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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1968, Page 3

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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 10, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseSaturday february 10, 1968 the stars and stripes i at what Point do you turn you heavy guns and Jet fighter bombers on the streets of your own City when does the infliction of civilian casualties be come irrelevant As Long As the enemy is destroyed the answers to both these questions came in the first few hours of the Battle for Ben tre a once Placid Mekong Delta River City of 35,000. It became necessary to de stroy the town to save it a . Major destruction of this Provin Cial capital was drawn out over50 hours. City invaded Ben tre was one of 35 Popula Tion centers attacked by communist forces in the upsurge of fighting last week. A reinforce regimental sized enemy Force of approximately 2,500 men invaded the City and its environs . Advisers report. Re l str a the town to save is a ssh five Jis i Kes �.5,. of Tif f . Advisory team 93 Many families Are buried permanently under the rubble " the per Petre defenders said the Viet Cong attackers had overrun most of the City and were containing the vietnamese and u2 01�es setting ready to overrun them when the heavy firepower was sent in. Our can us did t like the idea. But a or corps argue Headquarters at us Captain they were convinced when we explained that it was rockets and bombing or the end for us fighter bombers splashed napalm on a 3,000-Yard-Long River Bank opposite the . that was cluttered with thatch roof Homes. The Flimsy structures were reduced to ashes. Armed helicopters made dozens of passes at the rambling mar Ket place in the Center of the City smashing its Walls and leaving the roof a mass of twist two and three Story Concrete Homes and business houses around the Market place be came gaunt shells of blackened Concrete. The Ben tre radio Sta Tion occupied by Viet Cong who began broadcasting to the popu lation was taken out in a bomb attack by . districts and lower class housing at the Northern and Western sides of the City were levelled by the whole rang of Allied firepower. Artillery kept thudding in on the Cit from american guns at the 9th division brigade base of Dong they were eventually drive from the City. All important government installations handheld out. But the civilian death toll was High As the Viet congas driven from the Center of the town and its firepower included 500 Pound bombs napalm rockets various types of antipersonnel bombs and 105 and 155mm Artil Lery. The decision to use this firepower was not taken lightly,. Advisers asserted. They Are our friends out there one american said pointing out of the . Advisor compound to the smoking City. We waited until we had no Choice. The vietnamese chief of staff had to bring in an airstrike on the House of his neigh a ���.�tsmx.v, Wdig pm. Al Ull Republican group says asian War benefits powerful segment in . Ra1wpt5ttrt7i not Vav. . Advisers said that this firepower probably contributed largely to the deaths of a least 500 civilians and possibly 1,000. Cambridge mass. Up an unofficial Republican party group said thursday that powerful segment of the nation Al leadership perhaps including the president himself is deriving enormous benefits from the prolongation of the War in in its monthly Magazine the Ripon society said the result is a conflict of interest of grave proportions and worldwide Sig the society describe itself As a moderate Republican the Magazine said there had been a Sharp increase in Texas based defense spending since president Johnson took office and predicted that the presidents cronyism will become a major 1968 Campaign president Kennedy s last budget the society said Texas ranked Lith in prime defense con tracts getting 3.1 per cent of the National total but three years later it said Texas percentage Rose to 10.7, ranking second be Hind California. My Mhz take it easy a this increase the Ripon re port said marked the Emer gence of a new Power Center sometimes called by its critics the southwestern military Industrial Complex Mic. It said that since the begin Ning of world War ii Johnson had sought to increase military expenditures in his Home a result Texas became a Center for military training an manufacturing during the second world War and Korea and atthe same time an object of scan dals involving misappropriation of government the society said there had been a tremendous expansion in the size and Power of numer Ous Large Texas related compan ies and the Stock prices of leading corporations based or controlled in Texas began to Rise almost immediately after Ken Nedy s example cited As an example the report cited Ling Temco Vought which it said nearly quadrupled it sales in 1967." a second trend the society added is especially rapid growth of companies that have among their directors close friends or allies of president Johnson. A third and related trend Isth expansion of the economic Power of the Johnson a fourth trend the Ripon study cited the tendency of the Johnson administration to give excessive weight to private eco nomic interests in making Deci Sions regarding foreign it said a very close Johnson Friend from san Antonio h. B. Zachary has an enormous construction contract in Thailand. Brown and Root the Houston based firm which has been Clos est to Johnson during his Lon political career is a partner in the consortium that has the hug Vietnam construction the Ripon society said Edward Clark a longtime person Al Friend of president Johnson and his ambassador to Australia has facilitated the Penetra Tion of the australian Economy by Mic interests. Clark