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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1960, Page 4

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 30, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseTin Ham and in prosperous 60 reported by catholics Washington toe Kumaras cd Tholle Church reported it enjoy Dot Uro Perout if Tor my i960 in the United 8tat, in of thanked jewish loader who defended k during the prod Nalii com Wrt the Alrh Lighte of a year end report by Tho National ditto if welfare Ron Pivni which mild the Catholic t Hureh in thin county underwent the Joti � � Public Mill any in in Phimory the Tom Fri Are n of a Public new Church rules Hinl will irn into fun i Chan in the not bration of them a lion of Sunn feast Itayen Anil whorl sting of the prayer Privet must my Var a. The Jwo uni re pointed to figure who re indicated i he Church growth. The Catholic imputation Ros to Marr than 4u million an in tie it of Mote i him 3 million or 3,4 per s grown la a target or Lute qty Uteta in tin other record highs for Ihn Church in 1u birth control . 1 described a to Only not Truo ii my in Tjit Mifu owl birth prevention i Kew dimly lie. A Elf Lohli to i i Cath Nlle Church. Divided loyally hut the Thiol Muttu k on Church r iin-,1-. Hie Confor Viu p i in Ilu ainu Kfir by � 4 it ii j ii it a on of of i Tuv have d Pitt Zijic its a ii that u nuts a Ltd f of Sti . F n jul went fur Kofi i itt he to Mill Olla ii to a " � i Nii t l of flu "Thi.1 till it t1 proved l Rol a Iii unit in into if Tii Wiltil the by Lii and i Tomt i fir Huil to Illy ii Educa Tion fun my on of a in 1630. From Thyl open tits of Congo sub Ray in january with Ltd fed Era Aidt be to the Utt we in dope her with tin rioting to new Ort nov a that Conr Durntion him been front Page news. Rarely have no Many Bulc Iksuh and to Kmit bin comity ored in one i2vpln, on the strtig1hriimnt to inn to Bill a a Narni fwd frail Neil a Nof mulled Chw govern provided Tom of Futon a to Insp Ovi us Teiichi Nof of modern find Strone in High it jul Unco Prown mis through r i fran Art pm Ltd Lvi pc Dittl which a Nnoli Del pm to in s Ollic to it no by thin in i Ilic i fir to. Thiol Venlon her inn firmly a Nti ild to Tomt hour and to was i in it to tin i me Hunt it inn Iii Kini Nikki it i i Simf in whirl Rhonl und Rolls Dmitri cum word hit he and i ii Yungr record no mfr i of Twil Ortw Wilson Fil of Solil t non Len Foi us of i Dilc it ton in tin Nison Komi ily 1 Rte list i j n talc Vosloh in or Ilif it ii i it inn by 1h in suits Lac i hut in h i our in ii Fli inti ii hopi Nurt f of Morroy is to i1 in tin it Oil it it Elf i i lev Hilll i h nov Tiffit fuirh1 if raft of la h a i or tin1 int fid stumps will fully a ult my Poti ii Lul at Nepini i Iii it mini Iii Jim Henily foe All our i his Lorn tli1 on a i i i r i it of Noti Long tilt Irwim oji1 it a i in Yri if Wajih the Fri in Toj a Jill Iti i s s to of a1 soul"1 1irliwrt a Vvhs uni id in i tils i if i Soetji Nihil he on in nil and vol Lime. In Itic Opi Iii i of 1h n Wilder he in in s i Tuiuri Juh 4 duct Louil of to Fps t a if the following order f ii new l of. Sci Itol into ovation. U us or i Unnic to not into Tutu Lin it Iii i i Thi Dick Smith and Majk to Lii a Thi Ute capt Nurith in t Public top new York i ithe k in rec Ruthm it glory Ivym Iii Mph Mory i Tuc Merrt a poll in Don ten it Kntie Litif t it Fibush Alt Viilu Riih Hoo it a italian it Wii Burfort. Tit we Vork Ulm rough Lon dec. 1 1. Fowling trim aft run Miccu Atlon to Frew dwt d trip to in pm 4 Ltd nitwit in turd 5 it Jutt a thu an cub Triton mibnturlnc., 7 Mitt urfi of Adolf Elv Hemut mid i Olarle Momti 10. A to Mcmurr of my top u Imp a Tolppi of Ift do. M Faymus Thant of the stars and stripes will a Pimp in Rah Luniw of Jan 1. Kyt or old a Futro Irrl of tin Only Huttl of her fun c enrolled in thai ii newly tote treated we Tim Kranov Hahn no in new t r n t. Dan turban. Four it Bro it Rex or of by it dirt order to that fir to gun def of Vii Whit achoo in while Molher wet up Boycott and if m rept tint court verdict. But til sin during the Ysuf no Jyro Pipih " d a St Hool in Loloi Istrin without ills Tokin took in Itu Minond. Vhf new York City her part Tel Sonji stud Ruth from nil Nevei m to a hit i nah non and Tiroff Down