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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseContinued from Page 11 were used in Seoul Korea a half Cen Tury before the similar development i Mainz. But these asian devices do not appear to have been known in 15thcentury Europe. Many might have had the idea of producing books mechanically but Gutenberg alone possessed the Iron Willand ability to translate this idea into action observed or. Helmut Presser current director of the Gutenberg museum. Gutenberg was born Between 1394and 1399, the youngest member of a patrician Mainz family. His real name was Henne a colloquial form of Johann Gen Fleisch Zur Laden Zum called himself Gutenberg after the Manor in which he was Little is definitely known about Gutenberg surviving document throw some Light on his character. In Presser s estimation Gutenberg was fanatic possessed with his idea and a temperamental and difficult from Mainz after political strife Between the patricians and Guild sin 1428, Gutenberg eventually settled in Strasbourg where he lived from 1434to 1444. Records show he was engaged there in the crafts of golds Nethery Diamond cutting and Mirror polishing unusual occupations for a temperament is evident from the fact that he had a powerful Mainz offi Cial who happened to be visiting Stras Bourg thrown into debtor s prison be cause Gutenberg claimed that the City of Mainz owed him Money. The official was released after promising to pay. In 1436, Strasbourg records showed Gutenberg was haled into court by in Nelin von Der Serin Tuer a woman of prominent family and charged with the Man who put the world in print sixteenth Century print shop. Museum guide shows How Type was cast. Breach of Promise. The records do no indicate How the Case turned out. But evidently Gutenberg retained his Bach Elo Rhood until his death. He was How Ever ordered to pay 15 Gulden in dam Ages to a Shoemaker whom Gutenberg called a liar in open court after the latter testified against my. Three years later Gutenberg won an other suit which was brought by one of the heirs of a deceased partner in the Mirror business. The court records give the first hint that Gutenberg already was at work in Strasbourg on a secret Craft presumably was recorded in Mainz again in 1448 and two years later entered into a contract with the wealthy Gold Smith Johann Fust whose Money was to launch him into his crowning achieve ment the printing of what has Cometo be known As the Gutenberg Bible generally considered to be the world s first printed Book. It also was to prove his undoing. In the development of printing Gutenberg s greatest contribution is not regarded to have been the press which resembled wine presses used along the Rhine River. Rather it was the creation of movable Metal Type cast in an ingeniously simple hand held printing of the Bible even by mechanical Means was a Monument land costly process each of the 1,280 pages required 3,700 letters for a Gran total of More than 3 million. An estimated 150 paper and 30 vellum bibles were printed. The skins of about 8,000 calves were needed for the vellum pages. Forty seven bibles have survived to the present day12 vellum and 35paper. Fourteen Are in the United states six of them in new York of the most Beautiful was Pur chased in 1926 by the . Library Congress from an austrian monastery for $250,000.the Gutenberg Bible is a work a such perfection that it is difficult to imagine its being improved on today most of the pages have two columns of 42 lines. Each line is equidistant from the other and Breaks off in nearly perfect alignment. The spaces Between words also Are equal Black printed letters Are Modele after those in Handwritten books of the time. Coloured letters and decorative markings were added by printing is believed to have taker three years and to have been Complete Cin 1455. Fust apparently chose the mome when the bibles were ready but not be sold to demand repayment of his Lobito Gutenberg. Mainz print la museum has Model of Gutenberg s workshop among its displays on history of Man has always amused himself brim moralizing his name on tree bark bar tables and desks in we Cement and delighting his ego with such Wall obsessions As Kilroy was Here. Psychologists say it is Normal a indication of Man s sense of history and futurity. With the invention of the printing press getting one s name into print has become for some a lifetime obsession. News clippings bearing the family name in a Little league baseball round up Are painstakingly preserved in fam ily archives such As discarded Cooky jars or More sophisticated hermetically sealed containers. Yet it is perhaps one of the most Subtle ironies of history that the inventor of movable Type never saw his name in print. Johann Gutenberg in spite of the fac that he had in his Possession the world s first movable Type apparently was never stirred to see his name cast in Type. The famous Gutenberg Bible does not ear Gutenberg s name. In fact no work attributed to Gutenberg bears any indication of the Date or place of printing or who printed it. Nick Stavriotis Gutenberg lost the resulting suit Aswell As his printing shop which Fust continued to run with his future son in Law Peter Schoeffer. In 1457, the two produced the first dated and three coloured printed Book a psalter. Some of the volumes bore the imprint of the newly founded firm of Fust & Schoeffer. No credit was Given to Gutenberg. Schoeffer s son Johann later was to claim that his father and Grandfather invented printing. In the succeeding Cen Turies the Honor was to be claimed for others including the dutchman Coster and the italian Pamfilo Cas Takli. In Presser s View there is no longer any doubt that Gutenberg invented print ing in Europe there is some evidence that in his declining years Gutenberg reestablished himself on a modest scale and the Catholic on lexicon printed at Mainz in 1460 often has been attributed to him. The one known Honor Given to Guten Berg in his lifetime perhaps for helping to set up a court printing shop was his Elevation to courtier by Adolf von Nas Sau the elector of Mainz. With the Honor went the Promise of wine and clothing. Gutenberg s death was recorded by hand in one of the Early books printed in Mainz Anno Domini 1468 on Day the honorable master Henne Gen Fleisch died in god s was buried at St. Francis Church which was destroyed in the 18th Century and his final resting place is now believed to be under a Busy Mainz was All but forgotten until the publication of Johann David poem or s the vindication of Johann Guten it appeared in Leipzig in 1741.the first statue of Gutenberg was erected in Mainz in 1837. Is photos by Merle Hunter before Gutenberg books were laboriously copied. Page 12 prayer Book of Charles the bold of Burgundy was written by hand on Parchment. The stars and stripes this elaborately dec outed Piess was built in 1824 for German publisher. By 19th Century printing presses came in Many shapes and sizes. Saturday Fary 3, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 13

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