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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 1, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse16 the stars and Stop t Nanak despite recorded evidence to the con a including his current ill to Ammlung Platter. Falling in Low ova Presley denies he has changed his singing style. There is no new Elvis. He says. My style has t changed Only my and he admits that he and the colonel Parker his Mentor Mana Ger. Have turned their attention to the More sober sided strains because of his concentrating on ballads in recent months there is Ai crowing suspicion that the teen age Dot is s t r i v 1 n g now for an older. More mature Fol lowing perhaps turning his bade on the screech scream set that s something beyond your control he says. People adults. Teea agers. Children e 1 1 h a r like you or they Don t. Sure it would be wonderful to be liked by every one. But there in t a performer a the business who is. I record whatever appeals to a be to Ballad Rock and Roll or wat Tern. It so happens that most at the food woes submitted of late have been ballads. But i Stol do Rock a Roll and i la continue to do it a Tang As the Tan want i Ltd Csc on the is jul it s strange How Auto key they put a Label on you in this business. I have always recorded ballads yet Many people just than i of me As a Rock v roller. One of the earliest and bluest bits of my career was love a trader. A sentimental. Romantic song. Long can flu fantastic p food whig " faintest notion he Sayi it ankle. Pm amazed that its lasted this Ion. The fans have been unceasingly Loyal and very Elvis who is just finishing kid Galahad billed As a fight movie with music for the Mirisch com Pany. Note a trend in recent let tiers to him. Now come from fans in their twenties a Tang men Ana women who first started writing to me in their Early teens he say. I guess that s what happened with Crosby and Sinatra their cans grew up with them. Maybe mine will with me. Too i Hope. I Hopet Juliet Prowse say she finitely win cont Hue after she marries to have no idea of retiring the 25-year-old performer said before leaving to visit her family Jar Johannesburg South Africa. � miss Prowse earlier told a columnist that Sinatra 46, me to give up the business and that she probably would. What changed her mind just thinking about it,1 said. The idea of not performing any More. It s been Many years can put my feet up on the desk and never dance thrilled Over marriage miss Prowse who was born in Bombay India said her family was very thrilled about her impending marriage. They know Frank and like him very much she said they met him when they were Here last year the Young Star s engagement to Sinatra was announced Jan 9, they plan to marry in june. I m doing or to musical show on March 19 for Abc she said. Then i intend to do a movie at 20th Cen Fie face that Che future ho�ba4 of Fuget frs we behind the goo. Two Cream pies greeted Frank Sinatra when he appeared As a guest on the soupy Sale show on television. Sinatra reaction great up photo a unite r today is thursday feb. 1 the 32nd Day of the year with 333 to follow in 1962. Thy Moon is approaching its Newt base. M on this Day in history in 1790, the supreme court of the United states held it Chat session. Meeting in the Royal Exchange building in new Yort . If isl. The unit i nations Tiei Jeral Assembly condemned comm Host China jut Taui aggressor " " in 1956. Auth Ripe. Lucy 26, a negro student was admitted to tie University of Alabama on orders issued by. A Federal court she was the first negro to be admitted to the University. Out our Way by Williams say Wynn it Cam West a Lowe that Bokl Fer him so he Cam do a few wheat Wear Busy enough yet 004 much at Rita Hayworth signs pact for Broadway show York a screen Star Rita Hayworth has signed to appear in a Broadway drama next season it will be Here first stage role Here the e Anne Uniek ment by producer Herbert s to pie said the actress will costar with Gary Merrill in Stepon a crack written by1 Beis Nard Haywor this to portray a Small town doctor s wife facing breakup of her marriage. The production which s to p e also will direct. Is scheduled to go into rehearsal aug. 1 and will tour for eight weeks prior to the Broad Way opening Baj Mort Hal Roach or. Is divorced by wife Santa Monica Calif. Cap Hal Roach. Pc motion. Picture and television producer has been divorced by his Wile mrs. Saiva Brewer Roach. Mrs. Roach charged her husband drank excessively and frequently was absent from Home without explanation Roach 43, did not contest the divorce. The couple who has a it tighter. Penny. 20inarrfed at in crossword movie Raviv Ito Low of. A Tolosi vib of knit Tiona a Heth Schoal teachers Una provoke before us free Tuaua set foods. Are pm in in Ripe the Flamingo hotel in Casino in de Auvine in Mantl miss Prowse saj4 prised when. Sinatra her As. Was everyone. World she. Laughed pet it not anal. You lust Don t Alt ing for something part of my life for and i Don t feel i her family or a brother. Whorls her Stepfather accent cause what i want the Long illness Fata to Veteran actor Hollywood Mackenna actor and department _ lengthy illness. He Wai Mekenna s last judgement at n year. He began acting by Eugene tical 3l Finno tag Etc 5l typesetters s3. Particle5i soft mineral55 rodent 56. Equatorial Constenla Tina Gen 5t, German admiralty count von 2 Cain s brother & garments 58. Malt beverage herring 59. Dutch cheese la yes Friday Pinole. Boisi Kontax 1, loiters-.5. Likely _. A absorbed hit Hought 3. Conjunction .14. Genus of lilies 15. European Quarter of istanbul16. Loudest -18. Conspirator ,. 20. Master of ceremonies 2l new j comb form " 32 grafted her 34. Seneler Fin Isdr. 26. Silver peso Ogden 32. Most docfle3-Type of sofa 36. Son of Seth 37, Genus of Maples ". Distort 42. Paddles r \ .w1 of .11 animal. I

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