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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 2, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseFriday february 2, 1968 the stars and stripes Pago 7 no strike pledges sought ,1.1 lbs asks More wage Price self restraint Washington a presi Dent Johnson called thursday for tighter voluntary reins Over ases and prices sought a no strike pledge in key industries and set up a Cabinet level com Mittee to oversee the entire ice question in 1968. In his annual economic re oort to Congress Johnson avoided even one mention of direct wage and Price controls. And he placed the emphasis on control Una inflation by calling for higher taxes and a new style wage Price guidepost. He called anew for enactment of his proposed 10 per cent tax v i in a i novt Fow surcharge in the next be weeks and forecast a health Economy throughout 1968 if con Gress and the nation accept the hard choices before Johnson blamed Congress for rising interest rates a declining Trade surplus and the More rap id Pace of Price increases in the last half of 1967. Damage done1 damage has already Bee done to interest rates to our Trade surplus and to the level of prices by the failure of Congress to act last fall on higher taxes he it is still not too late to avoid far More serious prob lems if action is taken in the next few weeks he added. It was the second Strong a peal by Johnson this week for Congress to pass the surcharge which the president in his budget message last monday Abeleda War tax for the first time. In his economic message Johnson reviewed the balance of payments program he outlined on new year s Day again urged americans to defer travel out Side the Western hemisphere for two years opposed import quo tas and renewed his pledge to maintain the Price of Gold at $35an ounce. The president s economic re port foresaw a $61 billion in crease the biggest Ever ingress National product Gnu this year to $846 billion if taxes Are raised. This would represent a 7% percent Advance with Price in creases of More than 3 per cent and real output up More than 4 per cent up from the 2 percent growth of 1967. Price increases administration officials con tend Price increases in the last half of 1967 ran at an annual rate of 4 per cent and that this gives the Economy a running Start into 1968, requiring the tax increase to Stern said most experienced observers of the Economy now agree that the Pace is too fast for safety and will remains in the months ahead. The gain in Gnu in the cur rent Quarter he added is expected to be one of the largest in history. Officials have placed it As beyond $18.5 billion a record we could gladly do without at this Gnu is the total Dollar value of the nation s entire out put of goods and services. Although avoiding for the Sec Ond straight year any numerical value for the wage Price guide posts which fell into disuse last year Johnson said the average gain in wages and fringe Bene fits should move Back toward productivity gains. But set no said a numerical target would be inappropriate since i would be unrealistic to expect labor to accept wage increase which recoup Only last year s 3 per cent Rise in living costs. The Council s 3.2 per cent guidepost of .1966 was exceeded the Cabinet committee on Price stability As the new group will be called will meet with business and labor leaders in an attempt to reach a Consen sus on standards for general Price and wage decisions the administration s Day to Day infighting to keep wages and prices in Check would still be handled by the Council of in his message while reviewing the new balance of payments must also exert every Effort he said to avoid the pos sible destructive effects on our Trade surplus of strikes or the threat of strikes in key Indus tries. Danger noted economic stability achieved in 1968, cannot Bethe Council living Cost the Council of economic advisers in a companion report said labor settlements last year averaged 5% per cent with some exceeding 6 per cent. The Council called for settlements appreciably lower this year said but a slowing Down can be attained As a first step. Controls opposed the president also urged Busi Ness to absorb Cost increases wherever possible and avoid any Price Rise not in line with labor and material costs. In its report the Council called direct wage and Price controls repugnant and Folly except under All out War. In theory the wage Price guide posts Call for wage increases in line with productivity gainsaid relatively stable prices. The new Cabinet level com Mittee undoubtedly will discuss a no strike pledge in key Indus tries As part of the administration s program to reduce the International Dollar Drain this year by $3 billion. A strike or even the threat of a strike can increase imports and thus re Duce the Trade made Only one Brief mention of the no strike pledge i urge business and labor to cooperate with the secretaries of labor and Commerce in Deal ing with this danger to our Export surplus he new Cabinet committee will consist of the secretaries of labor Commerce and Treasury the budget Bureau director an the chairman of the Council of economic advisers. Johnson said there is danger the wage Price spiral might accelerate this year with a some what stronger Economy and with labor unions including expected Price rises into their wage demands. If it does we face the Prospect that the spiral will still be turning steadily in 1969 and into1970," he added. The longer it turns the harder it is to Rose about 3 per cent in each of the last two years butty about 4 per cent during the last six months Johnson noted. Committee Rote he outlined one role of the new Price committee As improving efficiency removing bottle necks and improving technology in industries which Are the sources of persistent inflation. It will also inform business and la Bor of what Johnson called the consequences of irresponsible age and Price behaviour. In urging higher taxes John son said everyone will be ready to act when the problems Are acute and obvious but then the task will be much harder. Failure to adopt the sur charge he said will risk a feverish Boom an unacceptable Price acceleration a possible financial crisis and perhaps