Bee up South Korea s defense. There was Strong criticism of .policy. Confidence in Johnson ebbing Hawks charge Washington a two senators who support administration objectives in Asia say pub Lic Confidence is ebbing in presi Dent Johnson s handling of the Vietnam War. Their assessments paralleled Gallup poll findings that Only 35 per cent of the people it surveyed approve of Johnson s War strategy. Sens. Harry f. Byrd d-va.,and Hugh Scott r-pa., who sub scribe to the president s policy of opposing communist aggression in Southeast Asia said the people Are disturbed because they can see no end to the , who has called for step Ping up the War to a winning Pace told the Senate wednesday that in talking to More than 500constituents during & recent tour i found deepening con Cern and increased dissatisfaction with the Way the Vietnam War is being he said virginians support the troops sent to fight in Asia and support our government in mailman suffers a reverse Rosenheim Germany is if Germany s mailman had any doubts about the effectiveness of their new anti dog Spray they should be convinced now. One of their colleagues in this bavarian town had occasion to test it in combat on himself unfortunately. As the Esslinger Zeitung told it wednesday the mail Carrier two Large confidently de Gaulle Kiesinger open 2 Days of talks Paris up French presi Dent Charles de Gaulle and West German Chancellor Kurt geor Kiesinger thursday opened two Days of talks designed to breath fresh life into their countries lagging Gaulle and Kiesinger conferred for an hour and a half Inu i ii i , ten ii uni a Tiu d. Hall i brewing the Law then shut your the French president s Elysee big fat Mouth. Palace study. Was attacked by vicious dogs and pulled his Spray can to repel them. In his haste the newspaper said he neglected to Point the nozzle in the proper direction and squirted a full Load of the potent Pepper and Oil mixture into his own face. As the blinded Man stuck his head into a Snow pile to Cool off the burning pain the Story continued the attackers took advantage of the wonderful Opportunity. They Tore up the seat of his pants and damaged the con tents time of crisis but increasingly they question the Wisdom and judgment of our called for a reappraisal of policies on the basis of wide spread . Commitments he said make this country vulnerable in Many areas including Korea and the Middle East he said these dramatize the need for the administration to develop a sense of urgency in bringing the Vietnam War to a honorable and Early conclusion which is not Likely to be accomplished without a change in poli cies and told a student audience in Brookings s.d., the people Are frustrated with an unpopular War to which no one sees Amend and by a babble of solutions that seem Likely to solve nothing at All. Reviewing world problems headed wherever on the great Globe itself the leaders of the people seem inept and their excuses for errors Lack credibility then the National mood of the country turns to frustration and Depres Sion. That is the National mood in the United states chairman Earle g. Wheeler of the joint chiefs of staff asked by Capitol Hill newsmen if he Felt nuclear weapons might be required to defend Khe Sanh answered i do not think nuclear Wea Pons will be needed in defense of the Allied base in South Viet Nam where a mass communist attack is believed . Wheeler declined to answer questions about Circum Sald but this tobacco outfit i. Something else ult is nobody foresaw controversy last autumn when Secretary s welfare John w. Gardner wrote postmaster general Lawrence f o Brien to Reserve one 2d 553 00 mail trucks for this Mont the Public health service de Salto of in the off be ariment s role a spokesman fu1? 3was 8imp1y to make sur that it was Waterproof and of proper size. Of All went serenely until the endow january when the associated press carried a two paragraph item about the mail truck Campaign. All involved Are still Prett sensitive about what happened next. None wanted to be quoted by name. The consensus account lawyers for the tobacco lobby threatened to sue the Post of. Fice department to keep the posters off the trucks. Postal of. Facials referred All questions soviets caution . On w. Berlin begun a the soviet Union sharply warned the United states wednesday that alleged attempts by West Germany to bring West Berlin under its control could affect the . Right to stationing troops in the communist surrounded City. The warning in a letter fro the soviet ambassador to East Germany to the . Ambassador to West Germany