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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 2, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes Friday february 2, 1968 rat killing not considered up a cat s Alley by Dick West Washington up last november in connection wit the 22nd annual Observance of International cat week the american feline society under took a Campaign to find jobs for unemployed cats. Robert Kendell the society president pointed out that most big cities have thousands of jobless cats which could be put to work killing rats in the slums. He said the most effective method of rat control was the so called Hong Kong system under which buildings Are assigned a certain number of working cats depending on their size i am not Clear whether that Means the size of the buildings or the cats. A Good cat averages 13 kills night Kendell said. Before proceeding further with this i would like to note that most people will accept with equanimity the disparage ment of Public officials Home motherhood Apple pie and Lawrence woe betide anyone who rubs a cat Lover the wrong lovers Are quicker to write irate letters than another segment of the Public except possibly the defenders of and apologists for bagpipes and drum & Bugle this i approach my task with trepidation. Nevertheless duty compels me to report that the entire concept developed by the american feline society has now Bee called into question. I have at hand a statement Byearl p. Geiger executive vice president of the Orkin exterminating co. He claims that the rat fighting abilities of cats Are vastly overrated. They be gotten too fat slow peaceful pampered and Over civilized Geiger Alley cat occasionally May take on a Young rat but even he is no match for a full grown one. Moreover a cat Hasto learn How to fight rats. It s hardly instinctive one Experiment of 20 Kittens raised in isolation on nine grew up to kill rats in another test where 18 cat were raised with rats in their cages none attacked his and Only three became rat if you re looking for a rat killing animal get a terrier or an owl instead of a pussycat Geiger s picture of the cat As a paper Tiger May be accurate but i doubt his suggested substitutes will be accepted. Thatis unless somebody can teach an owl to purr. A diet pills can be fatal says health official Washington up Ore gon s chief medical investigator said wednesday that diet Pill containing the drug digitalis can cause fatal heart attacks informal persons even when taken in prescribed . Russell c. Henry of the Oregon Board of health said i testimony prepared for a Senate subcommittee investigating the diet Pill Industry that digitalis is a powerful Poison and has no place in the treatment of physicians specializing in weight control have told the Senate antitrust and monopoly subcommittee that the regularly prescribe digitalis to overweight patients in Combina Tion with other drugs. Potassium Drain Henry said there was com Pelling evidence that various ingredients in reducing pills can sap the body of potassium deficit Sensi Tizes the heart muscle to the action of digitalis he said. Henry said he had identified at least six with possibly two or three More deaths i Oregon during a four year investigation of Rainbow reducing pills so called because several pills of different color Sare Given to patients to be taken at different wealthy new York City Doc Tor said tuesday he had been prescribing reducing pills to patients for 30 years even though he knew they would not take weight pills Don t take any weight off or. Gordon Green told the Senate antitrust and monopoly never said they Green who said his Gross in come is about $100,000 a year said patients who come to his19 offices scattered throughout new York state were Given vary ing combinations of amphetamine thyroid pills and Pheno Barbito after a cursory examination to Check their pulse most of those who lose weight he said do so because they reduce their intake of Cal ories not because of the is Only one reason for obesity he said and that seating too Church court suspends prof wife Iowa City Iowa a Achurch court found a professor and his wife guilty of disrupt ing the peace and Unity of Iowa City s Century old first presbyterian Church wednes Day and suspended them in definitely from membership. The four clergymen and three laymen of a special commis Sion sitting As judge and jury convicted prof. Joseph e. Baker 62, and his wife Matilda of charges that they disrupted the congregation with their Campaign to prevent the 112-year old Brick Church from being torn Down to make Way for a new immediately served no Tice of Appeal to the Iowa presbyterian Synod. The judgment of the commis Sion bars the Bakers from hold ing membership or Church office or receiving communion. I specifies that they May be re considered for membership after a sufficient showing of re , an English professor at the University of Iowa said twas strange to him to be judged by a court that does not allow the defendant time to offer his defense nor to be tried by jury of his Peers nor to have an impartial trial covered eight Days with sessions held on weekend the Moderator of the commis Sion the Rev. Roscoe , said sentence was passed with heavy heart and Dee concern and a degree of Cen