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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 26, 1999, Darmstadt, Hesse File photo the associated press people gather across the Street from the new York Stock Exchange on new York oct. 24,1929. Thousands of investors lost their savings in the worst Stock Market crash in Wall Street history on oct. 29,1929, after a five Day frenzy of heavy trading. The great depression followed. A history by Thomas Hargrove Scripps Howard news service the world convulsed in a dozen directions during the turbulent 20th Century. At the beginning of the Century the typical human was an illiterate Farmer with a life expectancy of less than 45 years who lived in a nation ruled by a King or an emperor. Now at the Dawn of a new millennium nearly two thirds of the worlds population lives in a democracy thanks to often bloody struggles to overthrow 25 monarchies and empires. Most people now live in or near a major City. The majority can read and write have Access to telecommunication technologies and enjoy a global life expectancy at least 22 years longer than that of their grandparents. But the Price paid for these advances was staggering. At least 180 million people perished in wars or human engineered tragedies such As Mao a infamous a great leap Forward Campaign to redesign China a agricultural system that resulted in massive famine the 50 Mil lion who died during world War ii made that six year struggle the bloodiest in history. Even so statistically oriented an Era As ours has had difficulty keeping an accurate body count in the struggles against empires fascism communism and finally local warlords and regional politicians guilty of a ethnic historians do agree however that no other Century suffered More sheer Slaughter. The United states threaded its Way cautiously through this carnage rising from its Frontier agrarian beginning to become a major industrialized Power earning the respect of european nations by tipping the balance during world War i. The Century would provide even More Stark opportunities to prove americans greatness. But the Rise to undisputed superpower status was a roller coaster trip that often challenged our National optimism. A we in America today Are nearer the final Triumph Over poverty than Ever before in the history of any land a boasted presidential candidate Herbert Hoover in 1928, it All came tumbling Down on signal corps file photo the associated press american assault troops carry equipment As they move onto a beachhead in Northern France on june 7,1944, during operation overlord which included the a Day invasion. The Harbor in the background is filled with numerous Craft awaiting Landing orders. A Black tuesday a oct 29, 1929, the great depression that followed was both awful and global in its political consequences a soil exists for the people who possess the Force to take it a wrote a brooding Adolf Hitler in the first edition of mein kampf published in 1925, a Mankind has grown Strong in eternal struggles and it will Only perish through eternal a sophisticated nation like ii two kinds of people Are staying on this Beach. The dead and those who Are Gonna die. Now lets get the hell out of Here of tool , Taylor to his troops of the 1st infantry division on Omaha Beach on a Day Germany might normally have ignored such ravings but years of economic suffering produced a National desperation that Hitler seized. America had to form yet another global Alliance to overcome the political mistakes of others. A two kinds of people Are staying on this Beach a a grim col. . Taylor told his troops of the 1st army division on Omaha Beach on a Day. A the dead and those who Are Gonna die. Now lets get the hell out of after Allied troops marched into Rome Berlin and Tokyo world leaders began reaching a truly global consensus. The end of the worlds bloodiest War brought the beginning of the United nations and sincere attempts to develop world Law. Fear of the soviet Union produced a permanent military Alliance in nato creating a worldwide standing army and Navy a whether you like it or not history is on our Side a bragged soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev shortly before the successful launch of sputnik. But America see Century on Page 4

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