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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 28, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseBy John Krueger staff writer silence has made a Star of Marce Marceau Golden boy of the masterful French mime is breaking with his speechless tradition for a speaking film role his first in the erotic space fantasy Barbarella wit Jane Fonda. And next year the 44-year-old Butch or s son from Strasbourg plans to open the Marcel Marceau school for mimesis Paris. His classic stage performances have been seen in 52 countries. In addition he has made an hour Long color film entitled the visual world of Marcel Marceau in which his Gamut of roles particularly the Ages of Man is pre served for that the heavily made up Man in the White face has any plans for retirement. As Long As i am healthy he told London reporter during a recent rare interview i shall go on for at Leas another 15 men Marceau says Are More conceited about age than women. Women Are so flagrant about tamper ing with their years that no one takes them seriously while the men pretend they Are just two or three years what does age really matter asked Marceau. It ail depends on what you have achieved in and what has he achieved originally an Art student Marceau has risen to the top of the painstaking profession of pantomime. However his paintings Are also exhibited after world War ii service with the French resistance and then the 1starmy, he entered the theater. In 1947 he created the pasty faced Deadpan character of Bip who has become his trademark. A year later he mime Marceau Speaks in movie breaking his Bip inset silence. Founded his own company of mimes an began a career of award winning performances. His awards include a 1955american to emmy. The greatest living exponent of mime has found that audiences have the same reaction the world Over since no matter what the political climate or the worries of the individual Funda mental problems and understanding Are the same he has always found the Public Muchmore sympathetic than the critics be cause the Public watch with according to Marceau the most tragic thing for a Man is to be unable to prefer to communicate without the use of words. There Are too Many false values. People Are confused. Truth often comes from those like painters writers and sculptors who work in As for Marceau he lets his eloquent gestures speak for themselves. Dear Ann Landers my Hus band became disgusted with the Way our 16-year-old son Rod had been wearing his hair. The boy liked it full on the sideband a lot longer than my Hus band thought was repeated suggestions that Rod get a haircut Allig nored my husband decided to teach his son a lesson by let Ting his own hair grow Long so the boy could see what i looks like. My husband s hair is very curly and after four weeks without a haircut he looked As if he was wearing alright wig next monday is parents night at the High school. This morn ing Rod asked his dad to please get a haircut before he showed up at school. His dad replied my hair does t look any worse than yours but i la Geta haircut tomorrow if you said he would t get a Short haircut but he d let the Barber trim off a couple of at the dinner table i sat with two very attractive Well groomed gentlemen. I thought i d let you know How the hair problem was solved in at least one dear relieved the solution Page 14 took a lot of courage. Not everyman would or could do it. I la bet your husband is self employed. Most Bosses would not put up with Long curls on Aman who is trying to teach his son a lesson dear Ann Landers i am 30,attractive, unmarried Success Ful in business and have turned Down some promising Young men who wanted to marry i m too fussy. In Retro Spect i regret my past mis takes but there s no Point in crying about that now. The present crisis is some thing i need help with. A Bachelor age 40, has Bee quite attentive for five months. Our vacations fall at exactly the same time. He has asked me to take a trip with him a Cross country drive with stops wherever we Felt like it no set itinerary. Of course everything would be strictly on the up and up separate hotel and Motel accommodation Sand no Hanky Panky. At first he mentioned it Asa joke and then he became serious. I am beginning to think it s a Good . I would not sneak out of town wit him. I d Tell everyone and be perfectly open and aboveboard. What do you think it would do to my reputation need your advice still mulling dear still the trip you have in mind would Muddy your reputation without a doubt. While you May mean business about the brother sister act nobody would believe it and frankly your chances for pulling it off Are mighty slim. You will Fin that for every immobile object there s an irresistible old fashioned custom called marriage would make the trip completely respect Able. I wonder Why he has thought of it. Dear Ann Landers no Earth shaking problem this one but i d like to help a Sweet kid who came to work in this office three weeks ago. She s froma Small town and probably does t know any better. Everyday she comes to work dressed As if she s going to a wears beaded dresses lace feathers and fur and i suspect she has shortened someone s cast off evening gowns. Should Tell her at the risk of Hurt ing her feelings big dear big offer to shop with her for some office Type clothes. The Sweet kid obviously needs a Friend. Be one. 1967. Publishers Hall Syndicate the stars and stripes traitor treated at hero in reference to your Centrefold feature article Hie code break ers in your nov. 22 Issue i believe that you treated a traitor As a hero namely Herbert Yardley 1 am Reading the broke sea by Ladislas Farago who states in chapter 5 gentlemen do not read Bach other s mail that Herbert Yardley for $7,000gave the japanese All the secrets of the Black chamber Page 58. This act thereby helped Japan tighten its Security and therefore limit our military effectiveness. 