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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 25, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes monday december 25, 1967 Bays longer. But no warmer Ever try heating an Earth fast promotion col. Robin Olds smiles at the mystery of the four stars As he tries out his chair As the new Comman Dant of cadets at the air Force Academy in Colorado Anonymous artist placed the stars on the chair to represent four migs shot Down by Olds during combat in Vietnam. Up Washington up the Northern hemisphere s Winter be Gan Friday. That s what the astronomers say. At 2 17 . Get Friday the Sun reached farthest South in its apparent travels above and be Low the Equator. At that moment the so called Winter sol Stice it Hung briefly above a Point on Earth roughly2,050 Miles West of Africa and 1,075 Miles South of ascension Island in the South Atlantic. Then it started North again. Soil the Sun is on the Way Back to the North temperate zones How come it is Winter and not Spring that Imp ends Well you be got to remember that the Earth s Axis of rotation is tilted by about 23.5 degree from the plane of its orbit around the Sun. If you Don t remember take it on Faith. In the Earth s unceasing around the Sun its North pole at times leans toward the source of All heavenly warmth and at times leans away from produces the illusion that the Sun moves Back and Forth North and South across the sky. This is Why we have , naturally when the Sun goes South the North cools off and vice versa. So now that the Sun has turned around and started North again we in the North Are about to have Spring an summer. No no no. This is the Winter solstice and it is not Spring that acumen in As Chau cer phrased it. But since this is the Astron omers say the shortest Day of the year Why should t subsequent Days in this hemisphere with More and More sunlight flooding Down be warmer Days and Why should t another win Ter set in when the Days Start shortening again around june22? ask a weather scientist and Hewill explain that the Earth is a fairly big body and that it takes time to heat it up and Cool it off. Therefore there is a lag be tween the Onset of seasons As dated by astronomers and As experienced by people. Look at it this Way the Earth is a fairly big body. It weighs about 6.6 Sextil Lionton. It is hot susceptible to in Stant heating or Cooling. When the Sun started North again Fri Day the Northern hemisphere was still in a Cooling stage. If you Don t believe it wait and see what january february an March have in store on june 22, the Northern hemisphere will be receiving More heat from the Sun than at another time in the year. But the ground will still be too cold to radiate Back into the atmosphere As much heat As it has the temperature will continue to Rise for several week until a balance is reached be tween the hemisphere s recep Tion and radiation of heat. Hence the lag Between the Sun position and its effect on earthly questions consult your encyclopedia. Good news Nuku Puu is alive Well on Maui Washington up a hawaiian Bird which has been considered extinct for 71 years has been sighted in a dense rain Forest on the Island of Maui government wildlife officials say. The tiny Bird with the Tongue twisting name of Maui Nuku Puu pronounced maw be Noo Koo poo of has been spotted twice. The Nuku Puu is a Small Perch ing Bird with a Long Down curving Bill and tubular Tongue for extracting nectar. It is Only 4 or 5 inches Long and has drab colors of yellow Light Green and Gray making it what one wildlife official called a sort of an ugly duckling in an area which abounds with brightly coloured tropical a result of the two positive sightings of the Nuku Puu an sightings of other rare Birds the nature conservancy a powerful private conservation group staking action to acquire a Large area on the Island to preserve the Birds habitat and better their chances for first confirmed sighting of the Nuku Puu which is native Only to Maui was made earlier this year by Winston Banko a Fiel biologist for the Interior depart members of a scientific team investigating the Are sighted three other Birds which Are on the International endangered species list the crested Honey creeper the Maui creeper and the Maui Parrot Bill. The second sighting of the no Kupus was made by a Park Ranger several Days later deeper inthe rain Forest. The distance be tween the two sightings leads ornithology experts to believe that there Are at least two curious curios = Washington a a the Federal Trade com 5 = Mission says fairways manufacturing co., St. A e Louis has promised to be Stop misrepresenting cd e 5 Rios it distributes Asau is thetic american Indian e = handicraft. A Many of the Knick e s Knacks said the Etc Are be made in Japan. E produces grab Bagel of Catholic jokes jewish Iluigi Kristi is pulls a switch new York up when Catholic plays Golf he can t be told from a protestant or a atheist. They All yell but the jewish golfer always gives himself away says Gerry