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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 30, 1999, Darmstadt, HessePace 18 stars and stripes thursday december 30, 1999 at to tries to Block Bell Atlantic from . Market by Kalpana Srinivasan the associated press Washington at to is taking its Effort to keep Bell Atlantic from becoming a rival in the new York Long distance Busi Ness to the courtroom. On tuesday the nation s top Long Dis Tance Carrier filed a motion seeking to Stop Bell Atlantic from offering Long distance service to its new York local customers a right the company won from Federal regulators last week. The motion was filed by at to along communications a leading player in the data services Market in the . Court of appeals for the District of co Lumbia circuit. It contends that Bell Atlan tic failed to Clear several key Federal regulatory hurdles required for it to provide Long distance in new York. The companies Are seeking to put on hold last week s decision by the Federal communications commission which marked the first time regulators had Given a regional Bell company the go ahead to provide Long distance within their Region. Bell Atlantic said it would Start offering the service Jan. 5 in the $8 billion a year Long distance Market in new York. Under the 1996 telecommunications act a Bell company must show that it has opened up its local monopoly to give rivals a Chance to compete before it can offer Long distance. The acc determined last week that Bell Atlantic had done so. But both Cozad and at to which lease portions of Bell Atlantic s network to offer their services in new York said they Are not getting equal Access to the company s facilities. At to currently leases equipment to offer its competing local phone service in new York while Cozad leases portions of Bell Atlantic s network to provide their data services. The companies say Bell Atlantic discriminates against them in providing services filling orders late or not at All among other problems. At to and Cozad also said the commis Sion in its eagerness to let a Bell company into Long distance went through extraordinary contortions to ignore or excuse Bell Atlantic s failure to satisfy the statutory before filing with the court at to had asked the acc to put its own decision on hold. On monday night the commission said it would not do so and added that at to s petition fails to raise any argument that was not fully considered and addressed by the commission in its decision. Bell Atlantic said it does not expect the motion to change its plan to offer Long Dis Tance service beginning next week. The Way in which our competitors have fought against our application at the acc indicates they will use any and every Means to protect their markets from com petition said Bell Atlantic spokeswoman Susan Butta. We prefer to do Battle with our competitors in the marketplace As opposed to the online drug companies slow to endorse Clinton proposal by Phil Galewitz the associated press new York online drug companies Are withholding a for Mal endorsement of president Clinton s plan to regulate their High flying Industry but concede they could gain from the strategy. Clinton on tuesday proposed giving the food and drug administration new Powers to review and certify drug dispensing web Sites. Violators would face half million Dollar fines for each in fraction. The proposal would Mark the first Federal foray to regulate Busi Nesses on the internet said Washington d.c., health care attorney Keith Korenchuk. This is extremely significant he said because it is a tacit acknowledgement by the White House that current state by state rules can t keep up with the rapidly growing cyberspace health Industry. While executives said they Are worried that Clinton s proposal might duplicate state regulations they said it could curb rogue web Sites which illegally sell drugs without a prescription. Such Sites in addition to posing a health risk to Consumers take away business from established internet drugstores. Clearly anything that gives greater credence