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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 30, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePage 12 stars and stripes travel december 30, 1999 Page 13 readers see sights most tourists miss by Richard Pyle the associated press Brilliant red ibises Fly in formation Over a dark mangrove swamp in Venezuela. A City it is Tokyo but it could be any one of a Hundred sprawls toward an Uncertain horizon. Camels Parade single file through a Brown desert visually overpowered by their own elongated shadows. These images part of a new photo exhibit and Coffee table Book titled Earth from above stun the Eye. Some among the 200 pictures might cast fleeting doubt on the adage that the camera does not lie. It is hard to believe a picture of a Yellowstone Park Spring its colors ranging the spectrum from dead Brown to impossible Blue is really a photograph until you see the tiny figures on a wooden walk Way. The same is True of Antelope feeding in a Botswana swamp and the Small Silvery plane flying Over Kenya s Lake Magadi. The exhibit on show at the new York Public Library s Library of science Industry and business is the work of Paris born naturalist author and photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand 53. A brochure Calls it a promethean project a record for future generations of the state of our planet at this crucial Point in human evolution in an interview Arthus Ber Trand said he got his Start 25 years ago recording the daily life of family of Lions in Africa from that he gravitated into photography Ashe natural accompaniment of his work in the Field. Then he discovered the helicopter which he Calls a fantastic machine for photography. It gives me an oblique View travel photos by Yann Arthus Bertrand of Harry n. Abrams associated press one off the world s largest colonies of gannet which includes More than 40,000 Birds is seen on the Isle off Eldey 9 Miles South of the icelandic coast in this Aerial photo. The image is part of Earth from of the world and it adds a new dimension to my in this Enesco sponsored project he has carried Aerial photography to a new level depict ing everything from the Earth s geological features to myriad forms of human Endeavor from above. The photos All taken from the air in 60 countries Over a five year period carry a mixed message the Earth As Beautiful As it is is also in danger. Logs being floated Down the Amazon to a Sawmill form a pleas ing herringbone pattern but speak of the progressive destruction of some 10 percent of Bra Zil s native forests threatening the habitat of indigenous populations and. Half the world s Vari Ous species says the Book. Rusted ship hulks sitting Highland dry in Sand dramatize the desertification of Kazakhstan Saral sea once the world s fourth largest Inland body of water no reduced to half its original size by a reckless irrigation or Jeet a Blanket of Snow barely Dis Turbed by tracks of human activity covers the abandoned ukrainian City of Pri Piat whose 50,000 people were evacuated after the april 1986 disaster at the Cherno Byl nuclear Plant. Arthus Bertrand said Pri Piat was one of the Sites where he walked on the ground he was to photograph from the air. You still must Wear a protective suit he said. Rows of old b-52 bombers their War Days done stand wingtip to wingtip in desert storage at Davis Monthan air base in Tucson Ariz across the Globe dozens of smashed rusting iraqi tanks Are up for Sale in a Kuwait junkyard not All the photos have an Omi Nous message. Some Are merely Beautiful or celebrate mans rather than natures artistry in one of the few that Arthus Ber Trand says was set up a Patch work of rugs is Laid out on desert Sand in Marrakech Morocco another is a Sunset bathed Seq i Tower of new York City s Chrysler build ing. Picture after picture challenges the viewer to discover the reality of what at first looks like an abstract painting Brush strokes and All. One must look carefully to realize that what looks like a Green Woolen plaid with a Lone figure in White is Yankee stadium s Outfield during a game. The Pilot got blamed for that picture for going too Low Arthus Bertrand recalled. / Arthus Bertrand said he tries to get people animals or simply a tree into his photos to provide scale. Some pictures Are like looking through a Microscope unless you have something to give it scale he said sailboats Farmers elephants a lonely Oryx All serve that Pur pose in this collection of photos. In at least two Arthus Bertand assistant can barely be seen a tiny figure standing near the Edge of a huge iceberg and on an ice Floe near the North pole the Book s text by various contributors is informative but its organizational Structure captions separate from the photos and no Page numbers for guidance makes identifying the location and subject of pictures an exasperating Arthus Bertrand said he sees the photos through his Lens before he presses the shutter. It is not like shooting sports such As Tennis where you Don t always know what you have taken he Type of Aerial photography has its own obstacles. With Heli copters costing $1,000 to $2,000 an hour timing is crucial. He knows the right time of Day such As late afternoon when lengthening shadows enhance times he must shoot with a-300-mm Lens from High altitudes the helicopter does t spook wild animals or cause people to Stop what they re doing and look up other times he hovers at 50feet or less to get the picture he helicopters were not available he has taken picture from an ultralight aircraft and a Para sail towed by a boat a worker in Thona Kaha Cote d Loire rests on Bales of Cotton in this Aerial photo from Earth from a Camel caravan plods through desert Sands near Nouakchott Mauritania in this Aerial photo. The image is part of a new photo exhibit and Coffee table Book titled Earth from above by Paris born naturalist author and photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand. Tourists walk along the Boardwalk at the Edge of the grand prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming in this Aerial photo from Earth from above i for More travel Reading see a list of popular guidebooks Page 23,

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