a ultimate recession. The economic Outlook with tax increase Johnson said shapes up like this a Sharp reduction in the Federal deficit. Encourage balanced eco nomic expansion appropriate with the nation s rising productive potential. Permit the unemployment rate to remain below 4 per cent for the third straight year. Allow credit to remain available without soaring inter est rates to meet housing another key needs. Encourage an expansion of the Trade surplus in combination with the balance of payment program. Gnu estimate in its Outlook the Council said its Gnu estimate of $846 billion is the mid Point of a $10 billion Range. It said 1968 has inherited running Start from economic conditions of the closing months of last year and Auto production schedules for the Start of the year Are exceptionally Large. The latest surveys of business plans for Plant and equipment buying and the strength of new orders for machinery and equip ment Point to an Advance in this segment in the first half the Council the rate of Advance May be excessive in the Earl part of 1968, prompt enactment of the president s tax proposals will insure moderate and appropriate expansion after mid year the Council added. 1 collared = Minneapolis a 3 police officers stopped of s car Larson 69, for erratic driving and told him the s permit he produced required a licensed Driver in x the car with him. E i veg t one he said pointing to his dog sporting � a $3 License tag on his Collar. � Larson was charged witha Drunken driving. in premature cases Elbow bending called Aid in birth basking Ridge . A an experimental technique us ing a Little Elbow bending discredited with helping mrs. Glenn w. Cunningham Success fully Bear her first procedure uses alcohol to relax Muscles and prevent pre mature . Cunningham s daughter Beth Ann was born Jan. 23, 13 weeks after mrs. Cunningham began the alcohol treatment when she developed signs of Early labor. Beth Ann the Cunningham first child in eight years of marriage arrived Only two weeks . Cunningham spent a to Tal of 89 Days in the her first signs of Prema Ture delivery she was Given a solution of 5 per cent alcohol through her veins. This doctors explained caused her to pass out calming the uterus and relaxing the Muscles which control use of alcohol is slowed As the uterus relaxes then is finally mrs. Cunningham s Case she spent nine Days in the Hospi Crank Calls drop but Pentagon urges curbs n nov _ 4.1,dry 4 we in 1 it or str Arl Washington is Al though service families Are now receiving fewer Crank Telephone Calls from Vietnieks the defense department is still interested unseeing Congress pass legislation making obscene or harassing Tel Ephone Calls a Federal offence. Air Force Brig. Gen. Williamw. Berg Deputy assistant de sense Secretary for military per phone d Washington up the cell Telephone system is devel Oping even More sophisticated equipment to track Down and convict abusive Telephone callers to As those who harass famines of men serving in vice president Hubert Hertz was one of several wit ses before a House sub com tuesday who solidly in sonnet policy said in congressional testimony tuesday that the incidents have dropped of for two reasons in his opinion. He said one of these is publicity Given to the nation s outrage Over the Calls and the other i excellent cooperation from the Telephone companies in protect ing the families of servicemen. Berg submitted his testimony to a subcommittee of the hous Commerce committee now considering Senate Bill 375.Berg said that from May 1965, when the buildup in Vietnam be Gan to May 1966, 87 known Inci dents of harassment mostly i connection with military operations in Vietnam were were 47 Between May 1966 and february 1967 and since then Dorset legislation to let the fed eral government help the states crack Down on such . Horace r. Kornegay p . Acting chairman of the communications subcommittee of the House Commerce commit tee predicted the panel would meet within a few Days to a improved prove the me Susa which was passed by the Senate would make it a Federal crime to make abusive harassing or threaten ing Telephone Calls across state lines or within the District of Columbia. Offenders would face penalties of up to $500 or six months in prison or both. All 50 states have outlawed abusive Calls within their Bor Ders. The Pentagon had received 70 Orso reports of harassment. Not All the incidents involved Tele phone Calls Berg added. They also included letters Post cards telegrams and face to face visits. The nature of these harass ments has included everything from false reports of death or injury to threats demands for Money for the Viet Cong an gloating comment on the actual death in combat of servicemen Berg example Berg pointed out the widow of an army sergeant killed by enemy fire in Vietnam received an Anonymous Call say ing that her husband got what was coming to a phone Call to the wife of an air Force sergeant stationed in Vietnam said i know your husband is in Vietnam and he deserves everything he gets. Before he can come Home you will a a widow Al before her condition 1m- roved enough to permit her too Home. She was Given medi Jine to relax the uterus and also was told to drink highball. I was t Given a definite inscription she said. I was told to feel free to do Little mrs. Cunningham who said he likes a Martini or an old fashioned now and then drank one or two Bourbon highball a Day. She spent another week inthe Hospital in intensive alcohol treatment during october aftera second siege of uterine Cou actions but the last month be Ore delivery was Able to quit drinking entirely. Tea cases her obstetrician or. Arthu Perell of Summit said he had used the alcohol technique in 10 ases. Five infants survived. Perhaps Only one of those five babies would have made it alone without the therapy he said. The alcohol technique was de Vised by or. Fritz Fuchs of Cor Nell University As a Way to de Lay labor. Iti mrs. Cunning Ham s Case first labor signs be Gan in her fifth month of preg Nancy too Early for an infant to have survived. I Don t remember much about the High stage mrs Cunningham said of her intensive alcohol treatment

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