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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 22, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars m7 incident s Atwi Nellc airman son died Santa Monica Catt. A a charitable deception Ili keep Christmas 1960 Happy one for an elderly couple who Don t know their son was aboard a us plane shot Down by the russians last la a gaily wrapped package under the tree for or Jaid Krs Joseph Posa both so and they will believe it came from their son capt Eugene Posa. The air Force has reported him missing and press fwd dead. Jackie Kenn big time a Washington or John f. Kennedy will become chief administrator in her own right of a big time operation when she move into the White Hoe. Consider the household budget of the executive mansion. For the current fiscal rear it amounts to the i a new Teton off might the too How a it Jessl i Titi Lrtil til f Isar j"1" maintenance and tjllt"jii3il-jjli.ii-m ? Fuciu my Hoff Bro 1 j. But Posa s elder brother Philip still believes i brother mar be alive. That s Why he has carried in the deception. Each week Philip reads them a Teller that supposedly came from Eugene in England. The letters Are chatty and con Tain frequent references to Posa s wife. Betty Lou and daughters Vicki Jean. 11, and Kathy Andrea,10, who Jive in top a Kums. 1 could t let the old folks knew about said Philip. The Shock would be Loo much for them Philip live with his parents and so it was t hard. For him to arrange Tor letters to arrive and the Christmas package to get under the elder parents arc natives of Italy and understand very Hittle Posa it As one of six men aboard an unarmed rb47 weather reconnaissance plane that was shutdown by the soviets Over the Barents sea North of soviet Terri tory july 1. Two of them Are known to be in soviet prisons one known dead and the other three including Posa Are missing and Ywit mind fliers captured and imprisoned by the russians Are it few Man Al Nathad the plane s Copilot and jul John r. Mccone the Navi Gator. The inside Story this is Ait Esh bit of 258 objects swallowed by a set a ear old mental patient at a hew York to Petal removed through surgery the object in eluded $j�,18f in Eti aage Corkscrew weary 26 keys and a five inc Wienck. The reported by american medical Anoria Ilon. A wonted to be Home for Christmas worker trapped in Carrier kept head., prayed a Locricia John was to weft s7, mho a act topped for fix hours 4m n smoke Fott a Chain locker aboard the biasing aircraft car Rier Tell the Story of hit ordeal by Totth Davtovich new York it was a tit Fraulie i Don t see How 1 Ever got it alive but i did 1 did plenty of praying and i guess that helped. I was working with a Crew on a refrigerator unit three decks Down when we were suddenly told to abandon hip. They did t Tell us what bad happened but we sur tried to get out of there in a hurry. Some of the men started to panic and i tried my Best to keep order.1 had been lifeguard when 1 was younger so i did t panic As easy a some of them. T stood by the ladder keeping lie men from Sotov Lite. So i was she last one out. I got up one deck All right by Tsatoke was to thick that i got lost and could t find my Way but. I could t be and it was All i could do to even breathe. Wandering Are Midi i somehow got into a Chai locker. I Felt a draft around my ankle 1 realized there must be air Down there. There sure was t any where my fare was so i flopped Down on my stomach with my face against the vent where the air was coming from.1 kept my head and stayed there. That was what saved my life. What was the use of trying to run any puce the Way i figured a would just be running toward things you think about i kept thinking i wanted to be Home for Christmas. Well i m going to be now and it s just a Miracle god knows i prayed hard ton knew had to keep making noise so the rescuers could find me. I kept banging against the Side of the locker with a Stee scraper i had been carrying in my jacket pocket. I Don t think i Ever quit banging and i Don t remember getting tired. You dont thin about being tired or even feel it when your life s at stake Lead is fated ingredient in homemade whisky Washington up it in the alcohol in illicit homemade whisky that gets you Federal Revenue agents said. It s the Lead. The internal Revenue service has announced plans for a nation wide poster Campaign to Alert pos sible Imbi Bers to the danger of Mega Revenue service warned that it does t take much Lead to kill a person and a bottle of illegal spirits May have just enough. Hydrogen sulfite Gas kills 2, 36 others at Plant Niagara Falls men Lott their lives end 36 others were affected when an need Iest at the Hooker chemical corp Plant released deadly Hydrogen sul fade go. At least 16 workers were taken to two City h o p i t a i Twenty others Wera treated at the Plant first Aid to Pessary. The dead were identified a Pat tide 3. Carmody 42, up rvs or. Of the dts and safety and Ray f. 6hlv�ly� 42, chemical reactor operator from Niagara Falls Cir Mody lived in suburban le0fton. A Hooker spokesman Saith the Accident occurred in the Fine Chemi Micals Section of the sprawling Plant area. To explained a 2-Inch pipe nipple at the Bottom of a full 5,000-Galion tank of sodium sulfite liquid broke off above the outlet valve. The released liquid flowed Over the Tom opiate area freeing Hydro Gen sulfite Gas that felled workers in the Vicinity. Most of the Lead tainted Moon Shine has been found in the South. But the problem is not con fined to the South alone Accord ing to Thomas p. Casey assistant chief of alcohol and to to tax enforcement of the Revenue Sec the. Casey said that in Many parts of the country spirits Are distilled in Waya Likely to leave Lead salts in the final product. Revenue agents believe a prime source of Lead is solder used to fasten together pieces of Home made Lilu. Another source of the Poison is Auto radiators m favorite makeshift condenser. The radar tors stripped from old cars often Are patched with solder to plug leaks. If the Lead does t kill a Drinker it can cause paralysis blindness severe abdominal ailments and mental disorders the Revenue service s Atlanta office and the army s Laboratory at fort Mcpherson. Analysed 540 samples of Moonshine from seven states. They fount that 17f samples n e a r 1 y one third contained Lead salts in excess of the amount considered dangerous. I kept hoping and fighting i m a fighter and i knew if i gave up. It would be All Over for me. I kept telling myself that they would save me. I had to believe it so i did believe it. I thought of a million things that s the Way your mind works in such a spot but most of All there s realty Only one thought. I wanted to live. .4o live. I gave myself hell for staying at that ladder. Kept thinking will i be Home for Christmas jul to. Meat at Riffitt us fit Buiey see and rooms or who to provide i to Kielp temptation by reveals chef the belted to gent an special ploy sex stay even when tote the Domestic sista of a maitre

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