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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - December 21, 1967, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes thursday it Cantor 21, 196? troop shift from Germany starts in april continued from Page 1 yearly to Germany to participate in training the defense department Hassid that under emergency conditions it would take about two weeks to Fly the army troops Back to Germany match the up with their equipment Stock piled there and have the ready for combat. The theory is that there would be time enough to redeploy the troops that a period of tension would precede any outbreak. $100 million saving when the troop redeployment plans were announced in Washington in May Johnson administration officials estimate that the Transfer of the service men and their families to the United states would mean a Sav ing of about $100 million i foreign Exchange costs arising from stationing troops in Europe during 1968. The decision taken after involved tripartite talks in Bonn London and Washington also provided for West Germany to buy $500 million in . Securities of 4 years maturity Between july 1967, and june 1968. The first two of four $125 million quarterly payment shave been made. Another pledge West Germany also pledged itself to Purchase military equip ment in the United states at a Cost estimated in Washington at$300 million. The agreement was worked out after Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger s government said i was unable to meet the Ful foreign Exchange costs of station ing British and . Troops on its previous agreement be Ween Bonn and Washington provided for full foreign Exchange coverage by West Germany. In Dei that agreement West Ger Many purchased $1.35 billion . Military equipment Over a two year period that ended june 30.consultations on the tripartite agreement within nato were completed at last week s meet ing of the Alliance s foreign ministers in Brussels. The offset payments Issue i scheduled to be brought up again during another round of tripartite talks in March. The West German government has announced cuts in projected defense spending Over the next five years. Apparently fearing larger Allied troop shifts the Bonn government has backed away from talk of sizable Man Power cuts in the 461,000-Manbundeswehr. Defense minister Gerhard Schroeder told parliament this month that the monetary savings had led the government to abandon the goal of bringing up to a strength of 508,000 fighting men and 250,000civilians. There has been speculation that current plans Call for Only a 6,000-Man Cut in the bundles Wehr. Earlier estimates ranged up to 60,000.a . Army spokesman said that 28,003 army men and 11,233dependents will be returned to the United states. He said he could not discus whether any Barracks would be closed in West Germany or How the two brigades would be rotated to Germany for training Oran emergency. Several years ago the army used Globe master transports to Fly a division to Germany Fromet. Hood Tex. And Back in an exercise dubbed big lift. The shift of the four air Force squadrons equipped with 96 f4phantom jets will leave five tac tical fighter squadrons in West Germany on a permanent basis an air Force spokesman squadrons also 4fe equipped with phantom fans. The spokesman Laid he waft unable to say How Many airmen and members of their families Are involved in the move. He said 6,300 airmen slots were affected but not All of the slots Are filled. No air base closings Are involved he emphasized since the Fields will continue in use for training exercises. Three of the squadrons Are based at Span Dahlem near the Luxembourg Border and one sat Ramstein close to the French Border. 3rd brigade of 24th to remain in Munich Munich is the 3rd Bri Gade of the 24th div will stay in Munich while the rest of the division is redeployed to the United states maj. Gen. Roderic Wetherill commanding general of the 24th said wednesday. Ain a local an radio Broad cast to members o. The division the general said we do no know what will be done with the caverns and Barracks that we vacate. In the Broad concept the 3rdbrigade As reorganized will stay on in Munich until relieved some time in 1969," Wetherill said. involves As signing the 5th of the 2nd a pred battalion and the 2nd of the 21st infantry battalion to the 2n brigade the 3rd of the 19thinfantry battalion will be transferred into the 3rd brigade. This will be done to. Save some unit moves within the Munich area. We plan to Clear out the Barrack son Warner Cavern. Other units which will stay on with the 3rd brigade Are the 1st battalion of the 34th artillery and the 1st battalion of the 35th artillery and one company size unit from each of the 2nd of the 9th cavalry 3rd Engineer Bat Talion medical battalion and maintenance battalion plus som Emps and signalman. All other elements of the division will be stationed at it. Riley Kan. Ready to Fly Back on relatively moments notice. Thus though we Are split Between it. Riley an Munich our primary Job continues to be what it always has been ramely to be a combat ready division committed to the nato Force Structure in Ger Many. We do not know by the Way just what will be done with the caverns and Barracks that lbs arrives in continued from Page 1j ing the War in Vietnam. But he rejected any idea of being soft headed and pudding headed on that grave Issue. Johnson placed heavy emphasis on the possibilities of informal talks Between the South greek King demands pledge of democracy to i Rome a King Constantin proclaimed wednesday night that he had Only one condition Fortis return to Greece that the government in Power announce firm and Complete timetable for establishment of a Normal democratic political in his first Public statement since he fled to Rome dec. 14 Navy diver sets record of 216 feet fort Lauderdale Fla up Navy diver Robert Croft Rode a weight 216 feet below the Gulf Stream tuesday to break his world free diving record of212.7 feet set last february. A team of judges accepted the record but put off deciding whether to credit Croft with uneven deeper dive until checks could be made on other readings. Croft attached a clip to weighted line hanging from the diving boat at the 221.4-Footmark, but the judges pointed out that the current in the Gulf Stream would cause some Bow ing