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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 22, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseFriday december 22, 1967 the stars and stripes Page 5 test of Speed this Gas Turbine train has attained a Speed of 170 Miles per hour Over Pennsylvania . Straightway track Between Trenton and new Brunswick . Up Gas Turbine train hits 170 . Princeton Junction,. A a passenger train powered by Gas Turbine engine similar to those used in Jet air Craft reached speeds of 170miles an hour As it shot through the Barren Central new Jersey Countryside wednesday. The United aircraft corp.,manufacturers of the Turbo train claimed the Speed was record for a passenger train in the United firm held two special test runs to publicize the Turbine powered trains which Are designed for future passenger service on the Northeast Corri Dor Between Boston and new York. The trains will be operated by the new Haven Railroad under contract to the department. Wednesday s test runs were conducted on the tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad which has coaxed its own experimental electrically powered train sup to speeds of about 150 Miles an hour. Horizontal1. Son of noah4. George 8. Dimple12. Past 13. Charl Slamb 14. Lake 15. Songbirds17. An ancient weight 18. Adam and 19. Moral21. Dormant 24. Goddess of Dawn 25. Constella Tion. 26. Cask28. Postpone 32. Slave84. Fish 86. Identical37. Helen 8.9. Request payment 41. Tear 42. Deep Groove 44. Blunders46. Restricted co. Promise51. Learning 52. Minister56. Disclosed 57. Navigate58. Zodiac sign69. Examina Tion 60. Epochs61. Limb vertical 1. Headwear2. Khan & financial4. University official 5. Pub specialty6. Ignite 7. Flavor8. Deaths answer to yesterday s Puzzle. A d average time of solution is Man Ute. 9. Scandi Navian name 10. Spanish ship 11. Duck16. Salutation 20. Wooden rough 21. Whip22. Region 23. Pull27. Wicked 29 adieu30. Arabian chieftain31. Corded fabrics33. Turbulence 35. Polish38. Dine 40. Literary forms 43. Concise45. Conjunct tion46. Coagulate 47. Cord48. War god. 49. Expensive53. By Way of 54. Born55. Canine 1 12. 15 21 a 32 1 ? 47 in 36 34 43 52. 57 to 19 27 39 49 24 235 44 20 2ft 40 so a 14 17 45 29 41 5d 10 30 s4 ii 31 iz.-22. . Sen. Claiborne Pell d-r.i., a leading sponsor of Feder Al legislation to promote development of High Speed transportation took the test run wednes Day his first he said at speeds above 120 Miles per hour. It was a dream come True the senator remarked As the Turbo train easily slowed to Ahalt in the Trenton station at the end of its second High Speed run from new Brunswick about 30 Miles to the North. Pell said he was Able to read the Fine print of the . Congressional record As the train reached a top Speed of 170.8 Miles per hour As i whizzed by the Princeton Junction station. Spectators on the station plat form gasped As the train shot past its Horn drowning out allot her noise. Observers noted that the train was virtually noiseless in comparison with a conventional train which rum bled through the station moments earlier at conventional top Speed estimated at about 70 Miles an hour. Singer Rodgers fell not beaten Glendale Calif. A fall rather than a beating apparently was the cause of Singer Jimmie Rodgers Skull fracture his physician said , in critical condition for Days now is recovering from the . 1 mishap of which he says he has no manager and others had said he apparently was Singer was found unconscious on a freeway ramp in the Early morning hours. He had been to a party earlier. Have guard quell rioting experts Washington up prestigious government research organization has recommended that the National guard take Over a major share of Rio control duties to avoid further Public antagonism toward the police. The Institute for defens analyses one of the private think tanks engaged i research for the defense department quietly handed inthe recommendation last month to the president s commission on Law enforcement. United press International obtained copy of the report wednesday. More frequent use of the guard it said May eliminate any residual Burden of antagonism toward the this would permit police to concen trate on Day to Day problems the report Institute said there was no question that the federalized forces Are better organized to control a major riot than i almost any local police investigation urged it also recommended a thorough investigation of a assortment of nonlethal Wea Pons on the Market that could be used in riot control. They in clude hand held chemical Spray guns foam generators that can entrap rioters