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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1968, Page 4

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 10, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stats and stripes saturday february 10, Ijjas better Seq sipped Supply trouble whipped French Khe Sanh a fourteen years after the decisive French defeat in Indochina . Marines at Khe Sanh wait for Bat the in an outpost that looks like one whose name is synonymous with debacle Dien Bien Topography is similar the same North vietnamese general commands the communist troops who surround the stronghold an the initiative is with the enemy. . Military officials say there is a major difference the american command s ability to Supply its men with firepower material and virtually unlimited air support. The absence of these thing during the 55-Day siege of Dien Bien Phu is considered the fac Tor that made possible the Viet Minh attack which Over whelmed the Garrison May 7, 1954. Two months later France was ready to leave Vietnam. The Marine base at Khe Sanh just South of the demilitarized zone near the laotian Border is defended by 5,000 to 6,000 men. The French sent about15,500 to their fortress about 180 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. The forces of Gen. Giap around Khe Sanh Are believed to number about20,000, approximately 10,000 less Titan the total of the Viet min troops he assembled at Dien Bien Phu but another 20,000 Are believed close at hand around the Doz. While the marines remain i their defensive position to Block a Campaign to take South Viet Nam s Northern provinces the 3 French conceived their Dien Bien Phu Campaign As a Way of bringing the communists into decisive conventional Battle. But the French command was not prepared for the kind of fighting the Viet Minh artillery was carried piece by piece through heavy Jungle. Then it was assembled on the rim of the Valley an the murderous pounding began. Outposts g a b r in l l a Beatrice and Huguette fell under heavy attack. The vie Minh took great losses four times As Many casualties Ashe French in one Battle but kept coining Back. Intense shelling like that at he Sanh eventually made Landing supplies by air impossible for the French. Reinforce ments and new material be came limited to what could be parachuted into increasingly Small secure areas. Khe Sanh s Marine com Mander col. David Lownds told a correspondent Georg Mcarthur that Khe Sanh could be maintained without its air strip. He said it had been done last fall when Monsoon Rains made the strip useless for More than a month. If it were to be closed again . Troops among the More than 40,000 stationed within striking distance presumably would break were no French forces to come to the Aid of the mending at Dien Bien Phu. When the Viet Minn s red Flag went up on the Garrison s command Bunker 3,000 French Union troops had died in the Valley or on its Hilly outposts. An other 7,000 prisoners died in prison Campa or on Force marches. Among the survivors was a29-year old nurse it. Genevieve de Galard Terra be. She and handful of vietnamese and Al Gerian prostitutes were the Only women to live through the siege. She became known As the Angel of Dien Bien our men received the catastrophe with a mixture of sad Ness and Joy she said. The were sad to see lost what they fought for with such Faith an sacrifice. They were glad be cause it was the end of the Dien Bien Phu came Back tothe War communiques on july 2, 1965, when american f105thunderchiefs and a4 sky Hawks bombed a North vietnamese base near the old Battlefield. For the late historian Ber Nard fall the Lack of this kind of air Power had been a key fac Tor in the debacle. With better logistic support he wrote Airpower would have saved Dien Bien Phu in and out a South vietnamese tank moves into a thick curtain of smoke during fighting in the streets of Saigon As a civilian Heads As pastas possible in the opposite direction. Up estimated 700 reds hold out Only one third of Saigon secure by Bob Ohma Saigon a ten Days after the Viet Cong launched their massive Surprise attack to seize Saigon the Battle forthe streets continues. The heart of the City is quiet and tense but from the other districts new casualties pour into the overcrowded hospitals columns of smoke Mark blocks of burning Homes and there is an almost steady thumping from rockets and shells. In Cholon the chinese Sec Tion of the capital the guerillas hold 20 blocks and have re pulsed repeated attacks by government troops. They also control a Large area of the West Ern suburbs and Are battling from Village to Village just North of the to informed police sources