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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 29, 1999, Darmstadt, Hesse Thomas e. Kelsch publisher George m. Webb chief operating officer Max Lederer general manager Europe it. Col Barry Williams Usan commander Deputy general manager news and editorial Bill Walker european editor Doug Clawson managing editor Europe Kimberly Mielcarek Andy Savoie european desk editor letters editor Joe Gromelski electronic edition editor assistant managing editors Chris Carlson news Harry Thompson sports cherish May graphics Brian Bowers features addresses . Mail unit 29480, Apo a 09211 International mail Postrach 1330, 64345 Griesheim Germany fax Dan 349-8416 Civ. 49 0 6155/601416 email news letters Central office 529 14th Street new suite 350 Washington do 20045-1301 phone Dan 312-763-0900 or Civ. 1 202 761-0900 fax 1 202 761-0890 ombudsman currently vacant. Send comments to director afis 601 n. Fairfax Alexandria a 22314 or email How to Call us commander publisher Dan 349-8202 Civ. 49 0 6155/ 601202 editor Dan 349-8237 Civ. 49 0 6155/601237 letters Dan 349-8400 Civ. 49 0 6155/601400 sports Dan 349-8225 Civ. 49 0 6155/601225_ news bureaus Germany country code 49 Bamberg Sally Roberts unit 27535, Box 23497, Apo a 09139 Tel. Dan 469-7957 or Civ. 0 951/36896 fax Dan 469-8007 or Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Heidelberg Marion Callahan room 117, Rome str. 104, 69115 Heidelberg Tel. Dan 370-7010 or Civ. 0 6221/600554 fax Civ. 0 6221/23421 email Kaiserslautern Kevin Dougherty and Cory Lancaster Apo a 09227-3717 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan 489-6357 or Civ. 0 631/5366357 email , Span Dahlem Kevin Dougherty building 125, Apo a 09126 Tel. Dan 489-6585 or Civ. 0 631/52104 or 0 631/57140 fax Dan 489-6357 or Civ. 0 631/5366357 email Dougherty mail. Stuttgart Cindy Elmore building 3307, 3rd floor Kelley Barracks Apo a 09107 Tel. Dan 421-2088 or Civ. 0 711/ 7292088 fax Civ. 0 711/729-2337 email . Wurzburg Richelle Turner Collins unit 26233, Apo a 09036 Tel. Dan 350-6308 or Civ. 0 931/700541 fax Civ. 0 951/300-8007 email Belgium Mons Gregory Piatt car 451, Box 188, Apo a 09708 Tel. Dan 423-5317 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5317 fax Dan 423-5352 or Civ. 32 0 65/44-5352 email Italy Aviano Gary Kunich pc 54, Box 782, Apo a 09601 Tel. Dan 632-5176 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5176 fax Dan 632-5222 or Civ. 39 0434 66-5222 email Naples Ward Sanderson and Keith Boydston pc 810, Box 56, Fpo a 09619 Tel. Dan 625-3527/3528 or Civ. 39 081 0724-3527/3528 fax Dan 625-3526 or Civ. 391 081 0724-3526 email , Simonella Sicily Jon r. Anderson and Anthony Burgos pc 812, Box 3520, Fpo a 09627-3520 Tel. Dan 624-2590 or Civ. 391 095 86-2590 fax Dan 624-2589 or Civ. 391 095 86-2589 email , a Spain Rota Marni Mcentee pc 819, Box 1, Fpo a 09645 Tel. Dan 727-1099/1686 or Civ. 34 0956 82-1099 fax Dan 7271034 or Civ. 34 0956 82-1034 email Bosnia Tula stars and stripes operation joint forge Apo a 09789 Tel. Civ. 387 0 75/814-167 email maced0nia-k0s0v0 Skopje stars and stripes Ulica Naum Ohri ski 49, Skopje Cernica Macedonia Tel. Civ. 389 0 91-110024 email Turkey Izmir Terry Boyd room 509, Akin building Alsan Cak Izmir mailing address stars and stripes co Boyd pc 88, Box 3137, Apo a 09821 Tel. Dan 675-3388 or Civ. 190 232-441-6488 United kingdom Raf Mildenhall Ron Jensen building 465 Cess us Raf Milden Hall Apo a 09459 Tel. Dan 238-4868 or Civ. 441 0 1638/544868 fax Civ. 44 0 1638/ 718013 email Washington . Chuck Vinch and Jason Sandford Oast a the Pentagon room 2e756, . Box 46095, Washington do 20050-6095 Tel Civ. I 1j 703 697-6695 fax Civ. 1 1 703 693-6366 email , this newspaper is an authorized unofficial publication for members of the military services overseas. Contents of stars and stripes do not necessarily reflect the views of or endorsement by the . Government the department of defense or the . European command. The appearance of advertising in this publication including inserts and supplements does not constitute endorsement by the department of defense or stars and stripes of the products or services advertised. Printed in the United kingdom by 2000 print services Ltd. Printed in Italy by edit Rice Tel Estampa by Mai b amp up Ujj Jug b b b b b b Bumm b b b b b a Christmas on an radio Well an you have done it again. Here i am preparing my Christmas eve dinner and what is on the radio reruns of old Rush Limbaugh and or. Laura programs. Give me a break i do not have anything against Rush or or. Laura but on Christmas eve and reruns yet. Can to anyone find an old tape of Christmas music from previous years Back in the Good old Days i can remember nothing but Christmas music for Days before Christmas. Forgive me for complaining about that programming. Or is this my punishment for not appreciating a Good thing it was certainly better than hearing Rush bragging about having dinner with William f. Buckley jr., and or. Laura berating someone who was foolish enough to Call her. Where was my Holiday spirit on the other hand at least an aired periodic air Force radar updates on Santa a Progress from the North pole. They had better keep track of him because he probably brought them a Little precision guided gift aimed at their transmitter. Bob Kuhlo Ramstein air base Germany War and peace recently i came across an article about West Point and the army in rolling Stone Magazine. One of the Central issues that the article focused on was the army a current problem with retaining Quality officers and soldiers. This article and a Survey that i received from West Point regarding this same Issue moved me to write this letter. When i graduated from West Point in 1996, i believed that i would spend the next Twenty years of my life in the military. West Point had done a wonderful Job of inspiring me to serve my county and instilled a True desire to Lead our most precious resource the american Soldier. I chose Armor As my Branch and went on