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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThi stars and Striph Pentagon Foreit comb to 1.1 million by 19b3k military retired bolls to total 275, Washington up henri278,000 Penote will to. Roc Olving Milieu by Tui Itawi pay by no 1661 vhf la Pentagon i Wilmaie that brim 30 year after Tho end of world War ii the local will a up to about 441000,by 1983, a Defante department Anai tilt predict there will Beabout Retirement pay repro Nta a tub Tantal and swiftly mount ins Parton the annual military budget the estimate la that faring the Yew ending in july the pay menu will total j83s million. By docs they May be up to Hlll Pou 000, by 1063, the Btl could to More than � billion. St Yates Aro bold to a two in Deand Ouide the Pentagon to a if something can to done tothe eff Cut on Tho Federal budget. One being explore a it contributory Tuttem under which � Man would pay part at the coat White Jiuu on Active or raw Tatua the lat to Pentagon analyst left Maya us predictions Are on the staump Don that present rate of payment will to continued the future might bring in crooned payments to a David unit of lest Likely payment. The study Alio be Otoria that the it of Par ton staying on and Tiv Duy will remain at about current to Fli 4 that Uit Itte of at Arm forces wih be about the a. Thero Lio Are Factor which than Lyals note can change. At an example Tho report Hera appealing to the Lawin new York state to Block what they contend be encroachment upon their land by in dust Hal concern and Public and he officiate the Indiana complain arc cow string to elite the 8t, Regta reservation which a become valuable Ince the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, furthermore the Indiana Taid in a Many tide complaint filed with the state com million against discrimination against them Ijiro Ampit. The Renerva Nylon Homo of 1,770in accordance with a Long collision kills 3 Driver him 6 Miles for Aid . David 1 Dro a Luff a 30. and barefooted walked it mile to Eum non help after a Earh wee driving collided head on with a second vehicle kill tug three Perrion and critically injuring four other. T Rol nor a the Only turn Trocin either oar who Watt ahle to walk hit Hoe were knocked fro hit feet by the Impact of the collision but fee Citte be knew theother were More Rlou ily injured than a was droll offer no tout to walk to Albuquerque with out recovering hit hoe8. A police patrol cur picked him up nearly three hour later in the Start heart Ellon of town. Hefte dated and bleeding from numerous Cut. A turn it Beene and the officer re turned to the or rodent Sci and found Tho Erly Calv injured trapped in the wreckage Only Fol tee Deti Elfi a the Send a Marvin Date Wright in who a driving the second ear Orv Liladean Ruli 35, and Mary i out Eera itt flunk und Mitt Lucer had bees 1 the Fanck eat of drop unger4 cat. The injured were Mary Andrews,3r, Jiumei the Teh a 28, and Donna Jeffrt Ca and Cecilia Chavez who were believed to a in their late or Early Owenu. Maisie swans i by cold Cleveland up a pair Binek Rawani at the Cleveland zoo were the old of the putt two weeks. It summer Down under where the Aulne wan come from of they built a be t jut a they at Wayt did about thin time of year. The female even Laid two egg which head keeper Don eth Tiger read used and placed in an incubator. Held treaty Bordera of the away and is near Pinna of general motor Alcoa and ind fins complaint asked the Nate Duerth Lention Agency the firms a to improper practice and Endeavor including Conall Rolea with Public of Fiella and util Lauon of Public fund to Nermit Lynh land to Quail ton in a manner detrimental toil Libit Ocsid cent they asked too for an invert Gatton of the office of the state director of Indiana Torvick Testate social welfare depth Ament and clerical Ngun Clet operating other Ervau a Speed trap flares again in Kentucky town Crofton by. T wit i it he was just icy ing to living i i unidentified tar in or Betti is to Don t want to see anyone unjust in fiiit1 the controversy in thin South West in it stuck. Town on . 