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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 22, 1967, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Friday Dot Cutter 22, 1967 agreed in two minutes to transplant Rashkansky quickly Kocl historic event by United press internationalist took Louis Rashkansky Only two minutes and one word to achieve immortality in his word was it signified the 55-year-old grocer consent to submit to a bold Pioneer operation the first transplant of a human heart. The stakes were High. He could have died on the operating table. But lithuanian born Rashkansky reasoned he had nothing to lose after seven years of severe heart disease which was slowly but surely killing him. My husband had such Confidence in medical men that he inspired me too Wash Kansky s wife said in the Early hours of dec. 3 after Washkan sky had become the first human being to receive a Newheart and live. Doctors called his will to sur Vive absolutely for those who knew him it was just part of Rashkansky s personality one of the fibres reinforcing the sturdy cloth of his is a warm wonderful person a close Friend had Saidof him. If anyone Ever de served a new lease on life it the Story of Rashkansky Slife told in the words of friends Ana relatives More than bore out the words of Praise. He went to South Africa Asa child from his native Lithuania a member of one of the thousands of East european jewish families seeking a new persecution free life in another he grew Louis made friends easily. A robust boy Betook naturally to sport and All other forms of exercise. Hemore than made up for his five foot six Inch stature wit what a family member once termed "170 pounds of his first heart attack seven years ago was As much a psychological blow As a physical one. It meant he had to slow the Pace take things easy live carefully. Rashkansky refused to accept it. A second attack two years ago nearly finished him. It left him a Semi invalid increasingly unable to help himself wit the Prospect of Early death looming before his wife Ann and their 15-year-old son Michael never gave up hoping for the Miracle which would mean Louis re covery. The Miracle came the nigh of dec. 3, thanks to the skill of a Brilliant and Forward look ing team of South african Doc tors and tragically to the death of a 25-year-old girl in a Cape town traffic Accident. Denise Darvall described by bereaved relatives As a Sweet pure girl who had never known any Romance died at groot Schuur Hospital about an hour after being struck in the team of doctors headed by 44-year-old or. Christia Barnard ran rapid tests for tissue compatibility and were sure. Denise in her death could provide a living healthy heart Louis Rashkansky. Sheer Energy Denise Darvall. No Romance to give renewed life to Wash Kansky. When it was All Over and Rashkansky seemed on the Road to recovery his warmth and wit bobbed again and again to the him Barnard was the Man with the Golden himself with someone else s heart beating in his Chest in time he was Able to setup and eat a Hearty Steak Din Ner the kind he had t be enable to enjoy in years. Although his recover rate seemed remarkably fast doctors warned Early that numerous complications still could present danger. Louis was always doing some one a favor a Friend said of him. He does t shout about it either. When one hears of one of his Many kindnesses toothed people it s always in a round about Way never fro Louis it was Only fitting that bar Nard and his team of specialists should in return give w a s a Kansky a present never before granted any Man woman Orchid a renewed lease on life though it was to be for Only 18 Days. Castro says Russ becoming More capitalistic new York a Fidel Castro conceding differences with Moscow sees Russia As be coming More capitalistic All the time. And he says the rus sians chinese and East euro Pean communists fail to prac Tice True marxism leninism As the cuban party views bearded 41-year-old prime minister expressed these opinions in an interview with Herbert l. Matthews 10 years after Matthews As a new York times correspondent met Cas Tro and his rebels in the Sierra Maestre Hills in the Early Days of their revolution. Matthews is now retired fro the times and the interview is being published thursday byway peace report a monthly publication which describes it self As having a Liberal Edito rial probed Castro s current views while touring the cuban Countryside with the prime were the prospects of improved relations with Washington Castro dismissed the question with a single word what Cuba is practising to Day Castro told Matthews was True marxism leninism As Wesee it but it is not communism As it is practice in Russia Eastern Europe or he denied that differences be tween capitalism and communism were diminishing he said i do agree that communist countries like rus Sia Are becoming More capitalistic because they Are relying on material incentives More and Matthews says he pointed outto Castro that the soviet Union Hungary Bulgaria and other East european countries were seeking commercial accords i latin America. This provoked comment on one of Castro principal quarrels with Moscow. We consider this to be a Lac of socialist Solidarity Castro said. They should not be help ing governments that Are trying to destroy did this indicate that Russia and East Europe did not agree with cuban policies in latin America especially regarding guerrilla War yes Castro answered i does indicate just he conceded his need for rus Sian help. We have Learned he said that help such As we get from Russia is necessary