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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 20, 1960, Darmstadt, HesseThe Stam affair for Chi Fry hit despite protests a an an. Charit like Wacky of Hunters no humane faint i Fin Hunt raid spokesman for american legion at least 75there re any he they a vent they had to Stop the Hunt. Hu1 and cruet Oft the conversant and joined i email Brown Rab into View 4 scant Roundhouse their tick s and mined another win a Golf like Wing slowed the animal Down. More Hunters clued in and finished the Rabbit Oft no guns were allowed. They were allowed until six Yean ago but the Hunts be came so popular that sponsor were afraid that some of the Hunters would be shot by the time the Hunt ended 35 rabbits Ware dropped into the Backof a pickup truck five More than the bag of 30 taken in last year shunt. Three boys were perched on the sides of the truck. That one s still alive one of the boys said an whacked it twice with his stick. Humane authorities who consider the Hunt cruel and brutal had barraged the legion Post and stat authorities with. Protests and asked the state Bureau of investigation to make arrests. But Noth ing interfered a tuft the sixth an Nual Hunt on 10,itt rolling acres spread Over four Arnul a this Al Clenity so Miles North of Charlotte. The legion will have the Rabbit cleaned dressed and Frozen until february when Hay will be the main course of a Barbecue proceeds of the Barb Wue support the Post s charitable american association in Denver tested in a Telegram wooden commander of Post. Phillips said creatures to death Taa Merican ideals of fair play.0 but the Post spokesman. Hoy replied we have utmost respect humane authorities and a we ukr they Are doing. But or Phillip has no business telling us what we can or cant do. We shouldered arms to defend american rights and 4.ena a Trato to it halt it to seconds away How that Steak n Dpi if som could buy Juicy Steak use Pound you to know in this Case is the Interior depart Buffalo Steak for per eaten a lot of Bison or. Leland Morley Offit s resource manage says Buffalo meat Isthan beef Steak. Jow it he said provided at it every Day. Year the Interior de it Sale to dispose of x 249 animals were sold a la. A half Cost $90, weighs dressed any-225 to 300 pounds out to 30 cents or Aper Pound. Buffalo Bleak a Buffalo meat is really tort a cited an instance years ago when a super Chain Safeway put but on Sal in to Angeles said the stores were by buyers and Only re had called him to see if t neat was available in Quan was several Hundred persons to buy up the govern surplus this year. Many disappointed has a protected Herd that now numbers than Buooa there is roof extinction. Bald he would like to Buffalo herds Spring up far there Are none of and renew Hundred head. The thinks someone could make Money especially with a Tore willing to pay Nice if that Day Comet Morley guarantee you la pay Only 30 to Pound. Gift from tote Kremlin Fidney sea Lea 17, of Gloucester. Maine look Saver specimens of minerals that were sent to Faun from Moscow after he wrote to soviet Premier Noldte s. Khrushchev last july. Ufi photo 2 firemen killed in $500,000 Kentucky Blaze Louisville by a two firemen were killed when a $500, 000 Blaze gutted the Parmoo recreation Center. Dead Are fire Captain Joseph Kenneth Burn 50, and an unidentified fireman. B u r e n was overcome by smoke and died in route to a Hospital. Six other firemen were treated at hospitals after being overcome by smoke. Four were released. Authorities said their condition were not serious. Ing Roulette system wins usual on tax charge anoles map a Dapper from Hamburg who Calls the Roulette King of has won Aeq Uttmi on an tax charge by convincing to s a dental to hot a was just one reason Hist eur teen for winning at to t f / r e a Beano Seitei Aid Roulette wheels have Plait than those he s used so investors lost $17,000 trying his theory of confirmed Law of computation of mathematics probabilities in Las vegas. The court ruled the 37-year-old defendant was Correct in consider ing the venture As an investment that failed. The internal Revenue service bad charged him with Mak ing a false statement and con tended the Money paid him by investors was Money he earned but called to report on his visa. A r resided Trio linked Rrt mar i. E Ivi i new York police her linked three men accused of pass ing stolen traveler s checks to a$1 million counterfeiting ring that has been passing phony $20 Bill sin the East police said one of the suspects Thomas Didonato 34, had 82 counterfeit $20 Bills on his person when detectives arrested him. The counterfeit Money was Parton $200,000 in Lake Bills sought. The Bills which agents say Are almost perfect reproductions were printed in a Union atty n.j., print ing shop that was raided by agents dec. 3.the raid led to the arrest of six men and a woman to new York and new Jersey the secret serv ice announced at the time that other members of the ring were sought with about $200,000 of the bogus new arrests began when Anthony Carderaro. 26, tried to Cash a stolen $50 traveler s checking a Check cashing office. The Cash Ier became auspicious and called patrolman James c. was taken to a police station and american express agents who examined the Check said it was one of 100 Worth a total of $8,000 that had Brett stolen from a Brooklyn store in october 1969. At Carderaro s apartment Detec Tives discovered a blonde with whom he was living and 28 of the $50 checks hidden behind a tap recorder. In the blonde s sports car police found another five of the checks. Police refused to identify the blonde saying she apparently was not involved in the ring. Carde Raro s arrest led to Didonato. Who was seized when he appeared in tavern to keep an appointment with Carderaro. Ffi3&3tsons aboard p to p i Voett -. To overpass trac we Csc he Bett jarred out of Una in " Ament of fort. Iowa said a we had t Bee apr of digged dowry a would have Phi gtd right off onto the highway.?. The overpass track Iliad Hee knocked our it t pot of alignment when a sevens Tett in a Boom be ing carried by &., semitrailer Trudt hit them. 4 Jackson Cornelius 33, a water Loo Iowa bread truck Sriver Hap Pence on the scene moments remembered he had seen the Illinois Central pulling out of station five Miles away Only min utes before trades not usable Cornelius asked the Driver of the semitrailer if the tracks had been badly damaged. The Driver an Drew Allen Nickerson 35, of Den ver replied that the tracks had been jarred out of line and a train could t go Over them Cornelia said. I told him to grab a flare Anil Start running Down the. Nickerson unhurt to the truck crash grabbed a Flaire from it truck lit it and the Side of the overpass to the tracks. He ran Down the tracks toward the approaching train. The train travelling at about 50-. 55 Miles per your of. Its run from Sioux City Iowa to Chicago braked just in time. Seventy six passengers and a Crew of about 25were aboard. No thawing seen in . Washington up . Weather Bureau fore Ceuta continued win try weather Formost of the nation through the Christmas and new year s season and into mid january. The Bureau said temperatures Are expected to average Well below seasonal normals Over the Eastern and Southern states. The tempera Ture forecast i near Normal forthe n o r t Hern Plains and the Pacific coast and moderately be Low Normal elsewhere. Heavier than usual precipitation with More sleet and Snow. Was predicted for the Southern half of the country and the at lactic Seaboard. Subnormal amounts of rain sleet and Snow were forecast for the upper Mississippi Valley an the Pacific Northwest with near Normal amounts Over the rest of the nation. F space jargon leaves you huffing like a rocket ? a Washington a has it occurred to that Dys Barlum Aswell a Chat of f ing May some Day be a problem under Agra vie conditions beyond the Aero pause if you Don t even know Why you should worry about this what you need is interim aerospace terminology reference Dic Flonary being distributed by the air Force to offset the Chinfu Ion resulting from the Inco Hosste Clea of Many of these it take jut moment to learn among the 75 pages of Deal Biuona that Dys Bartsma refer to symptom a aused by changer in of tent barometric. Pressure Chufo Tig the characteristic of so Eire to Burn intern tit envy Agra Sald of Condl Tooji of " land

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