Blumenfeld. He Calls out $3.98."it s a laughing matter talking with mrs. Blumenfeld who after writing two jewish humor books now has produced a Catholic joke so what s a jewish woman do ing writing a Catholic Book it s ecumenical for one another it s Apt to help the author support a yen to first Book some of my Best jokes Are jewish sold tens of thousands of copies. When it came out a Catholic Friend asked her Why not a Catholic joke Book so mrs. Blumenfeld former chairman of the anti defamation league of b Nai birth and Active in the Council of jewish women and Hadassah started collecting Catholic corresponded with card Inal Richard dishing of Boston and with priests and nuns. Pretty soon she was laughing Smuch at Catholic jokes As she was at jewish new jewish jokes Are in army times tells Why it rejected firm s ads Washington is the army times saturday answered another portion of a Congress Man s attack on them for carry ing loan shark rep. John m. Murphy d-n.y., accused the army times and its sister publications the Navy and air Force times of carrying the advertisements of financial leeches while rejecting the advertising of reputable Banks and leading institutions. Following this attack the three papers replied that they adhered strictly to department of defens directives dealing with the subject. They did not then name the firm they rejected. Nor did Murphy name the companies whose advertising he said was refused. But army time executives said saturday they did refuse to take ads from a Newyork company military Pur Chase system whose former advertising Agency they claimed owed the times thousands of Dol Lars for maps ads which had run earlier. Maps was associated with the Franklin National Bank aloof new York the congressman s Home state the army time said. Maps advertises it charges 12per cent interest on Loans plus a membership fee. The time papers charged it has been wag ing a Campaign against them be cause they have refused to take maps said a $423.90 loan advertised in the army times at Only $30 per month for 18 months looks pretty Good to someone in need of Money an since the Serviceman can usually get such a loan by merely sign ing his name it is hard to turn Down. The advertisement do snot say however that the in Terest on such a loan would be34.6 per cent a year and would Cost $116.10."the advertisement in question the times said in its new reply clearly indicates the monthly charges and length of did Murphy anyone could figure out the Cost of the loan no Apple far teacher spells an v for him Cincinnati up instead of bringing an Apple to his teacher Herbert Howard 18, of Cincinnati threatened to break her neck if he did t get certain Grade in his English was sentenced to 30 Days in the City workhouse and fined $100 for disorderly teacher Susan Garrity testified in court that he entered her classroom nov. 22 and threatened to break her neck if he did t get a a in English so he would t have to drop out of school and be drafted into the service. From the and. The form used inthe ads is in conformance with defense department approve rules the papers said. In a letter to maps president William a. Fio Rito Joseph e. Keller lawyer for the papers said that the ads would not be used because they attack other times advertisers. Keller added it has been the company s policy not to allow an advertise to use our publications to attack or disparage another company services or products. This is a sound and reasonable policy an adopted by leading publishers. Your advertising copy com pared your charges with those of five other companies. Quite apart from the accuracy of the data you submitted which has no been confirmed we have never permitted this kind of copy incur publications. We would not permit other companies to attack your com Pany in advertising and quit properly we cannot permit you to follow such a policy. Tales from the Bagel the Catholic ones Are in cracks in the her husband a new executive thought fish and quips would be Good title for the Catholic joke Book. That was torpedoed. Cath Olics lifted the ban on eating meat on Friday. Mrs. Blumenfeld dedicated the Catholic Book respectfully. To the memory of Pope John Xin whose Benevolence and humanity made it easier for people of All faiths to the Bagel lancers Book i dedicated to her husband who has generously shared my Joys my sorrows and my Pope John figures in the first joke in each Book different jokes. The Catholic Pope John joke the first time Pope John Xxiii was carried on the papal throne the asked How much did Pacelli weigh without waiting for a answer he added from new on your salary is doubled " the jewish Pope John joke this jewish Man started from nothing and made his Mark inthe clothing business. When he retired his family gave him Atrip to Europe. One Day from Rome papa wrote mama and i had a wonderful experience today we had an audience with Pope John. Mam and i stood Only about two feet from him. He is the sweetest gentlest Man about a size 44

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