in a sea of bubbles Dart guns and even paint guns that can Mark lawbreaker for later ident Ifica the time being it said the Best nonlethal weapon is the Nightstick but Many police Are inadequately instructed in its use. National guardsmen it said should be taught to us nightsticks rather than Bayo nets. In most cases bayonets Are inappropriate for riot control the Institute report written by Joseph f. Coates mildly scolded police for too Liberal use of firearms in intrinsically minor situations with the consequent risk of summary Justice in the Street far More severe than any Likely to be meted out by judge or but it said there was no evidence of general conscious abuse of firearms by current trend is toward restricting police use of firearms the Institute said. For this Rea son it declared there is an urgent need for effective Wear gave particularly High Marks to a device called the chemical Mace an aerosol can that releases heavy droplets of tear Gas or other chemicals at a Range of 8 to 20 feet. The Mace since it is capable of rapid fire gives police the option of dealing with several assailants at one time does not require a direct hit to be effective can incapacitate for 15 to 20 minutes and is effective virtually instantaneously. Blood pressure study shows peril is great. Washington a government researchers reported evidence wednesday that High blood pressure a condition that affects about 15 million Ameri cans May Progress More quickly to a potentially ominous stage than doctors previously have is they reported the new findings suggest that whats called essential hypertension May not be the slowly progressive disorder doctors Long have regarded it to be. Treatment vital veterans administration med ical researchers said a stud conducted by a number of a hospitals suggests that so called moderate cases can rather quickly develop severe even fatal complications unless treated with drugs hitherto reserved mostly for patients with extremely High blood pressure. The report was by a Tea headed by or. Edward d. Freis of the a Hospital in washing ton . It said the study May have resolved in the affirmative Long standing medical Contro Versy As to whether Antihypertensive drugs have value in preventing outright sickness and death in the less severe forms of hypertension. Drugs valuable Freis said in a technical re port in the journal of the Amer ican medical association that there Long has been ample Evi Dence that the Antihypertensive drugs Are very valuable entreating malignant hypertension the severest form of Essen tial hypertension. Essential in this context Means High blood pressure of unknown cause As distinguished from types resulting from some known disorder. But he said there Long has been Sharp disagreement among doctors As to the effectiveness of and therefore the need for these drugs in the less severe forms of the Condi Tion. Milwaukee has Black Yule Milwaukee wis. A Black is the color of christinas in Milwaukee s Core this proposed Boycott of Down town merchants has grown into Campaign aimed at persuading negroes to forego All traditions of the Holiday. Gone from Many Homes in the virtually All negro Section Are the Green decorations the red lights the Christmas Trees. For the first time in years members of the Calvary Baptist Church Aren t decorating Lith Jim Toran did t decorate his tavern either. Behave asked our customers and More were against the idea of putting the decorations up than were for it said mrs. Toran. Parties Are being give throughout the neighbourhood but for some the affairs Aren t Christ Mas parties. We re having some friends Over for dinner is the Way a Young social worker put is All part of the protest Campaign of the Milwaukee youth Council of the a act for an All inclusive open housing Ordi Nance. The City Council adopted a limited ordinance after More than 100 Days of Street marches. But the ordinance was not enough to Stop the demonstrations which began ast August or head of the Black Christmas. It s going Mellow said Lee Mcghee vice president of the youth Council. Everyone is wishing everyone a Black Mcghee and others involved seethe Campaign As the expression of growing sense of Black aware Ness which they say emerged after summer rioting that left four dead and scores injured in the is Beautiful is the theme of the open housing marches led by a White roman Catholic priest the Rev. Jamese. Groppi who says of the boy Cott our position is that we re holding our Dollar Bills. We re returning to the essential mean ing of Christmas without commercialism. It s a sacrifice for

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