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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 14, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes february 14, Man despoiling his planet2 will jets rockets trigger a new ice age by Alton Blakes Leeap science writer rockets spewing out exhausts Are launching men and instrumented laboratories out to explore space. Inevitably Many More will soar the future promises fleets of supersonic transport set air planes flying so High and fast they shrink the world for their passengers. Sets will also release Clouds of exhaust particles at extremely High Alti consequent Cost from both might be the partial drowning of new York London Tokyo and other cities and land on Low lying coastal areas around the world because the Earth s Cli mate warms up and All the ice Caps the freezing grip of a new ice age creeping Over the world because the Earth s Cli mate cools Down. Serious scientists Are speculating and making calculations about both possibilities that might result from Long lingering exhaust particles thrust up into the High thin atmosphere. They Are not predicting that either of these Man caused Dis asters will happen. Remedial Steps could be taken if they great significance of their concern is that now after past bitter experiences men Are taking a new kind of prudent and protective look at the Earth s environment before the act rather than scientists have reason to believe that a relatively Small concentration of gaseous or sol id particles Only thousandths fan Inch in size could alter the Earth s climate. If they were mostly of on Given size they would reflect More of the Sun s incoming heat Back into space while allowing More of the Earth s heat the Earth is always radiating heat outward to escape into a Cooling of the Earth and in time a new ice age if of a different size the parti Cle umbrella would allow More of the Sun s heat to reach the Earth s surface while holding in More of the Earth s outgoing radiation. Result a warming up that could melt the Polar ice Caps thus raising Ocean Levels by 200 to 250 feet by some calculations. Scientists interviewed on this subject say they Are not yet agreed on what concentration of exhaust particles would affect world climate and in just which direction. They Are using computers to help Check out the theories. They do agree that there would be no danger except through a combination of exhaust particles from both space age rockets and Many set or supersonic Jet flights. The reassurance is that if a potential threat began occurring and could be recognized the rocket and Jet flights could be limited in numbers until som of the particles fell to the ground. Among atmospheric scientists there is increasing awareness that Small alterations affecting the intricate mechanism control Ling climate and weather might trigger great and perhaps undesirable , for example hundreds of Jet planes crisscross the nation or great parts of it often leaving Fluffy contrails of water vapor manmade Clouds As Sig nature of their contrails soon dissipate. Others turn into or Are soon Fol Lowed by High Cirrus Clouds that can and do influence the Earth Sheat balance with the Sun. Or. Walter Orr Roberts director of the National Center for atmospheric research in Boul Der colo., is one who wonders whether these manmade Clouds May trigger changes in local or Distant on circumstances the Cirrus Clouds might warm or Cool the Earth below by one to afew degrees. Natural Cirrus Clouds appear blocked by Ozone in the Atmos phere. The vertical distribution of Ozone varies by Day and sea agent to destroy could become problem when there ardently can deflect the Jet Stream son latitude and Longitude. But such flights or. Komhyr real Many at times which can vastly affect weather elsewhere. Might he wonders Cirrus Clouds born of contrails form at critical times to do the same thing and others think the possibility merits real investigation. The Sun pours Forth enough ultraviolet Light to be murderous to human life. But much of it is at times the maximum layer sat an Altitude of 70,000 to 80,000 a few years supersonic jets will be flying at this Alti tude or. Walter d. Komhyr of the environmental science services administration Essa in Boulder Points out. Their exhausts throw out Carbon which is an efficient catalyst or chilling thought the Sun rises Over the tides from planes and space vehicles could sea and chases the night s coolness away. But build up enough to reflect the Sun s heat bade scientists say that in time tiny exhaust Par into space and bring a new ice age. Of jets might destroy Ozone to permit a harmful up crease in ultraviolet Light reach ing Earth or cause other effects. Essa and other organizations therefore Are seeking Bench Mark measurements of Norma Levels and fluctuations of Ozone these could serve As a warning system if human activities be Gan to produce Adverse effects or. Komhyr explains. Natural mechanisms that de Termine weather and climate Are intricate and Complex but