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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 15, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThi stars and stripes Lett com 7,i Ives its Ray ppr St com z or Damn undid by it we Thun or it Root go Bac when the american Force of world it service of in the United 11 h Fence Tomta to thwart of world War lilies for american Europe through the North for to in com i in Korea Point deft alternate an the French an tent reached an in unite stuff and _ communications new weapon a concepts Imti responsibility.1 mar. Up tet rivalling Ali of any get Jon. ?. Adaptation of i and device anew apply Moth Are Tuntti Inyat history will re Ufa As the array Center at 3t Andre co Dand tha army at frat if Urt. By com z i fatter. More eff. " we i tt�p4r control ready cof pc tpe4 lady Supply prepare and perform tuft formerly time to com -. Life Mury Lem u the 37th transportation Highway transport Contd a Cacatin hair to the famed d re Ball express of world War ii which blazed tha Trail m last military Supply operations the helter kit a of the Rednall has been replaced by a buil be like operation featuring greater economies and 37th Thuc pioneered the com z record draws Praise from Zarke Heidelberg Germany Spe Cial com a which observes its 43rd anniversary thursday a been praised for it outstanding accomplishment in providing log it local support to american army unit the Kurop by Gen Bruce Cusa eur command run in Rte my of congratulation to the command Clark wild Unald Pendant of the serv of Supply in fran during world War a it in Logi Itlear support told us a state army Europe. Arc Onuta dim. R Fiat Tafth tha effect to a of our combat troop and Thor copay duty of aug sea aft performance of oar my Talon to greatly dependent upon theatre Ngab and stability of Bur sup ply lines. Com z a demonstrated tha to nth and stability Jual to the task and a Riu our full Contd no and sincere appreciation May tha future bring to you and All them my of your Fine command continued a Chen students Al Torrejon Toile Jon Spain 3as the16th air Force Torr Tjon depend to High pc Hoof drama or at com Vidal i Vult to Small planet a it fourth production of the current a on feb. 33 and 2 at 8 15 pm in the Royal Oak school auditorium. N or nmn Fulton of the High Hool faculty it again directing tha play. Llna haul relay system in Whicha i re i of locally a fled truck and trucker take turn pulling the loaded trailer through Separ ate legs of a longer haul the air of the com z sup ply line i provided by the Aerial support Center it St android the drat such unit in the history of the army. \ " working with Safe s 323nd air a tvs thai but tit Dellver Nunt item Nae Laary to Nupp Brt widely Pacatte Adfield or Coo the fuel to tto Wir the Inch priory of All , armed forces in Europe furl hed by the Petroleum tribute on come i. Through Flat network of pipe Una stretching from the French Atlantic coast into Germany Flo the aviation go Jet Fettel motor ister4 a claim Mit a my cd is Heidelberg Germany 3pe-Clal four new title have vaulted to the top of us aheur1 non Flo Tion Best seller list according to n poll of 175 Padol cry Lucca 11-Hrarlei in Italy franc and her " making their font tha preferred non fiction iat Are the rom and fall of the third Roach by a Juliun i shr or mow x my 000/x� on the Stock Market by a Colw Derva Oft Man 3elf-tnught," i Waltz. And enjoy enjoy by Harry kid you hot by1 Jade Parr retained Ita i cond place standing on the hit alien Drury Adlae and Cort prayer Ila service slated at Ramstein bd8 ram Stettin Bureau Ramstein Germany 34$ a a Cal Worf Phlp service commemorating the 75th Annever Narrof tha world Day of prayer will be conducted in the four Corner Chapel Here at 10 . Friday. Speaker will be the Rev. Edgar Opp p a it or of the prote Slan t evangel Leal curl Artlan Church Inot Terburgh Derma by All Protti tent personnel in the area have been invited to attend by the