and Trust to legitimate online pharmacies is for the Good said or. Matthew thongs a vice president for South san Francisco Calif based plane . is one of four major online drugstores that have started Selling Over the internet in the last two years. The others Are Merck Medico managed care and . These companies All require patients to have a prescription before they fill any or Ders. Though the Industry is projected to have about $44 million in sales this year revenues Are expected to reach nearly $1 billion by 2003, according to Jupiter communications. That still would be less than 1 percent of the total retail prescription drug Market. The established players which Are affiliated with major Brick and mortar drug stores pharmaceutical chains or pharmacy benefits managers have had to com Pete with hundreds of Small operators that often fill prescriptions without requiring a patient to see a doctor. The regulation of drug sales is largely the province of state government which License doctors and pharmacists. But critics say state efforts have lagged in part because internet companies oper ate in multiple states. The Federal plan would require online pharmacies to get Fra certification that they Are legally operating or face sanctions impose fines of $500,000 for each time a site sold a prescription drug to someone without a valid prescription and give the Fra new Power to subpoena the records of online Sites while investigating these operators. The White House also plans a Public education Campaign to advise Consumers How to order drugs safely Over the internet. Tuesday s Market summary indexes 52 High Wetklow name last net chg % it chg % chg 52-wk%chg 11,475.18 3,797.05 336.03 663.50 852.22 4,001.90 1,463.14 439.40 484.46 13,652.84 9,063.26 2,778.56 268.59 572.38 663.10 2,160.93 1,205.46 352.35 381.96 11,146.59 nose Dow Jones industrials. 11,476.71 85.63 Dow Jones transportation 2,944.51 16.83 Dow Jones utilities 283.01 .45 nose composite 644.30 2.06 amex Index 842.53 -.95 Nash a composite 3,972.11 -3.27 up 500 1,457.66 .56 up Midcap 436.69 2.56 Russell 2000 488.48 4.02 Wilshire 5000 13,652.17 25.59 .75.57 .16.32 -.11-.08 .04.59 .83.19 25.00-6.50 -9.388.14 22.28 81.15 18.58 11.31 15.76 20.63 23.13-3.97 -9.467.91 25.61 82.06 17.38 17.51 19.02 20.65 most Active $1 or More name vol of last chg tycoon to Samon lne s Phi Morat to Compaq Lucent s Pfizer a Xerox Wowch Rit Eaid 152913146870 14414999465 9883672650 6324262454 5592051501 35.44 76.50 22.13 50.75 27.25 76.75 33,31 22.25 133.63 11.06 -.13 -2.50 .25 .25 -.38 .81 -.88 .06 4.25 -.50 amex most Active $1 or More name vol 00 last chg Nas loot n sprinter dog Nabors Szmid n cup turn 7672740s45 1672515472 1340111703 1100810526 92148085 178.38146.19 22.565.13 3.5629,94 80.13 2.88 169.38 2.56 -1.13-.09 -2.44 .38.50 .34-.13 -3.311.25 Nash a most Active w w More name vol 00 last chg Legale com n Qiaoqing nil Crofts Intel Amazon s com one s3com 334916292287 155665127549 127068116426 111922101651 9662591996 10,4436.50 51.56 105.19 51.00 117.50 83.00 82.31250.00 46,00 4.6316.00 -75 42.88 -1.63 -2.06 1.19 -.44 2.50 key defense name Valliant holdings Boeing computer sciences mordant technologies engineered sup sys general dynamic general electric Halliburton Harris corp. Allied Signall-3 communications Litton industries Lockheed Martin Newport news Shipel Northrop Grumman prime Raythelon Rockwell corp. Simula inc. Texas instruments Extron inc. United technologies div to .56 to .40 .04 .96 1.64 .50 .20 .68.88 .16 1.60 .30 .80 1.02 1.32 .17 1.30 .80 a 9 21 18 38 8 10 11 51 61 58 21 26 19 13 11 11 12 11 16 10. 