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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1961, Page 5

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 13, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseTheori of he rid or fail a Yean a a Counell on he Toube Jed the pro by want it and of sural Artnur to improve the number mid Quality of instructor i. Federal fun Neinl met Tinee to qualified Tud eat. A v --.71i us. Rhioe of education he a mated that the nation1 of hither learning will have to spend 110 Blu Ilon on Phil Cal facilities atone Over the next 10 Raj in addition to thai Lum the Council hate that econom Jiu Byo eat mated the by a to general Toueg expenditure will mount to fit billion a year to mor than 98 billion year in it mewling and the Council observed a. That i in the ung with Jfhn it $ Roll on ii Donti ims and another million new 3.51rolled in the not Jon i Volt Budt find. The Lounell Ift d in colleges and ii Rit Vori Lylw fun a Impo Elbl teak an8 added Hytt a Tho traditional Douro Oflyn pm including Studeni tuition and to i a Robeen in retch to the limit the will Itell a Urgo Gap in Jolt pad by filled Only Fayth it dirt Toyah Irinyi _.-. Of is -. Country prob birr Ltd to by Ith the african Church off who mom of it study trip cover in Trow to trios not i a it adv to the the United candid about Loop of a prob National pot l to if Groeso i of Eov in mint i t do to bring about Thiol who under and Rit Spect it Grady cannot to old of racial in in thai Roun lip i by Antenio or the tron 1� that the Fae in Vitty Jont or tide to do not it Ekit in the cold or Oft to it Nir o Exford and to Tiv up no. Which a tit Wnm Tonlino Cor told Btte Nonin the i w. 14 Vou on thu 43 pow Ooton Lum r in Radii for pm i War Art Tor to it Hui the does flu Rod of mid and via. Civ. R Tiosh Rio dour i Ila not Hearst Junior Quick on the draw who � will Sun Lut Idolph a Learnt or. Del Nof Why Imp h pm ulna off it of whoa at Tho Amo unto it re no Ltd into t re i dint be Vinedy bit Houm office. Tho of Tor in till of of toil mint he Nimtaj i in Imit Wude it. Attn Nemly Kinwui Flod a Flor Ihn Vult hint Ilo Flat i i Boon a him nun Llulu find of Lute Yomia of by the u to la cult la Ltd tit. Phylli Tanii from Aluffi number of negro of Tho Reitor lotion i is melt Utthi the number o Oulom Inch i to Haa no Len from w a iwo to 2q0 list a to in the atm it trod Tho t Ltd n Neitro Huttt lift ii front . , thu Milt Nail by Paul sell Ali s4fl Wasill Noton Saa a Hill to it Nttah an armed too Vicat Academy in the Yutt Hingten is Wei be introduced in thai work by con Gromann Edward Hebertt the Terma of the Bill the Ece Damy would be it up with an it till appropriation of so million the promo a Zegilla troit Innel Turon the armed forces Metal finl dental and ruled Bolen a be the mouse armed scr Vicos committee Wlebert la a ranking member of that committee and chairman of Commett Al for i Ion Hobbit build in the lout few Yfim u Hab Conio nil ton App Trunt Taftt Tho United a kit on to facing an Acu of doctor. The shortage him reached Noah j proportion thu two no virtually once to foce with n Tutti Oettl can Arfency but it in not i1bw. Mph ii 13 it a ago Tolvo yom � ego the Shaft Geof doctors was Oil Doit to those who in Rod to look. It with then tit 1 began to Lay the ground work for the noted that Tho Aida Clef lion of american medic do i Nulud fur Opu Nylon of Tho to Hon h nym Tom of Niad col Linn or nod the problem Cratl ill int Iteld Ulm aft of a stud of tvo i to Poi to on Tho nub oct by the Dunno Cantlon Tutt to that by 1075 the Mittan will Runny to to non Tibout so i a Trout More Phylli Linn t h n Wawro Irit nod in 1w0.Tho bin to non Tolemy would Lin Matt mod within set mlle of Wem Linton. Thai would Peticc it wet Jln Tho Modl til com plot Nindo up of to butt Honda Center the Walter Puiul it Nulf Onni Honeth Tittl Hute Mutt 8#rv� 1tho Fiill envision tend on an equal Tiu a with . Denit mid Elliod school within the Vicinity of the District of aft fit the Citi of the Burvic Tho tend Toul ecu cloy would be Hea ded by n n Deputy commandant one of whom would be n doctor of medi Cine and Tho other n rat nut Tho i do filmy would to ceo my o the Pep urn nit for us swing your Nam heu Tio recommended take deep i breathe and pretty Loon you might oven find Yourien Kipping. Air journal says Friiss Lead Iii. Wasi11noton us to Lii a Minally Roll Oblo tech Lullo Totton Ali Tilori Dilly mid soviet Rumba holds a a i Hud in incur Continental Hill untie Man Lam to come Over the United slate. Tho within Tan Oon Trover a Over the a Lyllo Gap or Luck of it he Lent Delfoni planner for it new took at u.8, intelligence to Mattei of current Owlet Itron Toh Tho Publ Loaton to Ltd. To Tom Riporti who Chi Ore no More than � week old it to mild to How that Auxila vont Unuer to hold a 3-to-l Idad in 1cbm Over the United stall the it Matei a utter mood to blah to Intel Genoe report Over the Tettat be or my it Joy How that w Tho Cian Fenler we Duld rut of deployment of to it my will a remit in the Vitot Gap of at lbt $to4 will continue t it a Tittio Theady out the sap contend thit United. State Fli of Helen t other Wooton to Moth an offset the larger number of soviet in Bali

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