1 would appreciate your looking into this matter. Leslie m. Kosseff editor s note Ladislas Farago s Book published earlier this year gives this account of Yar Ley s alleged treachery in 1928 Yardley approached a japanese newsman who referred him to a japanese embassy official in Washington. Yardley met the official Setsuzo Sawada and offered to give him the secret of the american Black chamber for $10,000. They eventually agreed on $7,000 and two japanese officials flew to Washington. Yardley told them his methods and gave them copies of his worksheets and solutions to other codes including those of the British foreign office. Yardley also agreed to Cut Back his work on japanese messages. Farago states that Yardley turned traitor because he Felt . Government had been ungrateful and disloyal. He also needed Money to finance his private life his gambling and his liquor according to Farago. Sawada supposedly asked him Why he was willing to sell out when he had a Good Job and was making a Lotof Money and reported that Yardley replied simple sir. It just so happens that 1 need More Farago s account is based entirely on captured japanese foreign ministry documents in the Library of Congress. The documents were microfilmed in 1949-51, but Farago says this is the firs time the Story has been told. Asked about this account David Kahn author of the code Breakers said he came across Farago s Book too late to incorporate any of it in his text. Kahn says he does not share Farago opinion that Yardley turned traitor. He notes that the first document cited by Farago is dated june10,1931, although the alleged treason took place in 1928. Moreover this was 10 Days after the publication of Yardley s Book on the american Black chamber describing How Yardley had broken the japanese codes. This timing says Kahn leads me to believe that the document was a fabrication intended to Black Yardley and thereby save face. Or. Farago could find no 1028 documents dealing with what would have been a sensational revelation though documents of an equal secrecy and dealing with crypt logic matters of this period have been Kahn also states that none of the professional cryptology its wit whom he spoke Ever mentioned this alleged treason though in Many cases they had Little love for Yardley and had interrogated japanese cryptology its after world War finally Kahn says the whole tone of Yardley s personality As it conies through his writing is one of a simple direct honest Man. He liked drinking poker playing and women. But i do no think he got the Money for these pleasures by turning traitor my impression is that such a betrayal would have been utterly alien to his airman wants army warrant i have applied for the army warrant officer program and a now in the air Force enlisted with Isy 2 years service. The warrant officer program carries a three year duty commitment. If at the end of this three year period As an army warrant offi cer i was not selected for continuation on Active duty would i be Able to return to the air Force on my present enlisted Grade or would i be Able to enlist in the . Army at my air Force Grade name withheld by request editor s note he Safe replies airmen Are not authorized to hold a Reserve warrant in a . Armed Force other than the air Force. If released from extended Active duty Ead i warrant officer status the applicant should Contact the nearest air Force Reserve unit to obtain information on procedures for Transfer to the air Force Reserve. Action must be completed prior to enlistment As All warrants Are revoked automatically As of the Date of enlistment. All former officers require Usan pc Usan military personnel Center Lackland fab Texas authorization to enlist. Application for authority to enlist must be submitted no later than 30 Days after receipt of official notification of commissioned separation. The applicant is authorized to enlist in the air Force in his highest permanent enlisted Grad held immediately preceding discharge to serve on Ead As an officer or e4, whichever is higher. The authorization is found Nair Force manual 33-3, chapter 4. Credit might involve risk while federally sponsored credit unions Are of great value to the members who borrow Why is it that newspaper articles and the armed forces radio never mention the risk involved to the depositors first the deposits Are not insured. Second bankruptcy is no unknown. The fort Rucker ala., credit Union went bankrupt about eight years ago and i received Only 49 cents settlement on the Dollar. For taking this risk members usually receive about 5 per cent interest i.e., fort Eustic Federal credit Union if so voted by the directors. There is no guarantee that interest will be paid. It. Col. Fred f. Germany thursday december 28, 1967

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