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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1968, Page 5

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 10, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseT96 medal of Honor awarded to go who saved 8 Washington up army Secretary Stanley r. Resor awarded the medal of Honor posthumously thursday to a draftee who saved the lives of eight other soldiers by throwing himself onto a grenade. The nation s highest military tribute for valor went to sgt. Donald r. Long of Columbus Ohio it was presented to his closest relative a sister y. Gordon of Columbus. Long was an assistant platoon Leader in the 1st inf div in South Vietnam when his unit was attacked by Viet Cong. He inspired his comrades by repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire while assisting the wounded the army citation a grenade landed on the deck of Long s armoured person Nel Carrier sgt. Long threw himself Over the grenade to absorb the blast and thereby saved the lives of eight of his com rades at the expense of his own scots break up protest Edinburgh Scotland up fourteen persons mostly teen agers were arrested in Edin Burgh thursday night after a demonstration in the lobby of downtown hotel against american action in Vietnam. Thi stars and stripes Page 5 a slogan and a gift briton says9 pm backing america9 Ramsgate England a fed up with hearing people criticize the United states British old age pensioner Alfred Barrs has come up with a new slogan i m backing to Back up his words thursday he sent a Check for 100 pounds $240 to the world s wealthiest nation. I just could t stand it any longer Barrs 71, said in an intr View. Everywhere you go people have it in for America after All they be done for , who once owned a Chain of shops Selling eels and pies now lives in retirement in this Kent new slogan stands Little Chance of catching of in the Safeway As the current i m backing Britain craze but Barrs is sure he s right people have got to under stand that backing America is the Best Way of backing Britain he said. If America in t doing Well we re in real trouble did a bit of reminiscing to explain his affection for Uncle Sam. It began when he served wit the Royal Navy in world War i. I had one or two punch up with the yanks he recalled but when it came to trouble they were always right by our his donation to the . Coffer was sent to the american embassy in embassy spokesman said we re touched. We Are going to see How Best the Money can be pain eased by burning of nerves Cleveland up method of relieving excruciating pain by the burning of nerves has been developed by neurosurgeons at Cleveland s univer sity medical Center. University Hospital and West Ern Reserve University have combined to work out the tech Nique which has been Success Ful in 38 recent cases. The technique involves guid ing an electrode contained in a Needle to the pain carrying nerves in the spinal Cord. The electrode is used to singe the nerves and Cut off the pain. The operation is hazardous because slight miscalculation can disturb motor control nerves sometime resulting in paralysis. Doctors have not reported any such cases however. Horizontal 1. Monkeys 5. Roughen9. Whole amount12. Italian city13. Feminine name14. Compete 15. See covering 16. Portent17. Electrified particle18. Window part19. Dry 20. Fertner 21. Be in debt23. Assess ment25. More obscure28. Chemical compounds 32. On the sheltered side33. Painful 34. Gossip 37. Rag39. Trifle 40. Hasten41. Ballot 44. Auditory Organ 46. Dozes50. Wing 51. Voice52. Algonquian indian63. Title 54. Arizon River 55. Fitzgerald 56. Tin child 57. Redact58. Appear vertical1. Sleeveless garments2. Turkish coin3. Goddess of discord4. Outline 5. Nearer6. Scottish historian 7. Greek fury 8. Play on words 9. Eager answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Zio average time of to Luton 24 minutes 10. Jungle beast lit Home 20. Living Einga 22. Pronoun24. Hatchet 25. Large cask 26. Wing27. Obtain 29. Speck30. Before 31. India unit of weight35. Behold 36. Fac part 37. Part of the neck 38. Three toed sloth 41. Immense42. Medley 43. Sour45. Norse king1 47. Heraldic order 48. Remove49. Line of Junction 51. Mature i 12, 8 25 34 so 56 27 2z 51 54 57 16 19 36 44 45 23 28 37 40 8 24 38 20 33 52 55 58 14 n 29 to 30 48 ii 31 Russ paper urges probe of ufos Jasmine that s the name of the new leg look exhibited by Fang Chen of Shanghai at an International fashion show ing in Munich of next summer s styles. Up photo politician is moved to Poesy Columbus Ohio up when state representative Henry Schriver made an Appeal on thursday for passage 9f his Dairy products Labelling Bill in the Ohio House of representatives he added poets to politics with anode to cows. " thru Winter s cold and sum Mer s Breeze she s the author of our milk and cheese scientists have clearly shown she puts the ice Cream in the Cone when she s gone and at last she rests she leaves us numer Ous bequests such As Gelatin and glues and ladies handbags and kid Dies shoes the Brief cases that she leaves behind protect the plans of All belts Are her Halo and Crown they keep our Pant from falling possibly fearful of More poems the chamber passed the Bill by 54 votes to 7. Mothers warned on drugs los Angeles a unborn babies Are affected by an drug their Mother takes a har Vard biochemist says. The drugs May differ in How Long it takes them to affect the unborn child but they All get through sooner or later mostly sooner or. . Villee said in an inter View. London up an official soviet publication said Friday 200 unidentified flying objects have been sighted in Russia and it called for an International investigation to explain the world wide Phenomena. The soviet weekly quoted assistant professor Zigel of the Moscow Institute of aviation assaying Crescent shaped objects which have been seen could note identified with any known natural Zigel last year was the author of the first article in a russian Magazine by a soviet scientist discussing the possibility of the existence of such objects. His article appeared in the youth periodical Omena in 1967, when an official government com Mission was appointed to make a systematic study of ufos sight ing reports. The soviet weekly said about200 sightings were reported on july 18, sept. 4, oct. 18 and other Days of 1967" Over the Southern parts of the soviet Union. The Magazine said the most characteristic Type of object was a Luminous Orange coloured cres cent with a diameter of 15 or 20 feet of arc flying with its out Ward Bend first. The surface was Only a littleness Luminous than that of the Moon the Magazine said. The Horn of the Crescent throws out jets sometimes with Sparks. The outer contour of the Crescent is Sharp and the inner contour blurred and the weekly said the object were estimated to Fly at altitudes of Between 30 and 65 objects could not have been made by Man. They Are definitely not sputnik or space rockets it called for International scientific cooperation to solve the problem because it has assumed a global said such cooperation would have come sooner if it had no been for sensationalism and irresponsible ant scientific assertions about flying saucers " gone Saucer Perth Australia a four year old West australian Collie named Bob of Koorda,156 Miles Northwest of Perth May be the world s first dog Mohave chased a flying Saucer. With his master Peter Steph ens he sighted an object Over the Stephens farm chased it about 100 Yards while Stephens watched the object from a tractor seat until it disappeared Over a Hill , Stephens described the encounter i was out ploughing when Bob an avid Bird Chaser Ranoff. I looked up and saw an Orange circular object 10 or 12feet above the ground less than 600 Yards away and moving a about 25 to 30 Miles an hour. Lots of dust and stubble was thrown up underneath but i heard no noise because of the tractor Stephens said he could t see flashing lights portholes or win said later that Stephens was not a Good enough actor to act As scared As he did after the sighting. Wee pals who do you thin my dad keeps worrying about inflation inflation hits the hardest Nipper ? the Guy with the fixed ten cent allowance that s who that s easy

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