was the latest move in a mounting Sovie Campaign against West German political activity in West official East German news Agency adn reported the text of the letter from ambassador Pyotr Abras Simov to american ambassador George c. said the letter was sent to Mcghee in Bonn and that Cor responding letters were also addressed to the British an French ambassadors to West Germany. The four ambassadors also have the dual function of being High commissioners for Berl Nunder postwar four Power agree ment. Abras Simov s letters to the Al lies follows a soviet protest note concerning West German Politi Cal activities in West Berlin handed to foreign minister Willebrandt by the russian Ambas Sador to West Germany Semyon Tsarapkin on Jan. 6. If the soviets could achieve change in West Germany s relations with West Berlin it would be a direct Success for their newly emphasized policy of trying to establish a voice in what Hap pens in West Berlin while Pur suing their Long standing policy of restricting what the allies have to say about East Berlin. The position of the Western Al lies holds that All Berlin East and West remains occupied territory under still existing Post War Germany claims and uses East Berlin As its capital. Stances that might require using nuclear weapons. And he would t discuss whether .nuclear weapons were Stock piled in South Vietnam in Stanford calif., retired it. Gen. James m. Gavin who advocates a bombing halt to re store lost diplomatic options said the administration appears determined to escalate the some Point Given the present course the red chinese will feel forced to intervene in Southeast Asia he told a Stan sol University audience. When they do those of my for Mer colleagues who bore the Brunt of human wave attacks i Korea will urge the use of Tacti Cal nuclear Faup i101-1 said half of1,503 people it surveyed in communities since the re oink font Wist offensive in Bouth Vietnam expressed disapproval of Johnson s conduct of about the "100,000 doctors claim to Gardner s department. Much to say members of Congress from to Bacco growing states mad Strong personal representation to both departments in protest of the poster. They happened to be on congressional committee that have much to say about Post office and welfare , too. The agriculture department which is spending $3.5 million a year for tobacco research took no official position but one in Formant reported that Secretary Orville l. Freeman was hop Ping mad at the poster idea coming As it did during his Agency s Effort to reach som scientific conclusions about the possible health hazards of smok ing. Tobacco Institute lawyers who contacted the Post office department represented the America tobacco Institute. The Institute is headed by Earle c. Clements demo cratic former governor of Ken Tucky ? former . Senator an coordinator of Lyndon b. John son s 1960 Campaign for Vic president. He s also the father of Bess Abell social Secretary Tours. Johnson. President Johnson was in formed of the ruckus. He did t order the posters torn up an official said but i m not saying he was please about the whole Kekkonen reelected president of Finland Helsinki up president rho Kekkonen was formally re elected to an unprecedented third six year term thursday As Fin Nish chief of 67-year-old Kekkonen one of the architects of Finland postwar policy of neutrality and close relations with the soviet Union received 201 of a possible 300 electoral votes. Fort Johnson the poll recorded genre re Nin of 4 percent drop fro thl jul Pearly january findings. The rest of those Polle undecided. Weather h31 . Temperatures l11 Albany were time Magazine agrees to buy Newark news Newark . A an 5/lre Lent was announce wednesday for time inc., to acquire the Newark news new Jersey s largest daily newspaper. The agreement is subject to a favourable tax ruling. 30 24 albuquerqufi29 22 Amarillo 61 21 atlanta45 20 Birmingham 38 30 Boise 31 10 Boston 24 19 buffalo21 10 Casper 29 Oft Des molnes34 17 Detroit 29 02 ouluth26 0 Fargo 34 31 fort worth82 66 Honolulu 44 41 Houston 31 13 Indianapolis 4 34 Jacksonville 36 31 Kansas City 62 46 Las vegas63 los Angeles 18 Louisville h l36 23 Memphis 70 53 Miami beach31 11 Milwaukee 24 02 mils St. Paul54 39 new Orleans 35 18 new york23 22 okla. City 40 16 Philadelphia 62 47 phoenix24 09 rapid City 48 26 reno50 18 Richmond 32 12 St. Louis33 27 Salt Lake 39 38 san Antonio 66 55 san diego59 49 8. Francisco 52 35 seattle35 32 Shreveport 34 21 spokane62 43 Tucson 46 18 Washington

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