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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 15, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseOr John Keu bukk&4s Lowdon Al Rem u Ndon Oas thirty on Bourns and ont american. Will a Cut adrift this month la tha Atlantic in Yeti in on of the most urviv�1-t.ii trials aver the men letting special suits raft and rtt Loni will by set adrift feb. 33, weather permitting from Britten destroyer 315 mlle off the coast of Southern Ireland the will Drift Stone for five Days scientists including a . will a observing the men s motions via Tel metering equip i Omar a. A mfg a Gen to visit 4ui Nataf he ramste1n/otn Lennen Trau Toft. Chef of staff to Gen Josef Ksn Huber German air Force commander in he ditled to of set 4th a of a Tinct no air Force he her thursday military honors for Trautloff Arendie dutaud with airmen of the German Royal Canadian an French air Force participating following an orientation at 4thataf he Trao loft will be the fluent of Honor at luncheon atthe Cannon hotel hosted by air View mar he a g. Kerr 4th Ata chief of staff. From the destroyer is mile away the Amerl ctn on a raft will Beao Mound 6fpot i , f. Jaeger 35, of to Udo Ohio. Stand tag by on the he will John if Stover or of North Arlington , both men Are As signed o Tho London office of the trial if being sponsored Byth Urvival-St-�5a Lub committee of the Royal naval research com Mittee. Slov a explained that the Brit ish would be conducting one of the most far reaching and Thor Ough Burn ovum few teat Ever one of Tine of of fice Stover went on i to riia Lri Tain Lial Jion with foreign we circulate around to to what the european of airing and let them know what we re Captain added that the United state would study re but of the free Drift trial to Iee what can be adapted for its Navy s a Duplec Fotjon of re search among the allies Stover Aid. For the Atlantic tests sea tent f the volunteers Wilt swim to i,.,.rafts 16, to Esch 30-Raim raft jump the of Toni about 5 feet.,the dts to Fence to the pasta Stu depend upon a conditions preliminary34 find 48-hour trial i Porile tied. Navel Sale end in have candid Tes up to 150 fat stress a own Laid on the fac that Many Volunteer might need considerable a it nce the a feeling recovered from the Ratu after five i so smooth oar contest for extra to bwrat4 Paris is the reluctance of Tome american Verv Lawnen Over seas to part with their Only photo of their Bent of furl has caused the Extension for another week of the doting deadline in Esq Sweet heart of Europe contest. The contest originally to have closed at Midnight to duty a to select a typical american Girt who also in the sweetheart of yank Nerving with the armed forces in Europe to Middle a Lor North Africa. Fiji a dul entry Blanks on which the Viceman nominates the girl of he Choice have been flowing into the Paris Uso office but Many of them Are accompanied by looters a King trn time to obtain new photo of the girl. In some easel the writer do snot went to part with the one Pho to he 1 he or a Nils to gel on that to considers More worthy of the a Ubert. Jack Everett. Uso coordinator for Europe snid it had Heerz decided to postpone the clean Odete to Fob. 21. Any entries pout marked be on Midnight of Day will he accepted. Vertu of four of the Pond of five who will decide the Winner tit meeting in Paris Lal this month they Aro mrs Robert St. John or a Dent of the Fedor Tjon of women club Over Duvold Schoenbrun i is Tiro Ponn correspondent looms of attn t Hoto or i incr a pinched to the pit Olti office of life Martt Tunc and suit train parti fashion Thor of Vogue Manga zone a fifth judge will be named thu we Etc. Tho winning by her Mother w i in make & flying rank during Arua Boparai Tio Tran world alrltn0�tco�ponor� of. Tho ctr it Thich. Lir Belongy held in v6f Uso Utthi set for m Wie Sbarbo Germany Many air Force dependent children May soon win College scholarship through competitive testing according to a hew program 6r financial a Suttin e announced by air farce i hts. Under the plan Lonny and Cho tar Nulph provided from air Force Central welfare funds will be Avail Able to riot indent children of Active duty person Natl entering or already enrolled in program Wilt be by the the notional Merit scholar ship corporation in Mac and Wilt begin with the 1w51-c2 school will be based primarily on score to obtained on Tho National Merit scholarship Tenta which Are to determine student a potential to Complete College. To compete this Yam maj a school senior must have Tahen test As juniors Tho who have not Yukon Tho to to and do not intend to enter College until year 15c2-g3, May compete anchored to the Job a Wlter be re tie to a earlier Independent eur Fttie plot la the let Man one a Job a in Tang one of the help i two Anchor. Tto Anchor a Togli 60�000 Pound for next year. According to the announcement Loa Wink available to Altott Tuden entering tool log and to those already Enro Miod student to entering College for the first time win be required to taif the tent before applying of loan those already enrolled will not take the test but Mut Hay favo nitrile rat commendation from their College off Dolg. While the teats ire administered at most air Force operated scoot of venous off Mclatn of dotted at Denu in locations where Tratow Aro not Art a holstered to Contant the in Mac Iso . Evan ton 111.,.toarrange for the test. House Bill to ask 6-Star rank for Gen Macarthur Bureau Wash n g to n a to Thomus b. Curtis a to is or paring a bit that Calla for making Douglas Macarthur the first six Atar general in the nation s history. The but Iti expected to a filed in Congress late this week Curtis and that Moo arthurd serves Thyl recognition which Thi rank would on Jan. 3, the opening Day of 87th session of Cortor few rep Joseph w. Martin or. Pm to introduced a Bill t-njllng1 or no Vang Macarthur the title of of Nerat of the Arlen Thini title a Gly frit to in Johnj. Pershing in Reco Griffon of he 8�rvc�� in world War i. Martin first introduced the Meo ure in the 85th cons Rena but of wording to a Momber of no stuff no action won taken due to Opp Btl ton from the Dpn rom it of de elastic that Curt. Cau Moeft into Tho Are a Bialiy retain body heat i fam Day f four a i welts Andy and Energy providing Graf aboard in folding aluminium i psychological made among the. of a Cross Section i 50personalities fat croup Fatjo gel 8 vote Washington Croughton comm a a Papor of Therp Al Croughton land Hub Encl ass by Tor Prayong firs of the can that the Altu world the huh bomb Vin okla a a Efrom Lockheed no inf Oft we have train tag or Craw not vol then a to Foj. I a. Of . V1i?-fea.1 a -."-xi-ii-?i it i. 1 j "%ii.vs?s?s4u-- a a l me

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