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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage to the stars and stripes tuesday february 13, 1968 in meets Zeimis critics Graham sneers As the pot bubbles. Last month that courageous writer Cook Chuck Graham candidly came out with his views on Chili v Beans other people s versions bad his recipe excellent. The article Chili s More than a Hill of Beans brought a rebuttal from Mary Neth on the same Page and a request by her for readers views. Here they Are heated replies As spicy As the dish they refer to each followed by an answer from the irascible chef himself. Like to comment on your altogether fascinating formula for Chili. Needless to say in All of my travels to Mexico and the american Southwest i never ran across such a dish but that in t important if or. Graham likes it that Way Fine. And he May have some thing but i Don t think i la Ever know because i m stuck with one of his directions. He says something about cooking a Bunch of Beans for half a Day in Luke warm water. That s where i m stumped. Lukewarm to me mean just a bit above body temperature the dictionary says neither hot nor cold whatever that Means. Maybe in Texas you can do this by putting the pan containing the water and Beans on a Rock in the Sun but in non sunny Germany it just in t possible. So please Tell me How to Cook lukewarm. 1 can Sim Mer just below the boiling Point As any Cook knows can boil As my wife know Sand i can even lukewarm a. L. Bauma Bickenbach dear s. so Many dullard like you came along who had to have an exact answer for everything there were a great number of imaginative people around and some of them were chefs. These culinary artists knew and the ones who Are left still know exactly what lukewarm chef not to mention a goodly number of Cooks will Tell you that lukewarm is somewhere betwee room temperature and simmer and he can get the proper temperature which varies depending on the Type of food to be prepared every time on an elec tric stove Gas stove or Pine knot advice to you is to give up cooking and take up a More suitable pastime like counting Beans. No one in their right mind would Ever waste their time cooking Chili and Beans anyway so Why All the fuss it s a Lousy dish hard to digest and everything. A. Jone Nuernberg dear m. R.,Why Don t you stick to your diet and Stop writing obnoxious letters Chili and Beans come from Texas and Only a True texan can Cook the dish properly. Texas May come second to Alaska in size these Days but no other stat can Ever top its Cooks. Need i say More bum Johns Butzbach dear Mill maybe that s what they mean by a Chili size. Any Way Why Are so Many texans not in Texas need i say More sneer if you like but i la take my Chili n Beans san Francisco style made with hamburger or ground beef instead of that chopped meat your recipe Calls for. I also use stewed tomatoes and a dash of liquid hot sauce plus the Chili of n Beans is a dish i la always respect at one Point it was All i ate for about a month. It can t be beat if you re out of work and Money but know a greek Cook who la give credit. Still remember those big steaming bowls that kindly greek used to ladle out for me for my Money the Best Chili is made by Sanfrancisco greeks. Jack Rekopf Ungstad dear Jack show me a san Francisco greek who gives credit and i la show you a Greasy spoon bum who Mak Schili from a can. If in response to Chili Charlies spicy Story Jan.12i thought i would add my comments to the boiling pot. As an off and on mexican i know i m mexican cause i benevolent texan once told me so when i was fortunate enough to draw a stint in that Lovely land find Charles Graham s credibility Gap too much to Swallow. Incidentally i m an off mexican when 1 hear som of Mexico s raucous music but an on mexican when i taste some of its food that is appetizing to my taste buds although it Sears the hell out of them. Well anyway dear sir or Madam though 1 was practically weaned on Chili and consider myself a gourmet of sorts on the tasting of Capsicum my predilections for Chili is sorely dampened by or. Graham s concoction and i believe were i Everto consume some of that witchy Stew i would sever All my mexican irate Chili eater from Darmstadt dear irate Chili if you had spent a Little less time with your Capsicum flute scene you d be More certain