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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 15, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes if r congressman quits Ada for dropping lbs Washington up Gonzalez has followed the Lead of three powerful labor leaders in resigning from the Board of americans for demo cratic action Ada to protest its endorsement of the peace candidacy of sen. Eugene Mccarthy for president. The texan a Strong supporter of the administration s Vietnam policies said tuesday he was withdrawing from the Ada be cause its endorsement of Mccarthy made president Johnson appear As a sinister untrustworthy Man. Undeserving of the support of thinking i. W. Abel president of the United steel workers Union Lou is Stulberg president of the inter National ladies garment work ers Union and Joseph Beirne president of the communications workers of America All resigned monday. Thunder february 15, i Chicago up if you Long for the Days when fron tier Barons ruled the mining towns Why not buy Acme. Wyo.? it s for Sale. A classified and in a chicag paper reads a town for Sale. Inq. Box 175, Acme,wyoming." Acme a turn of the Century mining town near the Wyo Ming Montana Border now has Only 100 people a general store a Post office 40 houses and a Power station. Has e very thing. Sold the town All of it to the other ghost town. Jew we ditto Iii. So e o a of e Oer gos As for geography it is near company bookkeeper gather but towns like the big Horn mountains Between the big Goose and Tongue Rivers. There is one Street and a Road that leads out of town which is where200 of the 300 residents went when the mines gave out around 1910. The Sheridan Wyoming co.,which made the town important enough for the county to locate the Power Plant there has kept renting the 40 houses and running Thea mercantile the Only store in s few residents either work in the Power Plant or i Sheridan eight Miles away or Are retired 50 years Acme has weathered the Early threat that it would become just an Are getting More expensive Torun these Days and the owner has finally decided to sell heave no asking Price so for the Man who is look ing for the unusual Purchase or maybe a tax write off orsome Domestic investment to Stem the Gold outflow or just feels the Frontier spirit Box 175, Acme wyo., May be for you demo blasts tax agent practices Voss sin Jisi a said one of the reasons gating the irs made Thoen. Jawara Long. Do. The irs pants a Uhi Iino oho a an i Jupi Long charged tuesday that Man americans Are victims of internal Revenue service irs agents who must catch a cer Tain number of tax offenders to meet a quota. Long said the quota system remains in effect even though irs commissioner Sheldon co Hen has officially banned it. Long said one of the reason the agents Are willing to break state and Federal Laws i because of the quotas and production goals they have to believe Many american Citi Zens Are victims of irs agent who Are under tremendous pres sure to meet their , chairman of the Senate subcommittee on administrative practices which has been investigating the irs made the charges in remarks prepared for delivery to the Missouri Oil jobbers association. He said there Are far to Many irs agents who were wire tapping and eavesdropping an wish they could still do it. There Are far too Many irs agent who would rather harass and intimidate a Small businessman than treat him 703,000 . Bridges to get safety checks Washington up seek ing to prevent another Bridge honest Abe fudged As postmaster Washington a Abra Nam Lincoln remembered in history and legend As hone Stabe As a Young postmaster took a very relaxed attitude to Ward his duties and on at least one occasion mailed a letter free for a Friend. The Library of Congress now a s the evidence of the free mailing in Lincoln s own hand writing. The Library reported it had acquired an 1835 letter written by Matthew s. Marsh of new Salem m., where Lincoln then 26, served As postmaster in a collapse " disaster ment announced would703,000 the govern tuesday it safety Check about Highway and Railroad Corner of the general wrote his brother new Hampshire in the Post master is very Bridges across the Bridge Survey will be conducted by president John new sports Coupe the latest .-de produced by american motors. It features a v-8 engine and a Broad Range of performance an handling items for rally and race Competition. Silent film Star son s task Force safety established on Bridge after the h e r 0 s a Beach Calif a Mae Marsh who became a Star in the silent movie Era with her role in the classic the birth of a nation died at her Home tuesday. She was 72. She had been retired since Chelate 1920s except for a picture in 1931 called Over the private life she was mrs. Louis Lee , Blue eyed and Auburn haired miss Marsh played Flora the Little sister in the birth of a nation d. W. Griffith s civil War epic when she was 19. She also appeared in his in tolerance then left Griffith to Star for Samuel Goldwyn. As the original Goldwyn girl she Hada five year contract that started at $150,000 a year and went to$250,000 in the second year. Miss Marsh was a winsome new Raf commander in Germany named London a air vice mar Shal c. N. Foxley Norris 50, has been named commander of the Royal air Force in Ger Many he will take Over in july an will be promoted to air mar Shal and Given command Osnato s 2nd Allied tactical air Force. Child of 14 when she first caught Griffith s Eye. She had gone to a movie studio to watch her older sister Lovey Marsh filming a Mack Sennett comedy with Mabel Normand. Griffith was Silver Bridge fell into the Ohio River dec. 15 Between Point pleasant w. Va., and Gallopo Lis Ohio. Forty two bodies have been recovered and four other persons Are still missing. Federal Highway administrator Lowell k. Bridwell said that 511,000 Bridges on state High ways and 192,000 Railroad Bridges would be included in a initial Survey. He explained that the govern ment would give to those Bridges first priority built before working wit Mary Pickford but miss Marsh s Beauty captured his you in pictures the great director asked would you like to be miss Marsh miss Pickford and Griffith went to the san Gabriel Mission and Mae sat Ona Wall while Griffith s camera focused on got $3 for the Day she recalled years later and it was in f a a a wonderful. I was a movie 1935. And those Bridges which pass Over deep ravines or water where a collapse might result i catastrophic loss of life and property Bridges built after 1935 willbe checked in the second phase of the study. Silver Bridge was built in 1928. Bridwell also said procedures Are being set up to assure a safety Check will be made of Al Bridges at least each five years. Taking part in the Survey willbe the american association of state Highway officials the Federal Highway administration s Bureau of Public roads the . Corps of engineers and careless about leaving his office open and unlocked during the Day half the time i go in & get papers Etc. Without any one being there As was the Case yesterday. The letter was Only marked 25 & even if he had been there & known it was Dou ble he would not charge Meany More luckily he is a very Clever fellow & a particular Friend of mine. If he is there when i carry this to the office 1will get him to Frank prediction right Lincoln was and did. The cover of the letter bears Lincoln s handwriting and this notation tree. A. Lincoln p. M. New Salem biographers have noted this violated postal regulations at the risk of a $10 Fine the Library of Congress observed. The Mars Light in 1926. Congress said state Highway departments. To v by Muff How 0our�uh"who gives qut that wets rust Mai letter came tothe Library of it acquired the letter when the collection of jus tin g. Turner of los Angele was sold recently. The Library announcement said the Marsh letter has been widely used by biographers to illustrate Lincoln s friendliness and generosity and As evidence that the death of Ann Rutledge Only a Little More than three weeks earlier did not incapacitate him to the degree it was once romantically treasure Rush still brings Gold new York a a rare copy of a guide for mormons who joined the California Gold Rush in the 1850s brought a top Price of $2,800 at a Parke Ber net galleries Book auction Book entitled mormon Way Bill to the Goldmine was published in Salt Lake City Utah in 1851, and was intended to git de mormon Gold seekers to camping Sites and waterhole in the California Gold mine i area

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