vigorous research Here and abroad is beginning to unravel some mysteries. Much of the knowledge still is speculative or. Roberts says but in time the human effects on weather and the natural mechanisms will become Clear. Such understandings might Al Low Man to alter his weather artificially. But scientists Are War about Rushing into experiments yet. Producing the rain desire Din one area might produce devastating drought elsewhere. So meanwhile their goal is to seek facts to Check theories and use computers to create simulated models of the weather and ask the computers what would happen in nature s mysterious Chain reaction Weathe Box if they put one influence in or took one out. This is insurance against creating inadvertently a crisis or disaster in the world s Cli mate and weather such As is happening with the air human breathe. Next an Ocean of bad air key people quitting looking around great society hit by Talent Drain by Leon Burnett Washington up Mcnamara s leaving. Gardner s leaving. Speculation abound that others May follow both from Cabinet level and just be Low in the Johnson administration. Alexander b. Trowbridge 38,Secretary of Commerce for Only the past nine months May quit because of a heart condition. Treasury Secretary Henry h.fowler1, who needs a Gall bladder operation could be look ing around. Sargent Shriver May Relin Quish command of the Uphill War on poverty to enter the Illi Nois senatorial race. Postmaster general Lawrence. O Brien May leave his cab inet Post to take up full time therole of political strategist for the forthcoming Are the principal items of speculation in the , of course always abound in Washington and Are following the election year Pat Tern of touching on virtually everyone in a High level administration the substance of All this president Johnson faces the continuing problem of find ing and keeping key people. When news broke of Robert s resignation the president waited for almost two months before naming longtime confidant Clark m. Clifford tothe sensitive Job of running the Pentagon in time of a bitterly criticized War. He has yet to choose a Suc Cessor to Secretary John w. Gardner who on March 1 willbe leaving the department of health education and welfare hew second Only to the de sense department As a spender and agonizingly involved in the no. 1 Domestic problem of poverty racial unrest. Gardner has built up a de voted following since july 1965 when he took Over the sprawl ing Agency from Kennedy administration Holdover Anthonys. Celebrezze now a Federal judge in Ohio. Many saw in the former car Negie corp. President the Ideal Leader for hew combining the talents of an administrator with the incisive mind of a selection by Johnson was widely m. Young jr., nation Al director of the Urban league has been mentioned As a Possi ble replacement for Gardner. Sofar this has drawn no denials either from Young or the administration. Another possibility is hew under Secretary Wilbur j. Co Hen the Man who played a principal role in steering medi care through to passage and a internationally known expert inthe social welfare Field. Talk of Trowbridge s possible departure started after he was hospitalized two weeks ago suf Fering Chest pains. He had a serious heart attack in 1966.then came speculation that Henry Ford a Board chairman of Ford motor co. And an Early Johnson Backer in 1964, might succeed Trowbridge or Secre tary Robert c. Weaver of the department of housing and Urban development who is Rumor de to want out after the novem Ber close to Ford denied that he had any intention of taking an official government Job. What about Arthur j. Gold Berg recently reported to be unhappy As ambassador to the United nations and trying to get out insiders say that Goldberg now has rather compelling Rea sons to stay on to see the Pueblo incident through and that the administration has compelling reasons for him to do so. Some other Cabinet members Are known to be looking to futures in politics Law and Educa Tion. But sources close to them say they apparently won t make any moves at least until the november returns Are in. European coition col. Jamb w. Campbell Usa. Editor in Chieft. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af. Deputy editon chief Elmer o. Frank. ,.-. Production manage Henry 8. Epstein. A. Circulation an unofficial newspaper of and for to . Armed Force published by commander in chief . European command and printed Dally at Darmstadt Germany. Military address i the stars and Stripe Apo 09179. International j?t,?,8 of 1034, a Darmstadt Germany. Tell Orl Helm c &i�k2?16b m 0"�ta to air strip prefix �7 741. To Tex 018-332. Be York of Lei my Washington 8fc, now York 10014, Tell area code 212 62057/1. Second class postage paid at new York . The appearance of display ��v�rtl1mem in this newspaper concerning commercial publications does not constitute an endorsement by the. Department of defense or any of its components. Of perished Gwng of re ident Lyndon b

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