Only three of Saigon nine districts Are considered secure and they Are the Cor of the City. Elsewhere guerilla activity ranges from sniper fire to probes to occupation such As in Cholon. . Officials estimate that there Are still from 700 to 1,000 guerrillas operating inside Sai gon from the initial assault Force of about 4,000 troops. The added that there is no Indica Tion that the guerrillas Are try ing to withdraw. Instead they seem determined to stand an slug it out. Prisoners have told us they were ordered to hold their positions and not to give up for any reasons until they Are rein forced a police source said. They were told that they were the Shock troops and there were 10 regiments ready to move Inland occupy the the sources added that the guerrillas could have killed this City if they wanted to but Flet the kids give the2 Ann Arbor Mich. Up budding journalists at the University of Michigan Hospital Are cranking out a monthly sex foot. The splint is too pose of life in the children s like the cookies in the wards. Targets of the expose " " shots and tween medical an news observes mama to Hospital cause i have Tal. Dietary got me broken Bie i Hosoi they did t hit the Power or water systems because they expected to be in charge i several there have been Only minor disruptions in Saigon s Basic utilities but other Public serv ices and Commerce Are nonexistent in Many areas or Man aged Only by a few entrepreneurs during the morning hours. In residential areas garbage extends Halfway across some streets. The curfew is from 3p.m. To 7 30 . And he Only objects moving through the deserted streets at dusk Are jeeps of heavily a r m e to Viet namese police and american military police. Rumours abound that Vietcong squads Are approaching this target or that target an vietnamese forces race through the streets to , the guerrilla activity has tapered off however and government police and Mil limbs give new Hope Mexico City up electronic artificial limbs offer the possibility of a Normal life to invalids according to or. Norman Aeton Secretary general of the . Branch of the International rehabilitation society. In Mexico City for Short visit Acton said artificial devices operating electronically have proven to be very effective. The Only element still lacking is a nerve to which the device can be attached he said. He said Experiment with electronic limbs and other devices Are being made in the United states Britain the soviet Union France and Yugoslavia. Pillow talk an eight Page mimeographed newspaper burst upon the unsuspecting Public last november with candid reports by such author Sas David age 3 Dale 12, and Rodney 10. Subsequent issues have car ried advice columns riddles editorials cartoons and clinically oriented letters to the editor. I came to the Hospital cause got sick says Clark age 3. I Wanna go Home the stink doctors Hurt Dale s idea for improving the Hospital is to the Point i would put the nurses and Doctorin bed and let the kids give the Rodney 10, has an upbeat View. It s fun Riding around in a wheelchair but sometimes Itin t. Like when you run into Walls and stuff like the Hospital is Nice to Besick in advises Deborah 11. But i like to get out so i Cango Back to school and Back to my steers and pigs and my Mother and David 3, a reporter torn be. Newspaper has helped build interest in grammar Les sons observation and written expression by their Young patients. In addition said one teacher some of the candid com ments we get actually help usin planning better facilities and service to paediatric two still Jolon about 1,000 Coin Bat police rangers and marines have blocked off tiie 20 blocks that about 200 guerrillas hold in the Center of the have them bottled in and we Are trying to starve them out a police official said. It would Cost Many live for us to european coition col James w. Campbell Usa. Editor in chief it. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., u8af,Beauty editor in chief Elmer d. Frank. Production manager Henry 8. manager Romla a flail Sec Pap or of and top u armed Force Publ shed l y commander in chief . European command and printed daily at Darmstadt be Many. Military Addre the Star and Stripe Apo 09176. International Mah. 7lrfh?a,? poit Fach 1034� 81-Darmstadt, Germany. Tel Griesheim c 16w j?7i � 8t, new York 10014, Teu area code 212 6205771.m pal at new York . The appearance of display and True paper concerning commercial publications Doe not constitute a endorsement by the department of defense or any of its component. Rightie Knothe United states an op.3n Eod Eti in which the people s o 1$ cherished and president Lyndon a to

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