but the process of development can succeed Only by one s own rely on Russia for Oil and wheat for instance but the russians need our Nickel and Are glad to have other product besides sugar. We have Long term agreements at Matthews reports he found Castro in a state of euphoria about the Outlook for the Cuba Economy his enthusiasm As world leaders Floch Down under by Ben Basset tap foreign news editor by the irony of Fate an Acci Dent rather than the steady course of development is focus ing attention on Australia. The largest group of world leaders Ever attracted to the country Down under is attending memo rial services for prime minister Harold e. Holt. The site is Melbourne somewhat old fashioned City outshone by booming Sydney. Australia is 2,400 mile across and its area is about the size of the 48 continuous . There Are 17 americans for every australian. Though increasingly urbanized in the last 20 years it is a Frontier land with room for expansion. Yet much of its land is either uncut Tiv Able or fit Only for grazing. While the East coast usually has enough water Australia in Gen eral is the driest of the six main continents. It is the land of the Kangaroo the wombat and the Koala. It also has More sheep than another country. There Are scores of Flower regarded Here As exotic and Over 600 species of eucalyptus ranging from stunted shrubs to Trees rising almost 600 is about As far South of the Equator As Richmond,va., is North of it. Australia is one of those Luck lands that Are almost self sufficient. Its main import is Oil but recent discoveries Promise to Supply much of the country sneeds in Petroleum too. The continent was inhabited by aborigines a Type that sur Vives today until around the year americans started writing their Constitution. Mostly people of British Stock settled there until world War ii now Immi Grants of italian and other european backgrounds make the country More cosmopolitan. British antecedents weigh heavily in Australia. Elizabeth ii is As much their Queen As she recently australian families have opened their Homes to gis coming from Vietnam for res periods. They have been . Allies i four wars world wars i and a Korea Vietnam. Gen. Douglas Macarthur set up Headquarters there in March 1942 and a .Navy officer named Lyndon b. Johnson was there for a while. Holt the lost prime minister campaigned last year on an All the Way with lbs platform re Garding Vietnam. The opposition led by Arthur a. Calwell promised to pull aussies out of Vietnam. Australians gave Holta vote of Confidence leaving at the Helm his liberals in coalition with the country party. The oddly named country party has aspired to be just that a representative of Rural interests. It was formed after world War i As a rival to the labor party an offshoot of Trade was in office through world War ii and established the main elements of a welfare state. The Liberal country coalition Defeated it in 1949, and be even so Australia does not go All the Way with lbs s state department. Like Canada it Sells a lot of wheat to red China. Deputy prime minister Joh Mcewen has been named to re place Holt As prime minister. The emergency naming of Mcewen As prime minister is expected to signal no change i major policy including full sup port for the american War Effort in Vietnam. Fresh and Strong As in Castro revolutionary Days. He was especially enthusiastic about Cuba s cattle bred from strains brought in from Canada an Britain. His people Castro said unlike the russians do not need incentives. Our economic system i being planned gradually and with much Success to create society in which Money will be come unnecessary except for certain things that cannot be acquired in other ways Castro said. It will take a Long time but we do not believe in the materialistic concepts of capital ism or other types of communism in which Money is the in when the conversation turned to the death of Ernesto Che Guevara once Castro s guerrilla War expert Castro pictured it As an irreparable loss. He de Nied reports that he had quarrelled with Guevara an claimed he had kept in touch with the guerrilla Leader with in the limits possible while Guevara was in Bolivia with a insurgent band. Matthews reports that Castro is better guarded than he used to be because the Cia the cubans firmly believe has been trying too hard to kill him in re cent is Queen of the British Isles but us 11 �. Many aussies find More Affinity Gan to rely More on Washington for americans and the spirit than London in defense an that made them powerful. Other Mutual interests. European edition col. James w. Campbell Usa editor in cd left. Col. F. 8. Michael jr., Usan. Deputy editor in chief Elmer d. Frank production manage Henry 8. Epstein circulation manager an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Armed Forcet Publ hed by Theca Miander in chief . European command and printed Dally at Darmstadt Germany. Military address the stare and stripes Apo 09175. International mall the stare and stripes Postrach 1034, 61-Darmstadt, Germany. Tel Gale Shell c prefix 06155 20711 m Darmstadt air strip prefix 2376 741. Telex 0419-332. Newyork office 641 Washington St new York 10014, Tel area code 212 620-5771. Second class postage paid at new York . The appearance of display advertise ments in this newspaper concerning commercial publications does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or any of its components. The United states is an open society in which the people s right to know is cherished and pre Dent Lyndon it. Jon sea

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