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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - February 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes College reunion air Force maj. Paul a. Whelan and his wife with their 11 children hold his doctorate of philos Ophy at St. Louis University. After the children wrote to president Johnson Whelan got leave from Vietnam. Up sterilization Case rejected in Kentucky Williamsburg. By. A Whitley circuit court refused wednesday to order the sterilization of a 35-year-old unmarried Mother whom doctors classify As mentally retarded and pleas Jones said his court had no authority to Gran the request from the Whitley county medical society and . S. Holmes the county health is a matter for the legislature the judge noted that under Kentucky Law sterilization is Legal if Bot husband and wife Are mentally competent and agree in writing to the operation. Holmes testified the woman has two children one of whom is mentally retarded an argued that she is Likely to have other children port. She cannot sup Low ithe also introduced a report Jom a psychologist who said us examination showed the Wom an had an in of 25. The Normal to Holmes added. Another witness the woman Stamer said she was unable to to much for herself or her Chil Fen. He said All three live with and that the children re stats me supp it from to the Eugene Siler jr., attorney for society said the will be carried to appeals the state s court wat he Case apparently ache first of its kind in Ken to Texas Tex. Up Freedom flight in two ought 73 residents of cd United wednes amid indications that might become Perraza flits bring people hit Rock at 7,100 feet army scientists Drill through Antarctic ice Washington up scientists have drilled through the Antarctic ice Cap for the firs time and obtained Bottom samples believed to be a few hundreds of thousands of years old it was reported wednesday. Completion of the project which produced continuous cores of nearly a mile and a half of ice was reported by the National science foundation which administers the . Antarctic re search program. Analysis of the cores the foundation said will provide a vertical profile of Polar history window into the Earth s the drilling was done at Byr station in West Antarctica by scientists and engineers of the army s cold regions research and engineering Laboratory a Hanover . The Drill penetrated 7,100 feet of ice before encountering the underlying Rock. Volcanic Ash preliminary examination of the cores revealed two layers tentatively identified As volcanic Ashat Depths of 4,370 and 4,627 feet. The ice at those Depths the foun Dation said is probably 10,000 to 14,000 years old. Scientists will try to determine whether the Ash was deposited As a result of worldwide volcanic activity or local eruptions. They said the last 18 feet of cores consists of dirty ice and Gray and Black Rock fragments up to 2.5inches in size that appear to be volcanic material. More detailed analysis of thrice samples will be made in . And foreign laboratories. The foundation said this will provide information on such things As the climatic history of the Southern hemisphere rate of fall of meteoritic particles on the Earth. These visitors from Distant regions of the solar system Are interesting to astronomers and May be of value to space explorer of the planet s atmosphere from ancient time Sas record d in air bubbles trapped in the Antarctic ice. The Antarctic ice Cap As Muchas 16,000 feet thick in places contains about nine tenths of All the fresh water in the world. It has a powerful influence on the world s weather the foundation studying the Antarctic Cap scientists Hope to gain new information about the history of the world s ice Ages the foundation said. Conservationist Burns credit card in protest new York a a woman burned her Saks fifth ave nue credit card in front of the department store wednesday to protest the killing of rare Ani Mals for Coats and furniture card Burner miss mar Jorie Pickens one of 30 picket sat the store called the hour Long demonstration a symbolic protest against All the stores in new York that Are Selling skins of animals she claimed were in danger of extinction such As tigers leopards cheetahs and jaguars. Mccarthy and Romney whack lbs Washington up presidential candidates George rom Ney and Eugene Mccarthy campaigned in new Hampshire wednesday against a common opponent president Johnson. Romney Republican governor of Michigan said the United states was committed so deep Yin Vietnam because Johnson had been oversold by the , the democratic sen Ator from Minnesota charge that a pledge card Campaign favouring Johnson in the new Hampshire primary was a violation of the secret objected to Johnson s being run by local democrats Asa write in candidate in the March 12 primary. Numbered pledge cards have been distributed to bolster the write in should t be required to say How they re going to vote unless it s necessary Mccarthy said the administration was not telling the truth about the Vietnam War. If the South vietnamese people want communist government Romney said who Are we to Stop them recent events in the war1, he said bore out his statement that he had been brainwashed by . Military officials in 1965."the key to peace Romney said is leadership that will Tellus the Page prison officials told to dig for More bodies Little Rock up Thea Kansas Penitentiary Board wednesday ordered state officials to find exhume and re Bury in special cemeteries the bodies fall convicts found buried at the Tucker and Cummins state Pris on farms. We re going to go ahead wit this and dig them All up prison superintendent Thomas Murto said. The Board took action at lengthy meeting at which Mur on the 39-year-old criminologist brought in by gov. Winthrop Rockefeller to clean up the prisons withdrew his previously announced resignation. But commission chairman Joh Haley indicated he was in favor of replacing him anyway. Three broken skeletons were found last week at Cummins by state officials who were led tothe spot by a Long time convict who told of casual murder prac tired on convicts for decades. At Tucker the state s smaller prison farm inmates told of similar killings. Digging to resume Murton was ready to dig up Large areas of Cummins when the search was suspended. Assist ant prison superintendent Robert Van Winkle who Heads Tucker planned to Start excavations there thursday and Haley said nothing would prevent him. At Pine Bluff Reuben Johnson the 59-year-old convict who started it All by leading authorities tothe three unmarked Graves at Cummins was questioned by Jefferson county projector Joe Holmes. Murton had said last week head tendered his resignation apparently because of clashes with other state officials. I be Given some More thought to the situation he said wednes Day. To Settle things Down to Settle Down the state and to end speculation i think it Best that withdraw i says do. Camp in May escalate Washington up there. Martin Luther King said wednesday 3,000 poor people fall races will Camp in the nation s capital from Early april until Congress enacts legislation guaranteeing decent jobs Fornall employable americans and a living income for those unable to work. He said the Camp in will begin with one or two weeks of traditional if Congress fails to respond to that kind of peaceful Appeal he said it May be necessary to escalate to humming diplomatic line Washington a the White House seems to be having second thoughts thursday about serenading prime minister har old Wilson with such songs As Igot plenty o Nuttin and on the Road to White House had announced that these would beaming selections by metropolitan opera stars Robert Merrill an Veronica Tyler at a state dinner for were some raised Eye brows on both sides of the Atlan tic. After All Wilson recently de valued the British Pound and More recently made plans to pull Back his country s military from East of Suez. One line in the Mandalay num Ber you will recall goes come be Back be British Soldier com Eye Back to Elizabeth Carpenter press Secretary to mrs. Johnson was asked if any change were contemplated in the announced entertainment program. She said that such programs always Are subject to change after an artist sends in his numbers and then performs them at a rehearsal. Whatever Merrill and miss Tyler sing mrs. Carpenter said Well make every Effort to Haven evening of another announced selection that May remain on the pro Gram you la never Wal alone

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