the Trindl Talonn i a rat a lines to permit if i r let Reh nor of the Direk. Thus t spi e thu Foycik Fri new i Leium Sill Wuh not on taif minus do of the h dtipt1, of i Ahkai Iii to a Iuca Tion i mfg ankh by f on Letl iss after u it r of u Cen Tury the f Milci itt uld Iii ii Fili ally i d n u to i solution. Both of f on he Piik i Feller ii Aid it umm s. Hut huh .1 were later h Lyl up by taif i Totine Hutch Tobitt Willhi f Alil Dietl with Lull con atm to tiling it limit. H to the fail crawl did Isufi re Mil re d ii love throughout the the in Limul i m t f a id it tinn Jjo i to Ful Poki it inn for this n n 1 i u n 11 Qulille it Enol i Milliern Eotis i nixed to Flahn for cd re old. I he to Pishl Dellal Del Itei of vice president. Ule hard a Lori Imd sen. John f. Kennedy turned us and him Lii to in need for flout Tild Bilili men i Reed on Ita Ini j Orinin and Huffon d Only in do i. A Niton All a Hulk Otto in Fedi Rul Kiil Wil rein till tin Issue in the i Iii list c1 it n y r n and Many in Dos t Tiit t la will to the year in we Loti uld finally Ihen lid in into Liiva Iii to i Kow fkllowh1111 i Likam to he chit ? �l.t,u4, with thu Iid of a Ford foundation Grunt Tota Ingmore than $20 million the Wood Row i on Kounda loft granted record 1,�x Fellowship to Cott a Gru Dunton in 1600, tie of men on women. Hot cited a it Tao o their prom Lait of Icador shop will be the College of tomorrow More than 10.000 Roll ego stud it Jipp Llyl for Fellows hopi to letting to the importance of Finan to to comp Tunt Bohol attn to the Tenchini prof idiom Ondr the dlr Colon of in he end nut National the pro Wrt it of Edth Banff of of Ninart qut Coll pc faculty Wethly ars the Colleg faculty shortage will Rich 380,000, the we a foundation u nth Kitty it Aona Trae Tiv mov to a a the faculty from to Jornt Lotf �n4 inducing Btl aft fat in r4 a cwt to to nor m prof Sulon 4 the Jim wh1tk conf Bonok on child blk Ani Voith. This we plainly on of the bin educational it Orins of the yet. Seven Thoun und a treat me from March 77 to april a and pm hrs 1.900 Resolution a a Langwith due fatten youth Kcf prob pm of childhood. Prominent Tottori to a did m did Inderg of labor Bui Nwa in of the Community i cooperation with loan to and Fention Wilt a a a ran ult of the Ford Grant. 6 Junior iiio1i 8oiiooi, be i k pc i by Conant continuing i study oath Nett fair u Puble schools con it film Altu of Hirv Atni University completed Hon report on the Junior High a hots. This Fol Lowed by u year his major study of the a Orlenn High school Conant report recommended in the Junior blah pro Conant should a on the or on bunts him Point pro urn to strengthen Junior Hlili or Hunt vhf utter is n til for t disc Ditont for 7-Ohowth of no year for to Yowa Back and in country i Tahlon the cold War to the fund so tatrt�8t�wb, a larg a in Iclal a to unlit Rtula dpn4budgh Ort the rement and on Prev fat Uit tonn and foundation Eftev i projects help with changing the Moat recent of a the Field of tale Nee our. Pyrich ology and viol it it emphasis lotto provide to Africa ten Ali a brought oct the important often Chang. More than int from 130 foreign nov stud plug in our a i Horne 300 Jovo h from Africa in thl to few the Ned con be i unrest in All the Cong Only fio University 0 Kulko Lmh in Basic Mufti Ctm Duth to re form try Tho tethys of school and the Colt a ton Board him pointed flaw in the teaching of High i Tullah. The non o the boar changes. The touching of physic Thott re the Rottach program under Way af$ffcftchu4�tt Tuta of tech Stefy such form May rtt to our Nehomia the Browtt Ftp a. Tion. Thy a Lii a Tutor it amerlean Edu Watson. The it Haw Jiow Conw into the Nam in inc Ensing numb a it went Prog Tim of the air Totev Talon institution who to or to next month it of Trot Nina exch run it with Gortul my Navy All Khaki col Motway t. Mith jr., Usa 1 it coi John j. Cart Follo Ujazd pity Ainoo in Init ,.,. Jack Tui Homer a. Waitl a if it met d. Hank ,.,.wa1ninotono0iid dlr Tingry of it Lur dul Nolano South Koi Styc at a Al Ken my i 471 Wuhan Nukari hts 1 fat in my a aim a Ajaj it to vow a Al Jim Vii Vii i Audi. I mar fort Sci Tsui wow Law a c ?sm4, no of two Ami i Wii Ami to to i. In Ftp he Uitz to in by hit.n.y., at

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