sure which leaves open the Pashto gop society impressed by Rocky Cambridge mass. Up gov. Nelson Rockefeller presents the sharpest image of Domestic and foreign expertise among 10 leading Republican presidential possibilities a Ripon society poll revealed wednesday. Gov. George Romney of Mich Igan who has campaigned hard in new Hampshire in an Effort to unseat Richard m. Nixon in the March 12 primary failed to establish himself As a front runner in any category the in dependent Republican research foundation found. The profile of the Michigan governor lacked the Sharpness of the other nine potential candidates and his major failings were a Lack of foreign policy understanding and an undefined Vietnam policy the Survey showed. Rockefeller ranked first wit Republican moderates in administrative ability Power to influence the reelection of oth ers on the party ticket and year around St proposed for . Washington up j. Irvin a Conn has proposed that the United state Institute Daylight saving time throughout the country on a year around basis. He said the results would be increased safety during evening Rush hours More time for school children to play out of doors More Daylight Leisure time greater safety for working women who could return Home before dark and More income for stores in areas where traffic Falls of after dark. He noted that the soviet Union has year Long Day Light saving time. Understanding of Domestic racial problems. Former vice president Nixon ranked behind Rockefeller new York mayor John v. Lindsay Romney sen. Charles Percy of Illinois and former gov. William Scranton of Pennsylvania on the Domestic in one Field did gov. Ronald Reagan of California rank first and that was in firm anti communism. He was either last or next to last in under standing foreign and Domestic Nixon led in party loyalty 39 per cent of the respondents to the poll found him a liability to other was considered a liability by 62 per cent of those polled. Only 11 per cent found Rockefeller a Handicap. The new York governor owed to Nixon in the areas of experience in foreign affair Sand in understanding . Farm poll was taken by forum the society s monthly Publica Tion which has a circulation of about 2,000. Gallup says Nixon leads republicans new York a former vice president Richard Nixon holds nearly a 3-1 Lead Over Romney of Michigan and a 3-2 Lead Over gov. Nelson of new York As the Choice of Republican voters forthe gop presidential nomination the Gallup poll said wednesday. Nixon has increased his Lead Over Romney since a november poll but his margin Over Rocke Feller has been sharply reduced the poll stated. Republican voters in 320 communities across the country were asked suppose the Choice for president in the Republican convention Narrows Down to Richard Nixon and gov. George Romney gov. Nelson Rockefeller which would you prefer to have the Republican convention select when Nixon was pitted against Romney the former vice presi Dent was favored by 68 per Centof the voters to 26 per cent for Romney with 6 having no Opin Ion. The figures last november were Nixon 65 per cent romney31 per cent with 4 per cent hav ing no Rockefeller it was Nixon 55 per cent and Rockefeller 41 per cent with 4 per cent reporting no opinion. Last no vember Nixon led 65-31 per Cen with 4 per cent no opinion. Among eight leading prospects Nixon wins 42 per cent of the vote Rockefeller 27, Romney 12,and gov. Ronald Reagan of Cali fornia a Nixon Rockefeller contest Nixon s name entered in . Race Concord . Up Richard m. Nixon s name was entered wednesday in new Hampshire s first in the nation presidential primary March 12.Nixon s new Hampshire Campaign manager entered Nixon name just before the deadline. Nixon was to announce late whether he is a candidate. I d say the Odds he will not run Are beyond calculation said David a. Sterling of Hillsboro ., Nixon s state Campaign candidate does not have to take part in the filing of the petitions. If he does not want to run he has 10 Days after the deadline to notify the Secretary of state he does not want his name entered. Gallup reported that Reagan backers threw at least a third of their support to reported that fewer Rockefeller supporters go to Romney in a Nixon Romney showdown than vote for Nixon. Wallace not running in . Primary Montgomery Ala. A a spokesman for former gov. George Wallace said wednesday he will not run in the presidential primary in new Hampshire March 12."the decision has been made not to run in the new Hamp Shire primary said Cecil Jack son one of Wallace s Campaign managers. There never was any decision made to enter the primary As was reported from new Hampshire last in the new England state had said friends of Wal lace had made inquiries about entering the primary and there were indications that the former governor s name would go on the ballot. Various state Wallace is an almost certain candidate for president but he has directed his activity for the most part toward getting on the november election ballot in the various states As a third party said the decision to stay out of the new Hampshire primary does not preclude the possibility of entering primaries to other states. But no decision has been made one Way or

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