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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 5, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFighting heavy South of Doz Saigon tense Battle in Hue interminable9 Street Battle . Marine infantry and tank Crews Battleford control of a Hue Street at the Southern end of a Bridge across the perfume River. Associated press photo by Alvin Hue Vietnam up the Thunder of men fighting to live mingles with the sickly stench of death in this City. And for All the Allied firepower the communists still Rule the old Imperial capital. Unofficial newspaper of . Forces in Europe North Africa and the Middle East vol. 26, no. 291 if 21855 a nine killed in Boston hotel fire Boston a nine per sons were killed in a pre Dawn fire sunday that destroyed a $2-a-night, transient hotel in bos ton s South end. Firemen searched the debris of the six Story Brick building for other possible victims Al though officials said no one was known to be missing. The dead were not immediately identified. The hotel Roosevelt occupied the top five floors of the build ing. There were stores on the ground floor. At least 15 persons were injured. A Boston City Hospital spokesman said eight person suffering smoke inhalation were cont. On Page by 0ol. 5 5i daily 10 sunday monday february 5, 1968. It. Jet Bald he Provo Utah up when Brigham Young University wrestler Wayne Ehlberg weighed in for Competition against archrival University of Utah officials said be weighed eight ounces too much. The determined wrestler shaved his Skull and with shining head qualified for is match. 9 Mcnamara say Pueblo May have trespassed Washington up Secretary of state Dean Rusk and defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara conceded sunday the intelligence ship Pueblo might have violated North Korea s territorial Waters at the time fits capture. The admission made during nationally televised interview was seen Here As a step toward reaching a Compromise agree ment with North Korea for the release of the ship s Crew. North Korea reportedly has Given three conditions for the release of the Crew a . Admission that the Pueblo intruded into North korean Waters a apology for the intrusion and assurances of no further Viola Rusk and Mcnamara admitted that the Pueblo might have penetrated North korean Waters they emphasized the could not be sure until the Crew of the ship is , in Seoul it was re ported that the United states an North Korea met again in the truce Village of Panmunjom i another Effort to secure the re lease of the Pueblo and its 83 Man May have made sub Stantial headway toward release of the Crew South korean sources said that the ship was ordered to remain in inter National Waters but there had been radio silence because of the nature of its Mission for about 11 Days. He said there was cont. On Page 24, col. 2 late sports Daytona Beach a Germany s porsche with Vic Elford a briton driving the Winner sped to a 1-2-3 Victory in the 24-hour Daytona sport scar endurance race sunday. The average Speed of the winning car was 106.697 Miles an hour. Earlier Story Page 18. Webb sunday on the fifth Day of the Battle of Hue the communist Flag still flies defiantly Over the City s Majestic Citadel . S. S. Hughes of Tacoma wash., said we be still go Tviet Cong or North vietnamese forces holed up in Are methodically trying to Clear the is an understatement. The american military Force of less than two Marine battalions and some . An australian advisers was in firm control of barely two Cit blocks South of the perfume River sunday morning it was Little better on the North Side where South Viet namese forces were trying to retake the main part of the City including the Citadel Wall which encloses old Hue and the splendor of the Citadel where the vietnamese emperors once held vital route one Highway Ridge linking the two sides of the River is intact and i Allied hands. Amid the whine of bullets there is Little traffic across the Span. On the North Bank South vietnamese forces control the waterfront the main Street barely two blocks East and West from the Circle inter Section leading to the Bridge and apparently Little around us hour by interminable hour the weapons of War Are gradually demolishing Large parts of this once Serene stately City. The whining bul lets the Clatter of machine guns and automatic weapons never Stop for More than 30seconds. I am writing this on notebook paper in the darkness by the cont. On Page 23, col. S Gay forces told Saigon a heavy fighting enveloped the North Ern sector of South Vietnam sunday while fresh fighting in Saigon sent a new wave of tension through the capital. Allied troops were ordered to shoot on sight anything that moved after7 . The biggest communist Offen Sive of the War continued into its sixth Day As the country sought to recover from the Savage fight ing that has claimed countless thousands of civilian casualties and left More than 150,000 Home less. 1,116 allies killed the . Command announced sunday that 1,116 Allied soldiers including 367 americans had been killed in the bloodiest week of the War for both sides. The command reported 14,997communists killed. The worst previous weekly Tollof americans was 337 in the week that ended last May 20.there were new indications that the North vietnamese maybe ready to launch at any moment along the Northern fron tier what senior . Command ers anticipate will be even a big Ger offensive than the current one. They expect perhaps 50,000troops will be involved. One of these indications was disclosed sunday when the . Command took the Security wraps off a new . Marine amphibious assault along the coast of the South China sea three Miles below the demilitarized command said that the heavy fighting in the operation has left 156 communist troops cont. On Page 24, col. 1 34 in i Saigon a thirty four persons were rescued from their Hilltop missionary compound inthe resort town of Dalat by . Forces a Short time before it was overrun by the Viet Cong . Officials said 14 women 11 men and nine children were unable to leave their compound in Dalat,135 Miles Northeast of Saigon when the Viet Cong attacked late Friday attack on the Mission which is operated by the Chris Tian missionary Alliance and overseas crusade group coincided with another guerrilla attack on the Alliance s mission45 Miles to the North in which six missionaries were killed one was wounded and two abducted. The Christian missionary Alli Ance compound at Plesku also was evacuated. Ten among those rescued i o m cont. On Page % to col. 1

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