in the line which would mean the clip did not indicate True depth. A highly sensitive pneuma fathom Ter showed Croft s descent stopped at 217 feet but the calibration of the instrument was being re checked. Algerian floods killed 70 Algiers up about 70persons died mostly by drown ing in floods which occurred across Algeria last week the government said wednesday. Olio Wing the collapse of his coun or coup attempt the King declared his condition in a brie statement read to the press. Elaborating on his condition he 27-year-old Monarch asserted that the regime must set unacceptable Date for publication of a new Constitution and nearly Date for a referendum on , he said the greek people should be assure that they again will be Able to exercise their ancient right to elect their own did t ask Date the King did not ask the re Gime however to set an election Date nor did he ask that the Leader of the regime prime min ister George Papadopoulos re sign or that the King s own pow ers be retained in any new con asked that the government in Power in Athens understand my purpose in a spirit of National said that in this Way my return to Greece will provide a guarantee to my peo ple and to the world that order legality and democracy will pre Vail in the end of his statement he also confirmed rumours that his wife 21-year-old Queen Anne Marie was expecting their third child. Late sports san Francisco a Thesan Francisco 49ers of the National football league fire Jack Christiansen As their head coach wednesday following a7-7 season. President Lou Spadia said no successor had been named. Vietnamese and the communist or called National liberation front As a pathway to president gave his views o White House correspondents of the three major television networks in an interview taped and shown while he was flying to president also stopped at Travis air base. Calif., handmade a Surprise visit to wounded veterans in the Basel Ospital. He told them they had done a Good Job in Johnson did t say yes or Noto a question in the interview about whether the United state would Settle for anything less than a military Victory. But he said he thinks a fair solution could be worked out along the seines 1. The demilitarized zone be tween North and South Vietnam must be respected in Accord Ance with a 1954 agreement on that. 2. The Unity of Vietnam As whole must be a matter for peaceful adjustments and negotiation. 3. North vietnamese Force must get out of Laos and Stop infiltrating that country As required by a 1962 agreement. 4. South Vietnam should be governed on the basis of one Man one vote constitutional government which he said an Over whelming majority of its people want. 5. Good results could come from informal discussions which president Thieu of South Viet Nam has said he is prepared to enter with members of the National liberation John son said he thinks that is statesmanlike position. And As for the role of this country the president de fighting tonight if they Are ready to Stop fighting. Are not ready to. St pour Side of the War Only to encourage them to escalate their Side of the a we will reciprocate an meet any move that they maker. But we Are not to be so soft headed and pudding Hea ded As to say that we will Stop our half of the War and Hope and Pray that they Stop politics came into the discussion and some of it focused on sen. Eugene Mccarthy of Minnesota and sen. Robert of new York Johnson classified both of them As rivals although he said he had t followed what recalled the Mccarthy Kennedy movement. envoy meets Nasser Cairo a . Peace envoy Gunnar jarring of Sweden tuesday discussed the Mideast situation with Egypt s president Gamal Abdel Nasser Market higher in Active Trade new York a the Stock Market closed higher wednesday of after three straight daily de Clines. Trading was Active. A recovery by computer Stock was a feature of the session. Control data and ism gained Bac several Points from recent sell income stake off a couple of Points and other Gold mining issues were weak. _ _ moderate priced issues were speculative favourites. Gains on heavy volume were made by Cudahy Brunswick Moore me Cormick and american motors a variety of selected Issue caught the Eye of traders and investors and bobbed to the to of the volume ratings. Volume was 11.4 million share compared with 10.61 million Dow Jones Industrial average Rose 5.54 at 886.90. . St blk Market prices dec. 20 dec. Cleared i can say that sofar As the United states is concerned we Are ready to Stop weather fair to partly Cloudy with isolated afternoon snowfall. Increasing cloudiness Friday. Frankfurt Heidelberg High 27, Low 13. Temperatures recorded wednesday get s 4 4 am pm48 58 Adana p 59 Athens p 21 43 Valano p 25 27 Berlin p 18 31 Frankfurt p 28 34 London p 4 4 am pm34 50 Madrid p 21 28 Munich p 32 34 Paris p 21 39 Prestwick cd 50 48 Rome p 45 63 wheelus o a Clear cd Cloudy a partly Cloudy. Admiral Alcan. Allisch am Airl am can am Cyan am m Fly Ampex am photo am Tat am Tob Anaconda Armour Avo Baxt lab Beth steel Boeing Bra my Brunswick Burroughs Camp 8p Cater trac celanese Cento in Che o Chrysler coca cola cold pal Comsat cont Airl Corn Padow chem Dupont East air East Kod fair Cam Firestone Ford fac up Fruehauf Gen Dyn Gen elec Gen ads 18 a 25% 36% 32% 50% 27 a 19 a 34% 131/4 50% 31 /8 46% 34% 57va 39% 31% 88 /a75 16 a 170 28% 44% 58% 55% 61 54% 132 18% 26 /8 37% 32 a 50 /4 26 a 50 22 a 37% 87% 150 43 /2 146 90 52% 631/8 36% 37 65/a 95% 687 13 a 49% 31 a 45% 34% 67 a 37% 31% 87% 74 16"/s 160/4 86% 50 /2 50% 93 a 93 /8 44 43% 21% 21% 123% 123 a 43 /4 42% 72% 71 /2 38 38/8 25% 69 a 361/4 73 a 4% 245% 88 a 53 /2 26% 24/8 25% 591/4 36 73 64 88 52% Raythelon re Publ my Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ronson Roy Dut Safeway Schering 8cm up Scott Pap Seabra Sears r so Pac Sperry r St q cat St 6 ind St o a Studebaker Swift Texaco Tex g sul Tex ins thl Okol Twa try up 20th cent in carb in Pao Ltd air Ltd fruit us rub us Stedl warn Lamb West in West Al Wynn Dix Wool with Xerox yest 8&t Zenith dec. 20 dec. 1t 109% 108 41% 41% 81 /4 80 37 37/e 481/8 47% 40 a 40% 89v4 a 31 31 /4 47% 471/e 22% 2214 70% 70% 68% 65% 25% 26% 26 /4 26j4 68 a 68v/4 27 a 27/a 60% 60% 62/8 80% 128% 12/1/4 108 /2 112 19% 61 /4102% 29% 46% 38 66 60 48 a 40 /4 421/8 33% 71% 27 24% 293

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