ram attn prot Tant women of the Chapel ipod nor of tha Orvlea. World Day of prayer to in 145 count Lea under Ponso Raholp of the United Church women of the National Council of churches explorer scouts meet Gen Palmer i a about from explore District give m of Olmon soot sea a Butrie d. Ralmo is. Coom in Owen for Leo i Fri kor a Lotita Frow each dust tit of a Mac if n4 Varia a itt far a part of boy scout a wac Rhomb by o. Nelma if Carl f Erfe Balta Iii Jerome Keu by kor them Oen Wiy ii liner Franta Peter , Southorn her Nany Paul. B. Turmenne we Fern form by and John h. Fur in Bunh gent end James mls Henet b Wair continued to head the fiction favorite followed by the Leop Ard by gut Epp i exodus by Loon urls. Tend american by William Lederer Eugene Burdock. Hirer id r w t n if upon Gleanise trom the voluminous con a dental files of. La kit fully incorporated he of the tur bunt l�33- period to make the Rise and fait oath third Reich a Ittem lion of hitter Germany. .,."". Dancer Darva outlines a Stock Market a Tetri that he credits with making my a millionaire and attracted Netto wide attention in How 1 a fido 2,000,cm� in the Stock Market i 1-."gentian Gelf tight in to hts to audion of the Barilla school of language i otters a Practa Caucom a a tudy method of learning Germanor Vudy enjoy offers another look at the celebrated editor of the Caroltin Israel Tel who offers a pungent and stimulating collection of i torts on tie new South status Ceker. Antl Senum and togetherness Zsidi Slimane ends i rhrinj3f contest i. Side Slimane Morocco Cial Delv tit of privately owned Automo Btty at thl strategic air command Baa them Eivore a the Seft Driver in the 18th ale fore during a contesthere.". During the contest Only eight incident involving Uch vehicles were recorded. Other Basea in thej6th of recorded As Many a 2ft incl fonts officials Zajd thu contest was part of the a. Rival Sac Safe Whf a program and was again a of with no deaths due to automobile accidents sgt honoured. q e r m an y special Sec George i Anton us Btry 32nd arty Brigoj--i3 Vav a / ? to-,1 French Peluce ant they a maintain f rom where stored not a " of i m Haven Are Urief rth Deri Ocif con roof com 2 a Rafter than port area Conid of " a " j Ujj -. Army support come to ajl com Ali and commarto the a Ufary poet at Verdun putt in. Bussac. And special commands Seini area come and oif Rean Rar nma3lo�lt Cia i by port for my Fjor us. Headquarter sin a a Bdrm it a Mioi rear Mil Alloa took pc a 19w with the trans Fer of three Usa eur Dilston from Heide Berf Germany to Orlia iia. They Ara Jyh ordnance and Tuair Termaata do Talon Coin Insaad respectively by Brit Cen Leorta w. White a. W Xyon to for Ranck. 3rd inf 0�v flyers \\1iip24tliinftcam Augsburg the 3rd inf of get de to the31th inf Zehv flyers during a Challenge the 3rd inf div won All three Pustol to my Matoh an of two Elf team my Cheri and iof the 12 India Tdiva decorated chaplain assumes. " s t duties at to Eslingen by Hornby b. Kraft Sto Urffer bubbling in Germany a Clergyman who received the Bronze Star Tot meritorious Terv ice in Korea la the new protestant chaplain it Panzer Cavern Here he i chaplain Moj Rel c. Loves Eph of Astoria s5 who served during world of ii with the Allied translator trite service in Tokyo. F loves Eph wan hooded fora teach ing career whue attending Augu " " in Sioux tans 3,1v enlisted Jid studied the Jiapu Neso Tah Glawf at to hts " " " ago univ Erst. Ottov a Ltd of chl4of Michigan not Snell tag Minn to then a Ops Gnad to Japan a a second lieu tenant v v leaving the army in 1949 love soph decided Uppal a career i ministry to a Efta a Luther " of Pitt is Mcnary tit r or Minn was a a lusted the i assigned to a Puj pie at big Forks when the out a t ". J3m,.tfafrhe requested trnnartr1 to f corps he Ati funded the chaplain a choir at it Slocum a Niy and w4"�wglid to a chaplain with 10tft arty who to won the Toad Al i

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