of your an tech Sori. Contestation a in Gringo stupid Pobre de la Mujer que use la rec Eta Del Senor Graham Para preparer Chile Colorado con Carne y Fri Joles. Despues de Dps Dias in la Cocina a a Resultay con Una sopa de Frijoles Pasquerosa. La rec Eta de Chil Colorado con Carne Puledo accept a Pero la rec Eta Para Ocinar Frijoles is Una Tonteri. Primero Frijoles pintos nutcase Deben de Coc Ermas de tres Horas Segundo nutcase Usan Frijoles a Ragados torque is Como cover Cuero Tercero a Mexico Cual Quier Persona de Buen gusto nun a re Velve Chile Colorado con Carne y Frijoles. Chile Colo Rado con Carne Sun Pratillo reparado y Frijoles re Funtos is Otro. Suede ser que Donde apr Endio us arte de Ocinar Elsenor Graham no fenian Bastante Loza y Tuvie Ron que server Al Chile con Carne sore los Frijoles. Una Mexicana in Alemani Yolanda Ramirez Vargas de Thomas i Muy Senora de Thomas Enel primer Lugar Cual Quier Mejicano que Estavi Virendo in Alemania in Lugar de Mejico Necesito de que be examine Al Mente. Me parece a i despues de Leer us comen Tario sore los Frijoles re frito que Eso Esel Usa Frijoles Arr Gados torque Stienen que cover Mucho Mas y Esto permit que los sabres semes Clen y despues de Todo no Mejicano que be con Sidera Bien Educ ado Menc Onaria in Publico que once Arguien Quien Mescal Chili Colorado con Carne con sus Frijoles tango Muchos Platos in i Casa Perosi usted Algundia Viene a visit arme Pumeda que be romper Agunos Pocos sore us Cabeza. Chuck Graham s Devotion to the bean reads like an exercise in futility to me. Two Days of hanging Over a bean pot in that time one could prepare gourmet s repast of the finest French fare. As to miss Neth s rebuttal if she Cooks As she writes i would the interested in her ideas either. I be never seen itinerant spelled that Way before but then maybe she misspelling it the Way it s spelled by her fruit picker friends. John Clarke Kaiserslautern dear John Mary has an excellent recipe for alphabet soup. In reference to your Page on Chili so Chuck Gra Hamand miss Neth both know mexican migrant farm workers Goodie. But what s that got to do with How to make Chili and where do those two really get their nerve they imply that i should make Chili like it was made in old or new Mexico a couple of generations ago that if make it differently it s not real Chili. Well i make mine differently All right i Sim Merit in red wine. It s great. I Don t pretend to Cook it like some expert South of the Border might but then i Don took my Christmas Turkey Over an outside fire like the indians probably did either. What s All this nonsense about original authentic cookery anyway Haven t you heard that recipes of ten Are improved upon mrs. Luei Cellini Munich dear Luci while it s True that some things bad manners for instance can be improved an excellent recipe is a Joy forever. To try and improve my Chili recipe would be like trying to Spruce up the Mona Lisa or straighten the leaning Tower of Pisa. Dear Mary Neth do you think it s fair for you Asa professional writer to throw the Book at a company Cook Why Don t you pick on somebody your downsize me for instance. Maybe you can Tell me at the same time what the Heck you press people mean by using the names of countries All the time As adjectives e.g., Page 4 of the Jan. 12 Issue when you tilted with poor Charles Graham god rest his soul says at the top Canad surgeon " Why not Canadian surgeon do you think you re improving the language with these harsh uncouth terms believe it or not adjectives Are still part of the English language and they re there to reused. Great Caesar s ghost who gave you people License to perpetrate such affronts. Robert c. Gilles ph.d., Berlin . There s Only one thing in this world i dislike More than Choli and that s pizza. Editor s note 1 Femina editor Mary Neth who was byline As Chili chef for that Day says it was perfectly fair to Pepper fellow staffer Charle Graham who was billed As beanery chef and who says Mary does t know Beans about Charle Graham is not a company Cook although he Cooks for company. He and Mary worked out that Chili Ana Beans feature assignment together. 2 the word Canadian was two counts too Longto fit in the headline. 3 watch for forthcoming companion feature Star ring Neth & Graham in make your own lower of

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