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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseOur 4-Star Man in Korea i army the scholarly general Bones up on chopper weapons. By Leon Daniel up staff writer despite an Eye Patch and a name like a general ought to have Charles h. Bonesteel m looks More like a scholar than a fighting Man. He sounds like both. Although he is equal in rank to c. Westy Westmoreland com Mander of . Forces in Vietnam the similarity in the two men would seem to end there. Bonesteel commands not Only the . 8th army but also . Forces Korea and is chief of the unite nations come Korea. And although he is lanky it is unlikely anyone is going to have the temerity to tag him with a nickname like if jut Jawed Westmore land is a picture Book general Bone steel might be called a textbook Gen eral. Bonesteel who for a Soldier has an unsold Erly look has the credentials Ofa scholar. A 1931 graduate of West Point he obtained a Bachelor of arts degree from England s Oxford univer sity in 1934 As a Rhodes Seoul where he makes his . Headquarters had been swarming with newsmen for a week Bone steel met the press for the firs time last week. Reporters found him to be a master of the measured did not see any indications of a communist invasion he told them Buthe expected the communists to continue trying to sneak into South Korea and generally raise considering the Security Clamp imposed on him by Washington that was saying considerable and it was a Lotmore than he had said since the latest korean crisis began. For some reason possibly for bet Ter television coverage or maybe be cause Pencil Type reporters Stop asking questions when their fingers get too cold to record the answers the Genera held his news conference on a wind swept helicopter pad. He arrived in a big Black limousine grinning like a Man who did t figure to rattle easily. He ? example somebody asked him if the nuclear powered Carrier Enterprise off the coast of North Korea is now under his operational comment he explained Grin Ning when he said it. The reporter grinned Back. Somebody asked another Tough ques Tion and Bonesteel waited for a couple of minutes until a train had finished passing by. But he fielded that question As Well As a lot of others a while the general said he was sorry but he had to get Back to work. He climbed into his helicopter and buzzed off toward the so called de militarized zone one of the places he goes frequently these Days to earn the$16,788 a year the taxpayers pay him. Bonesteel who wears an of a detached Retina is not usually so reticent with the press. Heis an easygoing Man who in the past has spoken forthrightly and knowledge ably about the . Role in Asia. Be cause. America s so called other War until now has been overshadowed by the one in Vietnam Bonesteel has been on of the army s More Anonymous full generals. Dear Ann Landers i am Aboy 11 years old whose Nick name is Che vie because iwas born in my father s Chevrolet. All my friends were born Ina Hospital. How come my Mother let me get born in my father s car 1 have asked my Mother dozen times to please explain this to me but she always says not now. 1 know How babies get Hereso please Don t Tell me i was a Surprise. My Mother knew iwas coming. My father is Al ways Yelling at her because she is so slow. Why was t she in the Hospital where she should have been Asker of question dear Asker Don t blame your Mother for being slow maybe you were fast. Some babies give More warning than others. One of these Days you will find out what sort of a world this is and you la ask yourself what was the hurry. Dear Ann Landers the girls go with is great but Sheila has one fault that really bugs me she smokes like a Chim 14 Ney. This girl coughs All the time and she smell like the poker room in the elks s More she has burned holes in two of my suits. Last week Sheila nearly set fire to the sleeve of my Winter coat. I have never asked Ner to Stop smoking but she knows i would be very Happy if she did. The other evening Sheila gave me a 30-minute lecture because she ran out of cigarettes Andi would t get into the car and drive three Miles to buy her package. She said i had a lot to learn Abou. a gentleman expected to keep his lady supplied with House Lousy coffin nails Jess Askin dear Jess if a lady chooses to stay hooked on a habit that might shorten her life it s her business. But she should no expect her gentleman Friend to buy her cigarettes. Dear Ann Landers i Hope you can print some advice be fore somebody gets sister is married to a Man who has a wild temper. Whence gets Nad which is often he behaves like a maniac. He has socked her around chocked her thrown her across the floor and knocked out her two Brothers treat their wives exactly the same three of these women have divorced their husband Sand remarried them one Cou ple divorced twice and now the Yare living together. I m afraid one of these Days my sister is going to end up a murder victim. How do i get the message across to her be fore it s too late . Any woman who stays with a Man who socks her around chokes her throws her on the floor an knocks out her Teeth has got to be As sick As he is. If you sister wanted out of the Situa Tion she would get