19 77 19 18 stocks 1 last 61.56 12.44 41.31 87.00 32.06 11.63 50.69 158.25 39.88 25.38 55.81 41.06 48.94 19.56 28.44 51.81 21.25 24.63 49.31 52.13 5.50 51.75 107.38 74.88 64.19 it chg chg .56 .13 -.13 -.13 .13 -.75 -.25 .38 .88 1.44 -2.19 1.88 -.13s -.13 -.44 .81 -2.38 -.06.38 1.44 3.19 -25.3 8.7 26.6 35.4 -14.5 -21.8 -14.1 55.1 34.6 -19.1 26.0 -11.8 -25.1 -53.8 -15.0 -29.1 -52.4 22.7 -12.9 -24.1 -7.7 150.4 -1.4 18.0 key Mutual funds name Fidelity invest Grol Namer Century inv Ultra Fidelity advisor t Gropp Putnam funds a Erlna p Fidelity invest Groc Fidelity spartan eel do aim funds a const Fidelity invest a mgr aim funds a Weinga Franklin class a Scapa p Scudder funds grow Naim funds a Charta p Putnam funds a Olgra Fidelity invest Oversea Scudder funds into cd Merrill Lynch a Capra Fidelity advisor t Euln Fidelity advisor t Ovresat Lorda Betta Devota Fidelity invest us i Hotchkis & Wiley int Scudder funds devel Scudder funds inc Mmerrill Lynch a feds a Putnam funds a gig a o Nav 46.87 44.31 46.04 18.60 62.60. 51.67 39.26 18.22 29.48 42.78 26.47 18.00 18.07 46.67 69.38 31.72 25.75 23.10 10.19 26.14 42.89 12.24 9.32 11.62 chg. .02 -.17 .15 .12 .36 .02 .07 .02 -.14 .28 .18 -.02 .12 .37 -1.56 .19 .19 .18 of i -.06 .28 -.02 -.01 -.04 Ltd ret. 9.7 36.9 2.5 .4 75.9 19.7 39.9 12.6 32.1 91.1 5.3 30.4 59.9 38.9 54.8 3.4 1.9 38.0 a -1.0 22.2 31.9 -1.5 .9 h.3 Burger King stalled in recalling pokemon toy . Agency says Yale Veiga the associated press Miami Burger King refused to recall a Ball that holds pokemon toys after a 13-month old girl suffocated on the plastic Container acting Only after a Sec Ond problem with the Ball was re ported a Federal official said tuesday. We asked them repeatedly to do a recall or in the very least Stop distribution of the pokemon Ball and they refused on both counts said Russ Rader a . Consumer product safety com Mission spokesman. On monday Burger King is sued a recall for millions of the balls that hold pokemon toys Given away in children s meals the voluntary recall follows the dec. 11 suffocation death of a so Nora calif., girl who was found in her Playpen with half a Ball overhear nose and Mouth. Burger King Learned about he death dec. 15. Rader said his Agency asked the company that Day to Stop distributing the balls and Start a recall while it investigated. They just would t do it Rader said they did t give a the Miami based restaurant Chain began the recall after a Sec Ond problem with the balls was re ported Rader said. An 18-month-old Kansas girl reportedly had a half Ball stuck Over her face Friday but her father pulled it off before she Wasdon Jared. It should t have taken a Sec Ond incident Rader said. Given the seriousness of the circumstances and the fact that a 13-month-old child died it Wouldhave been prudent to Stop distribution and to take this Matte More seriously and react More quickly than they King officials could not be reached for comment lat tuesday. The consumer product safety commission can Force a recall by filing a lawsuit but most Compa Nies agree to a voluntarily recall before it gets to that Point Rade said. The pokemon toys and balls contain no warning. The packaging described them As safety tested and recommended for All the balls measure from2% inches to 3 inches in diameter and can be opened by pulling their two halves apart. Exchange rates military rate japanese yen 100.00 s. Korean won 1,114.00german Mark 1.8938 dutch Guilder 2.1339 euro 0.968285british Pound $1.66 commercial rate Austria Schilling 13.12 Belgium franc 38.28denmark Krone. 6.99 France franc 6.19greece drachma 278.18 Italy lira 1,818.68norway Krone 7.59 Portugal escudo 187.34saudi Arabia Riyal 3.59 Spain peseta 155.480switzerland franc 1.53 Bahrain Dinar 0,37692canada Dollar 1.4514 Egypt Pound 3.4200 Germany Mark 1.9395hong Kong Dollar 7.7712 Hungary forint 252.61israel shekel 4.1490 Philippines peso40.35 Singapore Dollar 1,6655turkey lira 541,350,00 rates above the line Are available at military banking facilities in Germany the Netherlands the . And Iceland and at facilities in Japan and South Korea. Rates below the line Are inter Bank rates for reference when buying currency on the Economy a figures Are foreign currencies to one Dollar except for the British Pound which is dollars to a precious metals London closing fix Gold $290.65silver $5.22 interest rates prime rate 8.50 discount rate 5.00federal funds Market rate 5.50 3-month Bill 5.30 a Yea Bill 5.9730-year Bond 6.48 sources Bank of America associated press

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