41, o Mriln tout lit route Hus raged form ii Munich i Var since Nof in uhf put up n in to lib rated Alan to the Edge of town ,1 hid Trup operated by Loon official have dented it top safety Bult drive As cod do moine8 Ujj a Bill tto require safety Bolti on nil ?9 Hronn Ltd or sold in Iowa Wea introduced in the Iowa House by Hup j. Wjitley a Cedr truck rams into passenger train part of the Frame and one wheel to in the now of Eftev an e for Brackat Anahed into a to attn upper right at gallon. Ohio. Tho twin Wand of Luedt one woman finny from the diner we Helm Ana mow tn�n100 a new Ngere were i Ihnken up Nina people. Including the Intok Driver were injured. United Frew International photo Deer ignores pain makes social Gall smashing Success Santa Rosa Calif cup where to the Hlls near Sun to Thuro in u tired deep with o sore Nano. The Deer pit rated by a pack of doge took a Short but Tiro Uigh the Home of tint a Lurince he Telcka in Ahsu let of Santa it entered through a plat Giat window in the front of the Home Gary get tick 3l8, heard the Boito and into the Hull at the nil Mil roed by him ran into the Kitchen bumped into the above hit e wait or two and file through n Back bedroom window the dogs took an outside rout and to Jolott the Chute in the Buck Yard. A the Het Ueki looked through their broken Back win Dow the heading for the ,.the Dew and dog Gamble Benedict wins Uig lit to estate inquiry new Yorik Dpi Hel Cusi Gamble Una Kunti by Talon lion Kellch still Ute the of Majle done Daft Tofu Beenu who will to harm from her estate when he Turnt 21, Haa won court permit icon to questioner grandmother about her grand father Attaie. Pm a Happy Fop now the Tutti the wll dome to the fore Ido ample who looped let Yoi a with romanian born Andrede Palte the Objet Jons and Legal of Loti 6 her grandmother. Gath of Ippu Kantt Telephone it her Home in Monk Lair n.j., Laid to win vary ii foul of my Hub Ulm who Linn never sold any thing Fiji Ilam any Ohio even when itome uni la Ini t Liting a str Only about him Tim through her it Tor Ney Samuel Mykowich had nought in surr Okiu court to exp Mana her grandmother or Hon dict about what mar Kellc callus of Henry Jur Par Hilr Odiot to Benedict longtime Venlo Flat of thu hell Ngun typewriter co., died in 103j5 at the age of Tufa Benedict a said he left no will and that there waa no Estette to Settle but Markewich talk Benc lot Hotd an Art $2 million. No dote wot set immediately for Markowich to Cju Eaton Fri Bene dict. Pillow talk cuts Bonds of Matrimony. Los Anae los Cap Jamesh White told a judge that his wife Gertrude enu Sod he . Home thing new in divorce comply lots judge Condo oboe Rod i had Good i Eikon to to awake your Honor Whit 9ai."once i mined my a or and four id it under my wife Pillow. She Bald one night i would go to i lip no the next morning Only my body to ild get up my head would still be on the Pillow divorce granted the judge talk. Defense transport will have its Day Wash Noton Tupi presi Dent Kennedy tatted n proclamation May 10 a nation Al defense than Portal on key the Day Hai been net ride Tost Reaa the development of the american 1u Rote in National detente a dry Bourbon Bourbon ind. A Thor Tullbe no Bourbon old in Bourbon the Indiana Atco Haite turned Down an application for Idle of Bourbon another hard in More in the Northern ind Tona town continue it a a Tach. In an Embe a biped b reduced but hop % major for recall Toon ant ment Manhaven under Atanat itch number any year will removed to tuft death end the number on Ali Creato i that to Toady a Coultar to thy tem but in Yat emt except a a of july Hartme fitment pay Wilt 140,000 end Litcy officer a. Of the total retirement pay a army 110,000rtnea and 41,000, by Isea the that about 414,0 sonnet will be id a t while Tho will a 343,000 330,000 Ana the78,000, exhibit Washington and Rutala Era at three More exhibit better .-sovlut tentative Plain Ilean exhibition Hown in the Lucity of Kiev from in Moneow aug. It to the soviet exhibition on edit new York Iro Cleveland. July aug. 1-38.datea for Tho other exhibits Are it Littlon America Ouhl butt dealing transport. The it play Showa on children a not let work. The new sex Hub i to the Flat it took place to 01 Mil ii , Fedei tights tax Inlo Stime motor Litt startling tax Aea Aon of within Al Lon ing in the Down ugh Tod w building Apelt file now for St. The will of St Thom to Voiht Beon of sunday Mab 17

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