to airborne air assault and Ranger schools All so that i would be worthy of wearing my rank and leading our soldiers in combat. This is what i believed West Point and the army had claimed As its Mission for an officer in its armed forces. Since arriving in Germany in 1997, i have seen the army move further and further away from its primary War fighting Mission. I have watched As its Junior officer corps has become More and More inexperienced As it is pushed up the ranks to fill the holes left by captains who have left for Green pastures in the civilian world. We Are leaving the army because the army a senior leadership has drifted from its wartime Mission and failed miserably to take care of its soldiers. Idly we sit by while our soldiers receive inadequate pay and Brown amp Root employees make More than $50,000 for operating septic trucks. Patiently we wait while our soldiers Are sent to Kosovo for an eight month deploy doonesbury Tell us what you think stars and stripes welcomes your comments on editorials and columns that Are published in the newspaper and values letters on topics of importance in the lives of our readers. All letters must be signed and must include the writers address or base and Telephone number. We Reserve the right to edit letters for length. Send your tetters to . Mail stars and stripes unit 29480 Apo a 09211 International mail stars and stripes Postrach 1330 64345 Griesheim via fax country code 49 0 6155/601395 Dan 349-8395 email ment away from their families with no leave in a vain attempt to end a conflict that both sides have no desire to end. Quietly we wait while the generals dismantle the most awesome armoured Force that the world has Ever seen and attempt to replace it with a a smarter and cheaper wheeled Armor Force a a tailored to today slow intensity conflicts. America we tried this once before and paid dearly for it during the beginning of world War ii. We will not be martyrs for senior officers who Are exploiting our safety for an a a excellence Block on an officer evaluation report. If you want to keep Quality officers cos and soldiers in the army Stop wasting our resources on pointless deployments. Invest this Money on repairing and modernizing the Force taking care of soldiers and their families and improving living conditions at Home in America not in Kosovo Bosnia and Haiti. We need to let the soldiers do their jobs and Stop wasting Money on civilian contractors. Let the lieutenants Lead their platoons for longer than nine months. Let the engineers build our base Camps. Let the cos develop our soldiers. Finally let the soldiers fight for their country and not waste their lives for countries that have no desire for peace. 1st it. A. John Sabino Camp Monteith Kosovo maps fight too this is in response to the letter . 26 a dedicated i agree with the writer in that Cooks receive very Little appreciation. However she was incorrect when she referred to military police As noncombat personnel. Maps spend More time training for combat than they do anything else. Some of the wartime responsibilities of military police Are enemy prisoners of War patrolling Supply routes Battlefield circulation control and rear area Security. Rear area Security implies that maps Are noncombat but in the event of War some of the most intense fighting will occur in the rear. This is because Many nations which pose the threat of armed conflict with the United states have fashioned their Battle doctrine after that of the former user which involves sending specialized units into the rear to cause havoc disrupt communications and Block Supply routes. Another copied soviet tactic is to spearhead an entire division or More into the rear regardless of the amount of casualties because it is believed to be a War winning tactic. Maps Are Best suited for this Type of Battle because they Are highly Mobile and heavily armed. They Are Well trained and motivated. A three Man team is capable of operating independently of the company platoon or even the squad should the need arise. Perhaps this is Why the military police corps is referred to As a the Force of to Call maps noncombat personnel is absurd. Personally i would never refer to any mos As a noncombat a for the same reasons i stated earlier. Those soldiers who Are a in the rear with the gear May find themselves in the fight of their lives which is Why All soldiers continuously train. Sgt. Paul r. Cormier Kitzinger Germany wrong hearing held i am appalled that a commander can take felony any crime that carries More than a year in prison charges of rape and kidnapping and dispose of them under article 15, Ucma nonjudicial punishment. Sgt. Mag. Riley Miller allegedly committed crimes that carry years in prison if convicted but the commander chose to give him an article 15. The maximum punishment that a no can get under article 15, Ucma is 45 Days extra duty in a supervisory capacity 60 Days restriction and forfeiture of half months pay for two months. That is nothing compared to years in prison dishonourable discharge forfeiture of All pay and allowances and a criminal record for life As a sex offender. What does this Tell Young soldiers about reporting abuse from their leaders they already know that if those kinds of charges were brought against a private he or she would be court Martiale. So what about the Usa eur command sergeant major i think Congress and the president of the United states need to re evaluate the purpose of article 15, Ucma and make some changes. The Fate of felony charges should not be left to the discretion of commanders who have no Law experience but to the discretion of a prosecutor. Article 15s should be Only for alleged crimes that Are misdemeanours. This com just got off on serous charges at the expense of the Soldier who reported the abuse. Courtney s Kerr Bamberg Germany by Garry Trudeau in3bp50mz Jazm Canp Lue womb put pm Auppl amp a someone the Public can imagine a first Ltd apy f 5nzcas-

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