out. Women who feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for reasons real or imagined unconsciously seek punishment ant they often marry brutal males who will provide it. Confidential to a Boob fro Boston people Are judged not Only by what they stand for but what they fall for. Fooled once shame on her. Fooled twice shame on you. Copyright 1968. Publisher Hall Syndicate the Star and stripes that execution photo May i congratulate you the photograph on the front nag feb. 2, epitomizes All that vulgar sensationalism could possibly be perhaps however you owe us less Bloodthirsty adults and tha Small children who might see it an apology for the Nightman you have caused. E mrs Phoebe Amant Stuttgart Germany for a family newspaper i feel the pictures used Are often sinbad taste. But the front Page news photo of feb. 2 was particularly disgusting. I realize that the Southeast asian War is a horror to civilized men however there Are just some things that should be respected such As our Young people being a witness to a brutal execution whether he be our enemy or not. Sgt. Diane l. Crush Stuttgart Vaihinger Germany As a fan of the stars and stripes 1 was shocked and disco pointed to see this picture in your paper. I realize that this sort of thing happens every Day to our men in Vietnam but must we lower ourselves to such Depths As to printing pictures of a crude assassination i think that what is left of our morals in the u should prevent mistakes such As this. This was not a picture for the daily Media let alone a frontage item. Although i am not really pro Vietnam War i will Back it Withall 1 am Able but let me at least read a Good american news paper without wondering what the society i am helping to protect is coming to. Spec. 4 j. R. Knapp Baum older Germany at a pity that this Barbaric act receives front Page space what an outrage it would stir were the characters depicted reversed a Viet Cong shooting one of our boys or a South Viet namese Soldier Point Blank in the Street. Would not the pictures of the Bullet riddled. Bodies of the innocent old men women and children that were mercilessly slain by the Viet Cong that same Day make More of an impacting revealing the truth about that Loving communist Joy and peace that the chinese and Viet Cong Are teaching so Wellin Vietnam. What kind of human animal deliberately murders a Small child by. Pulling the trigger in the name of peace As is the practice of the Viet Cong i would have preferred the answer to this question in the space occupied by the picture. Wives read too you know. Mrs Ingrid a. Rosenbaum Camp new Amsterdam the Netherlands. After seeing your newspaper of feb. 2 i am not too sure. Which Side the stars and stripes is on. On the front Page you placed a picture of a South vietnamese general executing a Vietcong captive. I think this is a slam at one of our allies. You can argue that you Only report facts. The fact is that War i Smarty. On Page 17 of the same Issue you show a South vietnamese officer carrying his dead child. Next to it is a picture of a South vietnamese Captain and his family who you say were slain. All of these people were just As surely executed by Cheviet Cong As the Viet Cong officer was executed by the South vietnamese general. My Point is Why do you if you Are on our Side and Ai this Point i have my doubts play up some of our dirty Linen and at the same time play Down the Viet Cong s dirty Linen. I think that basically the stars and stripes is a Good newspaper but used poor judgment in this particular Case. Maj. Jack e. Anderson , Germany you will no doubt get lots of letters denouncing the stars an stripes for publishing the picture of South vietnamese Gen. Loan shooting a Viet Cong suspect. They will say it s brutal its disgusting children should t see such things it will give Aid and Comfort to our enemies Etc. But i for one would certainly have lost some of my Faith pinstripes As a free and honest newspaper if you had not published the picture and i had seen it in other publications. The ability to show the bad along with the Good and try to Correct excesses rather than hide them is one of the things that distinguishes our Side from the other Side. Publicity curbs such abuses and Freedom of the press is one of the things we Are defending. Tom Johnson Munich editor s note the picture was widely published by news papers and magazines throughout the world and aroused a great Deal of comment. Time Magazine called it a picture that will go into the history Newsweek referred to it As the most shocking. Since Jack Ruby murdered Lee Harvey Oswald before millions of television Gen Earle g. Wheeler chairman of the joint chiefs of staff deplored the execution but noted that the . Cannot command the South vietnamese. Where we believe them to be wrong however understandably so we shall continue to recommend in the clearest terms what we suggest they Wheeler noted that Gen. Westmoreland had issued a directive to . Troops prohibiting killing spies or other persons who have committed hostile acts without Wheeler also said while 1 an distressed at such a happening i would suggest the act was performed. In a Flash of tuesday february 13, 1968

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