s aus tin Law firm which handles John son family business has direct links to Delhi Australia Petroleum Ltd. A formidable element in Australia s Economy that is controlled by big Texas Oil Barnard plans next transplant Johannesburg South Afri Ca up heart surgeon prof. Christian Barnard said thursday his next transplant operation would take place in six to eight weeks at groote Schuur Hospital in Cape town. Barnard was speaking on his return to South Africa from a european tour that included Stop sin Italy West Germany Britain France and Portugal. Barnard did not identify his next transplant patient but indicated his duty at this stage was to South african patients. A pakistani has requested a operation. He said his present limited facilities at the Hospital would not allow More than five or six transplant operations a year. Hey you you in the chair stretch out your hand Andrall for a subscription then you can stretch out and enjoy stripes every Day including holidays and week ends like now right at Home circulation office phone numbers Russ says has lost War Civ 739368 Civ Ern Greece Athena Civ 985189 ail Offenbach 750. Italy111 Vogel Weh 7060 leghorn Mil Camp Darby 1469 6023 Mil Ifim Spain 776tm77 Mil 6513 Madrid Civ 2228290, ext 3011 54225, Mil 7230 United kingdom 420779, Mil 285s3 London Civ Ruislip 32264, ext 127 subscribe now government housing Only Paris up marshal vastly Sokolovsky former soviet chief of staff said thursday the United states has lost the War in Vietnam. Speaking at a news conference the Grey haired russian Soldier warned that the vietnamese conflict threatened to erupt into a new world claimed that in South Vietnam the entire popu lation is opposed to the american presence and that the american behave the same Way the nazis did in world War was addressing a news conference called to mar the publication of the French translation of the official soviet history of the soviet nazi War. The 71-year-old russian com Mander said the american War in Vietnam has been lost. There has been a Complete change in the balance of recently there have been combats Only in the Countryside he said. Now there is fighting in the towns As whole of South Vietnam has risen against the said the americans in Viet Nam Are behaving like does not Lead a War the Way the americans do. It is an immoral Sokolovsky said that afterword War ii everyone was hop ing to live in peace but in Viet Nam a conflict threatens world peace and risks unleashing a new world harking Back to his military command in world War ii he proclaimed the 1941 Battle of Moscow the turning Point of the War a Battle that broke tieback of Hitler s vaunted Blitz in answer to a question he bitterly accused West Ger Many of harbouring military re a Anchises attempting to unleash a new holocaust. Few Miles to the Only places they weren t hitting were the us compound the province chief s compound and the Hospital everything else in the City was fair game for the air and artillery during the height of the action one . Officer said air Force maj. Chester , from Erie pa., spent Many hours Over the City in tiny plane As a Forward air con troller directing the helicopter and fighter bomber attacks. We had heavy fire coming up at us from the City twin 50s antiaircraft weapon an Small arms fire h e used the main Street As a Marker during the night. The Street lights never went off. We levelled the radio station and the helicopter gunships did their Job Well on other is always a pity about the civilians. In the mass confusion of this kind of thing the people Don t know where the lines Are they Don t know where to hide. And some of the weapons reuse Are area weapons spraying a general area instead of a specific target. That Way people get , who recalls he flew the last Forward air controller Mission of the korean War in a tiny Mosquito plane said he had no doubts about the necessity of the bombing. I was giving the aircraft More and More targets. I could locate the Viet Cong from the muzzle flashes and they were he figures he saved hundreds of people from possible death. Saw women children told to bring in an air strike on "1,000 Viet Cong fleeing from the North of the City he buzzed Down Low and saw scores of Young children and women carrying Bedroll and household Viet Cong May have been amongst those people utmost of them were refugees and i was t going to bring napalm on them Brown said. The need for heavy supporting fire was emphasized because of the relaxed posture of Ben tre vietnamese defenders at the time of the attack . Officer said. At least half of two Batta Lions guarding the City had taken Holiday leave. . In disguise the Viet Cong mostly infiltrated in disguise in the preceding Days Rose up and had the City almost under their control in a few vietnamese defenders were pinned Down in their bar Racks the . Advisory com Pound was hanging on determinedly and the communists were launching a fierce attack against the province tactical operations Center. The foe was within 50 Yards of it when the heavy firepower came forces were eventually used to Rescue Ben companies from the 2nd battalion 39th regiment Madea helicopter assault into the province Headquarters. House to House another battalion came i next Day and began the method ical House to House fight to oust the communists. Many of the Viet Cong had already fled an scores had perished along with civilians in places the reds had used As command posts and Aid officials say the enemy dead in Ben tre totaled451. About 50 vietnamese army people were killed along with More than 20 americans Al from the 9th division. . Offi cers said Allied casualties Wouldhave been far higher if they had limited the use of firepower

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